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pokemon go has been like all the crazy especially this past summer and I was like is their way that we could do that here somehow and have the kids create their own pokemon and then like bring them to life somehow. we all got to design our own and then most of us used ideas off of the pokemon and then we sketch what it was going to be like and then once we had a good idea of what we’re going to do them used an app to actually create it and then print it in addition to that they had some like graphic design with the medowmon card itself after that they had to create an animation it’s just been really awesome for the fifth graders to see it full circle now because they worked on it all trimester the first trimester so now today is the day to kind of just celebrate their accomplishments. I think its the best special day ever. Best specials day ever! my favorite part was actually coming up with the weight and the weight height description and then the name this is graphic design one day you can get paid for graphic design seeing that side of it also and looking into their future as how they could incorporate art and technology into maybe a career path I think it’s been fun from the sketch to now being able to walk around the school trying to find pokemon i just think it’s super fun all around i learned a lot about technology from this

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  1. Ugh! The memories!!!! I moved 5th year so i never got to go to Meadow Point for all 7 years of Elementary. At least Im still in the cherry creek district and go to Liberty

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