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[ Intro music ]
Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I am really enjoying all of the latest minecraft snapshot. So for me personally
They’ve completely changed the way the game feels. originally minecraft was one of those games
Where everything happened on land and oceans were kind of forgotten about
I mean you just had a big open area of water with gravel at the bottom of it. Not exactly exciting.
But if we pop underneath here, I mean it just feels so alive we have these guys which are absolutely terrifying
We have all of the vegetation we have the fish swimming around and obviously all of the new structures. I’m loving it!
And I definitely would like to build a base actually underneath the ocean, so today
We’re going to be trying our best to create an awesome
underwater bunker. Now if there’s one thing that I don’t really like about the latest snapshot its how the player seems to move in
creative mode
Underwater you are it’s just as soon as you double tap W
at all even if you do it accidentally you go straight into swim mode.
Which is slightly infuriating. Yeah, it’s a bit all over the place. Anyway the space has been cleared out so now
I’m trying my best to work on the airlock because obviously this is a base underwater
You have to have some form of airlock system
It would be rude of us not to so I’m thinking some cyan clay in this area here
The theme of the build is going to be quite blue, so we’re going to have blocks going up like this
This is going to be the airlock room
And then what will happen is once you open up these doors obviously the water will flow in we’ll have another set of piston doors
Right here, perhaps with glass on the front of them, and
What we’ll do is we’ll have a water draining system
Which will then drain all of the water from the room and then these doors will open up.
Now I really don’t want to speak too soon on this one
But I think I might have come up with something that might actually work
so what we need is that there redstone dust there redstone dust there and redstone dust there that will power all of those Pistons and
This could actually function so if we hit this button down the bottom here
We should see that the exterior doors will open up and look all of the water is currently inside the airlock
And then we’re waiting for it to drain out and there we go!
That worked, and it’s tiny look at the size of this thing
That is so cool so look
It opens is filled in with water. We’re gonna be standing in there
Then gradually the water drains out and then there we go doors open
It doesn’t get much better than that that has worked first time and it’s tiny
Now I just wanna warn you I’m not the most musical person on the planet, but I think this works so for the opening
[ Note blocks clicking ]
There we go and then
[ Note blocks playing ]
Cool so we have two different things going on
We’ve got the ticks as you open up the doors
And then we have the buh-buh-buh-bup as you actually open up the final door
Yeah, I think that makes sense right let’s move on
Let me know if I’m going crazy here, but does this look kind of cool?
I feel like this wall actually looks kind of cool
if we get some quartz in up at the top
I quite like it
I like the way that that looks
Now that we have a rough plan of what this place is going to look like I’ve been
Thinking it will be really cool to have some form of almost like a lava lamp or maybe even fishing
aquarium type thing in both corners of this room
Now I’m going to try my best to not make the entire thing symmetrical,
but I definitely think this would be a nice detail
I’m just trying to work out how enough to do it. Now don’t get me wrong it looks brilliant
It looks super super cool, but it is quite noisy, so I’ve added in this lever right here
so that we can toggle it on or off
I personally love it. I’d have it running all the time, but yeah that that noise
Probably would begin to drive you around the bend just a tiny bit anyway. I’m going to switch it off
We’ll build up at this side as well, so we have that corner and also this full corner as well
So we’ll have one on both sides, and it should end up looking pretty good. If not yeah a little bit loud
I’ve actually done some thinking we’re not going to have it on that side because I’ve got some different plans for that area
But we do have both halves one of them green one of them orange and both of them look good
So that is now all completed, and I’ve just thought we don’t actually have any way
To get through our door at this point in time, but right now
We can’t activate it
We just have a blank wall, so let’s work that one out I decided to go for a torch key
Because that’s very simple underneath the ocean and all we have to do is place in the redstone torch
And then there is our door opening, and if we just pop inside you can see that the water
Drops down from the ceiling and then there we go. We are now able to go into the base
Fantastic that is I mean I obviously love that okay
Moving on we’ve got so much left to do
These walls have given me a cool idea so obviously we’re using concrete powder here and
We can definitely use that to our advantage to create some form of hidden chest system
So we can have piston extenders underneath here all triple piston extenders, and they will drop all of those blocks down
Revealing a bunch of chests and then on this side. I was thinking that we can have some furnaces
That would be amazing, but it could be quite complicated. Yeah now that I’ve laid out all of the pistons
It’s a little bit more complicated than I first imagined, but you know what we’re like we’re going to commit to it
We’re gonna see if we can make it work, and if we can’t then I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight
But from what I can tell here, and it’s early days yet
That shouldn’t be necessary because through some strange fluke of wiring
I’ve actually managed to get it for the most part working
So look this is the only one that is actually functional at this point in time, and if you flip this lever
You can see that. There is the full triple piston extension that’s now up there
And then we need to turn off the lever because it’s a pulse based system
But if we flick the lever again, you can see that it comes up. It grabs it
Then it pulls it back down, and we just need to do the final block retraction
Which should be as simple as just a falling edge monostable running into these blocks here. No way
if I just place in these blocks I
Think it might be working
There we go so that’s dropped down and that has revealed where all of our furnaces and
All of the chests are going to be so this is going to have like a hard wall there
And then we’ll have the concrete powder going around like that
That looks so cool, and then when we hit the button once again
That’s quick – I can’t get over this one I could do it all day long if we just hit this button here
That is one of the most satisfying things to watch we’ve got the furnaces over there the chests right there
And then when we hit the button again
It’s so fast. It’s so so quick
Oh that is so cool
All right, okay, well we have made a solid start to our ocean underwater bunker
What comes next I think I think I’ve just come up with a really cool concept
I’m not 100% certain this is going to work though, but I wanted to do is I wanted to create
No, it’s broke. It’s broken badly
That is not good what how has that broken how it has? Okay now that I fixed that up
I have created a relatively interesting
Concept in which we have a pop-out
Infinite water source now as you guys know that was actually a recent redstone video that I did with the pop-up hidden pool
That was considerably more complicated
But this actually works quite well in the context of a base you can see that this is all the redstone here
We just have some simple block swappers, and then we just retract that central block
But it looks great if you’re asking me
There’s so many satisfying to watch builds here in fact every single build
We’ve done that in today’s video so far has been incredibly satisfying to look at I am holding out some serious
Hope that this is going to work
So if I place in some magma blocks down there, or is it soul sand we need soul sand down at the bottom there
so if I place those down at the bottom
and then break some of the blocks up at the top here okay, water is flowing in this is good
This is what we wanted
Argh in my head that was gonna launch us right out
Can we have water sources in here? Does that affect anything?
What about water sources down here? Oh that looks good
But it doesn’t feel it doesn’t it is not fast oh
That was kind of my plan, but as mentioned earlier on don’t worry we always run into roadblocks
We try and work around them, and we come up with new concepts
And I think I’ve come up with a good one so if we okay yeah, that will shoot us up to the surface
That’s brilliant, so what I’m thinking is is underneath these soul sand blocks will have some slime blocks down there
They’ll launch us up. as they launch us up we’ll open up a trapdoor on the surface that will pull this back we’ll then
Extend across the soul sand blocks the water will flow down
We’ll hit the soul sand and we’ll be shot straight the way up to the surface of the water
Now I need to work out the timing circuitry for this thing which is going pretty well so far if we hit this button you can
See that the slime block launches up, and then we get stuck in this chamber right here
So now all we have to do is create a trapdoor up at the top which will allow the water to flow in and
Then we should have ourselves a working system. I think potentially maybe.
Right, so button press
Yes! Oh my word! I can’t believe that actually just worked
That was once again first time we managed to pull that off
Hang on. I’m gonna pop through into spectator mode, and I’m gonna shoot back down to the bottom. I can’t believe that just worked
That is ridiculous. I was not expecting that
So if we just hit the button
And there we go
[ Laughing ]
Ah that is amazing oh
No, I wonder now. This is something that I wasn’t really planning on doing, but I wonder if it will work with a boat
Can you just you can place a boat on land can’t you?
I mean it might need a little bit of work
Hmm, I don’t know if it’s a I don’t know if it’s something that’s worth pursuing particularly
Then again it has just gone straight through and
Is now up on the surface
So clearly it would function.
Now made some pretty serious changes to the redstone circuitry
And I’ve made sure that the pulse stays on for long enough to
actually allow the boat to reach up to the surface because if it doesn’t then the boat sinks back down to the bottom which isn’t
perfect but it should
now function
So what??
Okay, by the look of things the boat is out of the question. This is still stupidly fun though I mean
That’s wicked, but we aren’t quite finished yet
As you can see I filled in all of the ceiling and I’ve done all of the remaining walls as well
And you can see that we still have quite a bit of space to work with that currently doesn’t have any
redstone contraptions on the inside
Sorry I just I wanted to remind myself of how cool that thing is anyway what I think we should do is
I mean, this is an ocean base. So obviously obviously we need to have some form of AFK fish farm
I just hope that they actually work in this version of Minecraft
I’m not sure that they do I’m not 100% certain around this one because I mean
it kind of looks like it works, but I can’t see the bobber
and I don’t seem to be catching any fish
So, I mean, there’s a chance that it is working the actual system itself does seem to work the trapdoor opens
When the bobber is in the water, but there’s just no visible bobber
So either this is a functional afk fish farm, or it’s a historic afk fish farm either way
I think it looks quite cool. Now what on earth do we do about this back wall here?
We have got a ton of space to play with and I have no clue what I want to do with it
I really don’t I was thinking maybe well originally if this thing was working well
We’d have an item elevator and then a storage system for all of the items
But it doesn’t look like that’s working so instead. I’ve just got this little chest right here
What do we do with this? Well we’ve got a bed sorted now. That’s
That’s done. I don’t know how well we’d be able to respawn from that thing
I imagine probably not but it fits in and it looks pretty cool in there. There’s still nothing though, okay
I’ve come up with something and I think it’s going to end up looking pretty cool
What we’re going to have is we’re going to have a little villager trading area out the back here
That is once again going to be concealable because I absolutely love this system, but this one’s going to be slightly different
So it’s actually going to pull
This top set of concrete powder back.
Now I’m assuming if I have something like a sign here, so if we place signs going all the way across
It doesn’t necessarily have to be signed in fact. I’d probably rather
something like an iron trapdoor
If we could do that and then have all of those be powered or even potentially not they look quite cool like that and then
We have this
So that will be retracting out the way, and then all of our villagers will be standing here, and I wonder if they’re
Hm, I wonder if there’s any way that we can force them to stay where they are
This is getting a little bit tricky so that guy there right I suppose
We’ll have one of those will stop him from traveling off the edge
Okay, he’s making his way back onto the minecart. What what’s going on. How has that happened?
That makes absolutely oh, why is that block missing? Oh?
My word this is tricky
We’ve got them all in it was a massive pain in the backside
And also if you’re wondering what these slabs are about it’s because if you put three villagers next to one another
Apparently they all push themselves off of the rails, which isn’t exactly brilliant, so we’ve had to split them all up, but we’ve got there
And I’ve just thought to myself. I now need to do the redstone. I probably should have done the redstone first
Because I’m certain in fact. I’m 100% certain that
We’re probably going to have to break these guys and rearrange them so part one
It is now done if we flip this lever you can see that all of the blocks pop up
And then when we flick the lever once again, you can see that all of those blocks drop down
But the one thing that’s missing is obviously this top section right here
So these blocks are going to be pushed back and forth now the thing that makes it difficult
Is that obviously we need to push these blocks?
now but they’re not on the retraction we need to retract them first and
Then allow for the double piston extender to happen, so it’s like a flip side system
And I believe that should now be completed so first test
That was close
But it seems to have worked
And then there is the retraction so there we go that is
One fully functioning system just about and it looks pretty cool doesn’t it now I’m thinking in terms of
what we have for
marking out these villages
I reckon we should have some item frames
Down at the bottom here that are out all of the time so people can tell there’s something behind the wall
But they have to reveal it by flicking the lever so for example our
Lab coat guy can have if we get an enchanted book of some form then we can put that inside there
this guy is a butcher so we can grab ourselves some meat and
That will look pretty good in that section basically try our best to show off
What each and every one of these villages is?
And you know what ladies and gents I think with that we have managed to finish everything
I am really happy with how our ocean bunker has turned out
I love everything. I love everything from our entrance system, the airlock.
I think this thing’s absolutely brilliant
And I love using that just watching the water flow down if we can make it inside that was very close
We’re just watching this
And then the doors open up and then obviously everything from the exit
The hidden chests and storage systems all of the different things that we have going on. I absolutely love it
This is by far one of my favorite bunkers
I’ve ever made on this channel
So I really do hope that you enjoyed this video if you did please be sure to hit that like button
If you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This has been mumbo and I’m out I’ll see you later
Oh and filming channel stuff. You know what to do link will be on the end screen
[ Outro music ]

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