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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Hi friends we will play alphabets games right now. no, we play what? playing puzzle alphabets puzzle numbers number and alphabet no, only puzzle numbers puzzle only puzzle numbers puzzle puzzle only! there is number here okay, what picture is this? / It’s a dog what picture is this? / a flower a flower Rakana, what is color of the dog? em, brown color and what is your flower color Syakira? pink can you see this? what is this baby? numbers one two one two three four five six, seven, eight, nine ok. how many do you have? nine lets count it Rakana one two three four five ok, can you play? yes, I can random the stick now, break the puzzle arrange and fix the puzzle now find the number one number one, it’s look like a stick. wow, this is wrong pair. find number two right now two like a swimming duck. that’s good rakana can you find swimming duck? ok, place it here make it close this one, mom not yet Rakana number three like a flying bird. is that flying bird? yeah, correct where is your flying bird Syakira? no, find a flying bird. mama, mama number three like a flying bird. / kucek kucek mama, mama, elephant like a pillow ok number four like flipped chair. where is fliped chair? yes, place it / i’m done number five have a fat belly dung dung find the fat belly oops, no fat belly number five have a fat belly yes oops, thats one below. no, do not disturb number six has a hole below okay number seven looks like a pistol. that is right number eight like a double egg. don’t bother her please, Rakana number nine has a hole above where is number nine? Rakana, lets Syakira fix this first please. trimmed according to the color on the rightside yeay, have you done? yes i am done clap your hands don’t forget LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE bye bye

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