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Hey guys, this is a review of a game called
Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign. It is a puzzle style game with great visuals
and amazing gameplay! To be honest, I was a little sceptical when
downloading the game as I am not into these puzzle style games.
However, I must tell you that this game is nothing like the other boring puzzle games
out there! This one is actually pretty amazing! It’s like a unique puzzle game because, while
it is, of course, strategic, it still has that action going on while you solve the
puzzles. I mean, you have heroes that will attack your
opponents only when you solve the puzle! And that really makes the game a lot more
interesting! Besides, after each battle you get to upgrade
your heroes and that makes the game even more challenging as the opponents get
stronger every time you battle them. I highly recommend you give this game a try
as it’s available for free on Google Play store!
Who knows, even if you don’t like puzzle games, you may like this one, just like it happened
with me! Thank you for watching, please subscribe for
more videos like this!

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