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(man grunts)
(intense music)
– [Tristan] In an era
where more first shooters
seem to be intent on
constantly upping the tempo,
Metro Exodus is refreshing in its demand
that you take your time.
This is not a run and gun experience.
It’s a stay low and go slow crawl
through some of the most atmospheric
and detailed rich settings
I’ve ever experienced
in a story driven shooter.
With a storyline that sidesteps
the supernatural themes
of it’s predeceases
in favor of focusing on a more
effecting human experience,
and level design that affords
you significantly more freedom
without ever giving you
too much room to relax.
Metro Exodus feels like
the full realization
of this franchise’s potentiation.
(bear growls)
(Men shouting)
Picking up two years after the
events of Metro Last Light,
the largely self contained
story of Metro Exodus
follows the plot of
main protagonist Artyom,
his wife Anna,
and a crew of surviving Spartan rangers
as they set out from
nuclear war ravaged Moscow
in search of safe harbor
aboard the train Aurora.
That mobility brings a
dazzling variety of settings
we’ve never seen in a Metro game.
Taken you from snow blanketed
sprawls of urban decay
to sand swept deserts,
and lush forest settings.
Each populated by a healthy
variety of deadly mutants
and pockets of humanity
both friendly and hostile.
(gun bangs)
These levels are also far more open
than what we’ve come to expect
from the previous two Metro games.
But that’s not to say you won’t spend
a considerable amount of time exploring
the traditional, dank
underground corridors.
Many story objectives still require you
to descend into the sorts
of dread filled subterranean
that the Metro series was built upon.
(gun fires)
And thanks to a generational
jump in lighting effects
and high quality ambient audio.
they feel more ominous
and claustrophobic than ever.
Up on the surface,
the larger sand box style
levels relax the leash
and let you sniff around
with more freedom.
Stealthing your way through enemy camps
and abandoned houses that can be scouted
for precious resources.
But even when you’re out in the open,
Metro Exodus finds ways of keeping
your anxiety levels in the red
by obscuring your surroundings
with intermittent sand storms
in the Caspian desert level
or introducing packs of snarling dogs
in a forest valley section
that can attack from any direction
and have you frantically
scrambling for higher ground.
(dog snarls)
With factors like these in play,
Metro Exodus successfully
manages to put you in
wide open spaces without ever giving you
too much room to breathe.
(mutant snarls)
Metro Exodus does away with
the ammunition basic currency system
and weapons merchants from its predeceases
in favor of work benches
and a backpack that can be used to craft
certain items on the fly.
I found the backpack to
be an invaluable addition
to the Metro Exodus experience.
Particularly since it also brings with it
the ability to swap out weapon parts
without returning to a base.
Allowing you to tweak your arsenal
to suit each enemy encounter.
(gun fires)
Human enemies seem noticeably
smarter in Metro Exodus.
Communicating with each
other during a fire fight
and intelligently moving around to flank.
But it’s the scraps with mutants
that provide the stiffest
combat challenge.
The gun play is nice and crunchy
and there’s a broad range of
mutant enemy types to tackle.
From the humanimals, that
camouflage themselves
in the desert surroundings
and surprise you at the last minute,
(gun fires)
to the light fearing spider creatures
that must be weakened with
a beam of your torch light
before you can finish them off.
(spider screams)
Each mutant type requires its own
unique strategy to overcome
which means combat in Metro Exodus
rarely becomes mired in repetition.
(intense music)
Since so much of your time in Metro Exodus
is spent on tents
and lonely excursions
away from the Aurora,
the playable tenents
aboard the traveling train
that book end the main levels
give you an opportunity to relax
and bond with the rest of the characters.
I relished the chance to get to know
the crew a little better
as the journey went on
and I became more invested
in their individual plots
as a result.
Even despite the inconsistent
quality of the voice acting.
– What do you think of
this work bench, eh?
– [Tristan] I also enjoyed
pulling on the train whistle
to literally let off steam.
(train horn blares)
– [Train Conductor] Artyom,
that should be enough huh.
– [Tristan] Perhaps I
enjoyed it a little too much.
While bonding with
these characters ensures
that the plot delivers
an emotional pay off,
the lack of any main
antagonist in Metro Exodus
means there’s no climatic
showdown to speak of
at the story’s end.
After surging forward with slow paced,
yet sustained momentum for the bulk
of its 20 hour run time,
Metro Exodus ultimately grinds to a halt
as opposed to going out with a bang.
(gun fires)
(mutant grunts)
I was compelled towards its conclusion
by the strength of its story
and I was ultimately
satisfied with how it resolved
but I can’t help but feel
that the most exciting moments
of Metro Exodus are scented
around its middle act.
(gun fires)
Metro Exodus takes the fear
inducing formula of the series
and transplants it into
expansive, sand box like levels
without losing any of
the oppressive tension
that makes the franchise memorable
and distinctive among post apocalyptic
first person shooters.
It’s a frequently exhilarating
and densely atmospheric journey
across a Russian dystopia
brimming with detail
and deadly inhabitants.
And well worth the trip for
its consistently effective
use of survival horror
and hair raising action.
For more on Metro Exodus,
check out 10 minutes of game play
and the unboxing of the
Spartan collector’s addition.
(mutants growling and yelping)
(man grunts)

100 thoughts on “Metro Exodus Review

  1. This game is so boring, the enemy is so uninteresting, the pace of the game is so slow. It was a complete waste of money.

  2. Hi

  3. Came here thinking this had to be almost 10 to this. What a joke ign. This has to be one of the best games out there! From open worlds to insane graphics to gameplay. Never played such a polished game.

  4. This game is easily a 9/10 and the only reason I’m not giving it a perfect score is because of the annoying voices and muffled sounds and the way each person talks over the other and you can’t focus on what they are saying . Other than these negatives it’s by far the best metro game and hands down beats stalker .

  5. It's a shame this game was taken from Steam, it was my top 1 game on my wishlist. I can't stand Epic Games Store, Fortnite and all things related. I just hope it goes back to Staem, otherwise, i'll buy it on PS4 in the future 🙁

  6. I hate fortnite too guys. But before everyone started hating it before it got popular and shoved down our throats non stop.. the game was easily a 8.5.. i dont agree that its better than witcher or skyrim but it does deserve a 8 or a 9

  7. Thank the heavens I played the whole game before watching this horrendous "review". You showed almost every map, I'm surprised you didn't ruin the ending as well, ACG the only real reviewer left.10/10

  8. I dont get what you fuckin nerds are talking about. They have it a 8.5 out if 10. They said the game was great

  9. That 8.5 really does have to be a mistake, l didnt hear a single negative in this and Im not even a Metro fan

  10. Was about to comment on how this game gets only 8.5 but COD/fortnite get high 9s but looks like y’all beat me to it.

  11. Is this an old game that has been updated? I did'nt realize until it came to save the girl, that is when i knew I had played this game before some years ago..

  12. Not a bad review. But the writing is stiff.

    It feel like a painfuly correct school essay rather than an opinion "from gamer for the gamers."

    It also feels like the author is reading vague, example-less, by the bullet-points instead of trying to be interesting.

    Is it informative, though? To an extent, but IGN has a reputation with inconsistent reviews, so the answer boils down to NO in the end.

  13. I love post-apocalyptic FPS and RPG games, since the Fallout 1… but I must say that I was bored out of my mind with this game. When I spend more time downloading and installing the game than actually pushing myself to play it, I consider it a BAD game. Visuals? Stunning! Everything else? Boring. And I finished both previous Metro games so am actually loving the franchise – that's why I wanted to play this one. But as it stands now, I think I will just go through ATOM RPG one more time, rather than wasting time on this memory/time/resource muncher.

  14. I noticed these reviews don’t say anything about the horribly slow load times once you get to the first open world area. Times are so slow I thought my Xbox froze. Another time I even forgot it was loading and was on my cell phone. And a few times I just don’t feel like waiting after five minutes have passed so I quit the game.

  15. honestly this review is very nice the only thing i didnt liked about the guy is he didnt said things with the tone of feelings and emotions he got after playing it… gud job man.

  16. Take a hammer to some swimming goggles and walk around your local landfill in the winter. You will then have an idea what it is like to play Metro Exodus.

  17. İts a wait for sale game for sure. Why they charged us 60€ and now 45€ by 6 months after? İt looks not bad but it obviously isnt a masterpiece. Should wait till it drops to 30€ at least

  18. The game is fun
    But absolutely broken
    The amount of game crashes and bugs I have encountered is ridiculous…..

  19. Say zero negatives things about the game.
    Give the game 8.5/10 because 1.5 points deducted for not being CoD or battle royale.

  20. No climactic showdown at the end?!? I guess bringing back the entire series' most terrifying, beloved enemies and doing them closer to the original book and thus, more terrifying than ever, doesn't count? I thought that the last hour was intense as hell, with the horrific visions making you think that all is already lost, the aforementioned enemies first creepily stalking you from the shadows and then mercilessly attacking, as well as the harshest run-in with one the main underlying enemies in the game – radiation. It was pretty climactic for me!

  21. I come here not to look at what ign have to say bout the game but what people have to say in comments bout the game 🙂

  22. Just finished this game, here is my review. Its amazing game, they really put their heart and souls while making it. Only downside is bugs crashes, Artyom is silent like a brick, and voice acting is not the best on but not that bad. I give in 9/10

  23. For me Metro is just more than game. Part where you save Pavel from his death in metro last light was the best ever scene in any movie or game.Such a scene creates deep impact in your mind . And those khan's last words in metro 2033 where he tells the entire theme of not only metro 2033 but about life. You reap what you sow,” he tells you. “Force answers force, war breeds war, and death only brings death. To break this vicious cycle, one must do more than just act without any thought or doubt.” I will keep this in my heart forever.

  24. IGN, please find new people to review games. This is ridiculous. Metro Exodus is a 9/10 at least, I would have given a 10/10.

  25. Where this game excelled visually, the violence sadly was extremely downgraded and cheapened compared to the first 2 games. Torching enemies being the only graphic exception in exodus. It felt like the cheapened gore and violence in an Ubisoft game. Everything else about the game is elegant and the bugs are hilariously horrendous when they occur.

    *P.S. it’s kinda cool that Steve Blum voices numerous characters throughout the series, including Sam in Exodus.

  26. This game graphically looks like what EA and Ubisoft would show off at E3 before downgrading it. Like the graphics in this actually look like what they pretend the full game is gonna look like.

  27. You I’m done listening to IGN all they do is lie 👌🏼 nothing but promotions this game is junk, mention the mass time of loading screens? The terrible movement ? The longgggg dialogues ? Didn’t mention those did you buddy 👌🏼

  28. 8.5 rating = £8.500
    Game is trashhhhh I’m so upset I loved the series but this game is the worst of them all I’d rather play minecraft than this junk, my love for IGN is lost with all your lies 👌🏼

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