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Extracting Species Profile… Metriacanthosaurus. A medium-sized therapod dinosaur from
the Late Jurassic. First discovered in England, a complete
skeleton is yet to be found. Metriacanthosaurus could have weighed
just over a ton… and stood about two meters tall. First believed to be a genus of
megalosaur… Paleontologists now think that it is closer related to Allosaurus.

100 thoughts on “METRIACANTHOSAURUS! – Paleocraft Dinosaur Addon | Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  1. Going back to the teaser for the full addons, I noticed that there were three different suchomimus skin types, but most of the other dinosaurs have a Male and female, are there more textures to come or was that a different spinosaurid we saw in the teaser?
    Also I can definitely say that this is the best Metriocantosaurus I seen even better than the PC versions

  2. Hola soy de México y me a encantado mucho tu proyecto espero que muy pronto pueda salir al público en general

  3. I actually almost had an attempt to make the addon however I only got done with the model designs and the textures, I never was able to implement it in the game, and actually I got done with a majority of the ones that exist in the game,I am so proud of you for doing something that could've been impossible for me to accomplish. In fact if you want me to I can give you the textures and the models however thing is the models only have a file that can be opened with a program called techne, though thing is in order to use the models you would need to copy down the numbers that correspond with the code needed to it. But I mean this is only if you want to use them, you don't have to, it just depends on weather or not you want to or if you think the textures are okay to work with. I also have an Idea you can use to make this addon survival friendly, which is to make fossil ores and amber ores that are of each dinosaur,which either you can: make a block that extracts DNA from the fossil, or make a furnace recipe which I highly doubt you do,then you can make another block or crafting recipe that makes the DNA into a spawn egg,however depending on the size of the dinosaur it will require more DNA. but I don't mean to keep rambling on so I leave it at here

  4. That looks amazing!!! Will you be able to use this addon is any world when it’s released? And do you know if it’ll be out during this summer?

  5. Will there be a realistic addon in the furture? You know Feathered dinosaurs, Actual size dinos? Or is it just based off the Ingen Jurassic Park/World/evolution? I like both so I don't care which one gets picked, just curious 🙂

  6. If you really put it on sale Can you help add-on Dino That only have 5 dino can give away for free

  7. Can you make the lite version half the full one? Like if the full addon is 50 maybe, MAYBE 30? Just please.

    Btw good job on the models and animations, another thing. Will the lite version be an add-on or will it be like in a marketplace world?

    Maybe you can do a video about any aquatic or any flying dinosaur, because we haven't seen any dinosaurs except the land ones.

    Anyways good job!

  8. Is it possible that i might get a list of dinosaurs it will silence all further questions sorry for all the questions

  9. So umm… i have a question for number of creature
    Aquatic Creature:
    Flying Creature:
    Semi Aquatic:

  10. 공룡의 울음소리는 여러가지 인가요?

    육식공룡은 전부 공격적인가요?

    쥬라기 공원 3 스피노사우루스 디자인과 paleocraft의 스피노사우루스 디자인의 차이는 뭐가있나요?

  11. You should make that when a dinossaur dies his body stays for a shorts period of time and predators could eat the corpse and regain health.but still great.

  12. Are you going to pay below 1000 Mine Coins?

    Are you going to add any other mash-up packs other than Paleocraft, Life after dinosaurus?

    Please add Danosucus:)

    Add at least 15~20 dinosaurs to the Lite version. If it is too much, it seems to be meaningless…

  13. Is this gonna be in the marketplace? I don't want this to be in the marketplace! I don't even have mine coins! Please just let this be a free addon

  14. What is the difference between Jurassic Park 3 Spino and Paleocraft Spino?

    If you were to release an add-on that includes Indominus and Indoraptor, would you post it on mcpedl or on a marketplace?

    Do dinosaurs grow into babies, infants, and adults?

    Do dinosaurs eat corpses?If not, would you add it to the update?

  15. I can't wait to see the sea creatures !! Amazing video an models!!! I have a suggestion for you: cambrian explosion creatures , think about it!!

  16. Does Spino look smaller than the Tyrannosaurus when he walks?

    Does Spino walk with his arms on the ground?

    Is Spino slow when he walks?

    Does Spino run straight when he finds his prey?

  17. Can you make all the dinos tameable? Kinda like Ark Survival Evolved! If you can do that, that would be awsome! 😀

  18. Does Spino run straight when he runs?

    Is Pteranodon bigger than humans?

    Is the design of Pteranodon 1 or 3 in Jurassic Park?

    Does Spino have fish-eating motion?

    Is Pteranodon bigger than humans?

    Does Spino only have a sail on his back?

    Is Spino's sail in the shape of Jurassic Park?

  19. If possible, please make a Jurassic Park 3 cry for Spinosaurus

    Do dinosaurs mark their territory?

    Is Spinosaurus gray like Jurassic Park 3?

    Is Spinosaurus' fingernails huge?

    Will you have a Spinosaurus face pattern at Jurassic Park 3?And a body pattern.

    Is Tylosaurus design is"Jurassic park the game"design?

    Carnotaurus, is Baryonyx a Jurassic World design?

  20. If the male Spino design is Jurassic Park 3 design, how about the female design is brown overall and the sail and the stripe design are like Jurassic Park 3 design?

    Is Spino's face long and big to fit his body size?

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