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Hello everyone, this is running on empty
food review
Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching
This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the week
So I was doing this little thing this time around kind of like I like I was casting a magic spell
This time around with the hand
that’s for added emphasis because this is a big release even though it is an
Annual release even though it’s something that happens every year and has happened every year without fail
for the last several decades
it is hyped up and
rightfully, so
Ladies and gentlemen, the McRib is back
It’s back
It’s here. I
Don’t know if it’s better than ever. That’s what I’m gonna find out. Usually that’s what they say
But oh, yeah, I have no idea at this point. But all I know is that it’s back
It’s at McDonald’s starting today. So if you are a McRib
This is for you because its back people people right now. They’re pulling out the McRib
Direction-finding equipment some people they they have the McRib finding app
other people are more hardcore about it because believe it or not the box that the McRib is is
contained in
Transmits a very weak radio frequency and some people actually have the equipment and antennas and everything
They’re able to track it down to actually find out where these mcribs are being
Created where they’re being sold and I mean people are hardcore about this
That was a bad joke, by the way
but either way
It’s back. Check your local McDonald’s if you’re interested and go from there that McRib I’m pretty sure we all know what it is
It’s everyone’s favorite
Rib esque pork product from McDonald’s
I tried it once before about a year ago, and I’m here to try it out once again, just to you know
Check out the release and see how it is this time around. So here’s the McRib it is a
Pork patty. I think I kind of said that it was it’s a pork patty
It’s like it’s shaped like a rib, but there are no bones in it
Okay, so, you know if you like eating the bones themselves, you’ll be a little disappointed, but there aren’t any bones
Again, it’s a pork slathered in a tangy barbecue sauce and it also comes with
Slivered onions and tart pickles. I got this for three dollars and 49 cents so about
350 there goes my note
So with that
The McRib is indeed
In a McDonald’s bag right there
Cleaning paper
Aka napkins. Oh, I think I’m gonna
go for the nicer one this time around but good to have anyway, in case it gets out of control and
The special
McRib box right there. You can see there. I am says McRib
Right there
Got something in my eye right now, but maybe those are just maybe those are the tears of
Joy that the McRib is back
Pleased to say, so there it is though
Opening up the box the grand reveal
we have ourselves a
McRib right there. I’ll take it out. Don’t worry. You’ll be able to see it better
Some people were really they were telling me look you’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s actually called the
McRib but it is actually I can verify called the McRib. Okay, so that’s
Ending that controversy right there
Now, let’s take it out
Yeah, I’ll put this down right here so that we can
Get a better view of it
It is a Messier sandwich, but I think that’s what we all come to expect. Okay?
Holding it up to the camera. I’ll clean my hands very thoroughly after this
There is the McRib in all its glory you can see the onions and the pickles underneath lots and lots of sauce on
this one there’s the sauce remnants on my hands right there and
How about we try and figure something out there I am with it holding it like so
That was stupid
Either way, look we know what’s on it. I
Know what’s on it? You know what’s on it? We all know what’s on it
I think we’re really interested right now is a seeing what it tastes like so with that I’m gonna try it out the McRib
From McDonald’s its back. I don’t see how it is this time around it’s going in
I’ll take two more bites
Now I’m gonna have to use the napkins for this one
I’ll tell you this so I’m glad I didn’t
Eat this in the car. It’s a very very
saucy sandwich
Sometimes that’s a good thing
Sometimes if you get too little sauce not to wash my hands good after this
If you get too little sauce
You’re missing out on a lot of what could otherwise be good flavor itself
Just be and be aware sometimes you might even need to have the special McRib hose
that I know we all bought something that I’m going all fancy trying to use the
Condensation from the chalice to wipe it off
That’s about as good as I’ll get once I’m done all
thoroughly wash my hands but
You can see what I noticed this time, especially
This one has a lot of their barbecue sauce on it. It’s a very saucy sandwich I said before
You know, what a
year ago when I tried out the the McRib for the first time
The first time in my life I ever tried it out. I
Didn’t really know what to expect a lot of people were saying
either a this is
Incredible this is the best thing that I’ve ever had in my life
You know that they actually I mean some people I think you heard about the the McRib
I think they call it the McRib ritual
That I think it was created back in the late 80s by these two guys in Southern, California
where what they actually do is they save a McRib from the last year and then they they
you know, I
Don’t know what I’m trying to say
I guess I attached it to balloons and launched it up into the sky and
It’s supposed to mean that the McRib is good this time
That one fell flat on its face, but I’m trying to say some people love it. Some people hate it. They’re disgusted by it
They think it’s the worst thing in the world
I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried it out. But you know, it met my expectations. I didn’t think it was necessarily
the best thing
wasn’t the worst
This time around though. I’m actually more satisfied with it than I was a year ago. All right to be quite honest. I am I
Maybe it’s because there’s more sauce on it this time around or I kind of have a little bit of a better picture
Of what to expect going in but look, I’ll be honest this time around. I actually I found it a bit tastier
the the pork patty
It was it was really you could tell there was no chewiness to it this time around it was soft it
Was tender and it was actually good it was you know, I’m not the biggest pork consumer
But for what it is specially from McDonald’s. It was actually pretty good
Right a little slippery
But I like that there’s so much sauce on it this time around you can really just taste that Tang
That that’s what I was really a big fan of the last time. I just really liked that tang
That is not only so prevalent in the barbecue sauce. But it also is there in the pickles. It’s just it’s great it offsets
Just the pork. It blends in so nicely. I also just like that little bit of
What the the onions themselves just a little bit of a sharpness
It’s not it’s not overwhelming the onions but it’s there and it’s it’s a simple sandwich just got those ingredients with the pork
The sauce the pickles the onions and the bun to keep it all together, and I think honestly it blended in very well this year
again, I like the amount of sauce on it you get flavor in every single bite guaranteed and that’s what I like to see when
It’s an item. That’s all sauced up. So
Honestly, I’m more impressed by it this year than I was last year to be to be quite honest
I actually think it’s pretty good. It’s not for everyone but
Me personally, I enjoyed it. I
I’m satisfied with it to tell you the truth
It’s flavorful and I think it’s pretty good for what it is, especially considering the price
$3.50. I think if you like the McRib you’re gonna enjoy it this year
So i’ll go out and get it while the getting’s good as they say so out of 10 therefore
I know I’ve been given things a lot of ratings in the eights lately
But there have been a lot of good items lately and this one is no exception
so therefore
McRib is going to get an eight point six out of ten
I think they just did a better job this year than they did the last again. It’s out today participating locations
So get it while you can and with that. That’s all that I have for you
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week
And remember coming up tomorrow is my new podcast getting the word out in advance
So make sure you check it out at or on iTunes and Spotify
By just searching vorw. That’s all that I have. Thank you for watching. Take care
I enjoyed the McRib and I’m your host the report of the week

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  2. The mcrib pork patty is bigger than the bun this time. I have always liked the bbq McRib sandwich. Thanks again. 🙏🇺🇸💚

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