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So i couple of weeks ago I released this video, which I built the giant super TNT canon. Now the task was to build something that can shoot a piece of TNT through a bunch of Hoops and then take out a block that is 150 blocks away, I mean seriously I didn’t think it was gonna be possible, but we still managed to put off now today We’re going to be doing something similar, but instead of launching TNT We’re going to be launching Ourselves as high as we possibly can right there We went about a hundred blocks into the sky But I personally think we can go quite a bit higher than that now if we double the size of this thing That will send us up Roundabouts, okay, so we have to straight away Gone 500 blocks into the sky but that’s not That’s not a small amount of blocks to travel But obviously we’re going to keep going and keep pushing this thing one thing that I thought I’d try is Actually pushing the TNT into a one block area underneath me, so if I hit this button here Okay, that’s kind of compacted it And we actually don’t go as high we go half the height That was unexpected, but I really like the idea, so we’ve dropped the fence post back down to where it was originally and we’re actually going to push the TNT into this area around us like we had beforehand But having a larger area like a larger square will give us more room for TNT when we start expanding up So this system is now done if I place in for example a piece of TNT falls on that block then it will be pushed across and then pushed across like that and All of the TNT will be sitting in this tiny little area right here ready to launch us up into the top so now It’s time to start filling in all of the dispensers. That are going to be going around like this I think for the time being I’m just going to have two layers. Just to see how high we can go I also just want to say I apologize for my slightly nasally voice it seems like yes I think the winter has finally caught up with me the first backups have now been made we have got an input We have got all of the TNT in place if we hit this button then we should see everything dispenses pistons have moved And that is really disappointing Seriously Maybe because it’s flowing away so now what I’ve done is I’ve added in a pulse extender which will keep our pistons extended even when the TNT is dispensed so that should hold it all in place and There now we’ve got a lot higher 950 blocks around about okay, that’s good. I was getting worried that my ideas. Just totally weren’t gonna function oh Wait it does take a long time to get down though doesn’t it so I have done a little bit of expansion work this thing Is now a couple layers taller, I’m just connecting everything up with the slab Towers going up like this so we have got Six six dispensers going up like this. I have no clue how much TNT that is maybe I’ll do some Maths 168 pieces of TNT are about to dispense from these dispensers and Drop down here, and they have sent us very far up into the sky that is 4700 blocks Okay that is that’s pretty positive. That’s actually higher than I was expecting to go in this entire episode What should I even aim for I think maybe into five figures I think five figures would probably be a good number to get into coming back down does take a long time now. I mean look This is gonna become a bit of an issue actually when these things start getting bigger when we go up 25,000 blocks or something It’s gonna take about three years to come back down now at some point soon We’re going to run into two issues the timing circuits of the piston extenders aren’t going to coincide properly with our dispensers Which we now have twice as many of and also redstone signal strength is going to run out Before we get up to the surface. I personally Don’t think either of those things that are going to affect this system, which they haven’t and they have sent us semi into orbit 7650 That’s big, but we have gone a long way there now in order to allow for the future expansion I’m going to try my best to speed things up with the double piston extender circuits And I think I’ve come up with a pretty good idea to do it Which is to do something a little bit like this now? We are going to have to swap out all of these blocks for slabs but we’re going to add in a little circuit here in fact in fact I Could just run redstone dust up like this and then power them all just like that yeah, this works ok So what this will do is that this one essentially acts as a pulse extender? Which will mean that we can extend out these Pistons faster But then make sure that all of the Pistons retract no clue if any of that made sense So this system if it works should make the extension 2 ticks faster Which that seemed pretty fast to me, and if we place that in then everything’s retracted Yeah, very quick, okay that’s brilliant so now what I’m trying to do is work out how late I can possibly extend those extenders and The answer is quite a lot later than that So see we probably have Maybe for three or four seconds I would say I’m just about there so if that TNT fell down in the water It will explode just at the moment that it has been pushed into the correct position, okay, that’s good This is the timing so this is how much time we have to actually have TNT falling down into the system Once this time runs out then we need to make sure that no TNT is dropping and it’s all being pushed into the correct place So this is the maximum height that I could go with one redstone half slab tower So obviously we ran out of redstone signal strength as we made our way up to the top And this is the highest point that we can possibly get to but I feel like this Could be the one Two put us past the 10,000 mark maybe It’s looking likely we have gone past 10,000 blocks, and we have reached 12,000 and 78 blocks That is mega, but we can definitely go much higher than that mean we had plenty of time When that TNT was just sat in the water before it started getting pushed inwards I’d say we can keep we could probably fit in at least another five or six more layers on top of this so all of these repeaters need to be set to two ticks and Then we need to extend out the delay for these repeaters right here So we need to increase this by one extra tick to make up for the fact that We have now added in delay, and then we are going to double the height of this We are going to basically take this entire area and just put it on top and then create a new half slab Tower But run a repeater out from here, and then that will go up into it now I have to say this thing is looking pretty impressive. I’m just placing in the final layer of dispensers here and This oh I feel like this might send us to the moon the backup has been made so three two one go There it is the TNT has fallen and Goodbye, we still have so much time that TNT it was sat there for probably about 2 or 3 seconds We have just gone 23609 blocks in the sky, it’s gone purple for some reason the Sun is doing some funny business Don’t really know what’s going on there That is crazy But we still have we still have more time to play with We’ve got so many more layers that we can add in we’ve hit the redstone build limit again Ok we’re gonna have to add in another half slab Tower so all of these ones now have two ticks and all of these Now have three ticks now the reason that we’re doing this as I kind of quickly mentioned earlier on is So that we can do one half slab tower going up like this, and then we add in the repeater And then we have another half slab tower going up like that so that means for here We are going to grab another half slab Tower, and then that is going to run up a little bit like this And it’s just going to continue upwards. I mean how tall we are now This is like a 44 block high Dispenser area I’ll count how many there are at the end of the video good lord I think there’s a high likelihood that this thing’s going to explode I think this might be the first one that we actually have too much TNT for his own good It will land on top of the Pistons, and it’s gonna blow itself up That’s what I think I’m gonna quickly double-check that I’ve backed everything up. I just made three of them Just to make sure I’ve got backups on my backups right let’s go Missed the button Oh No way did that just work I Cannot believe that thing just worked We don’t even seem to be going that fast… have we gone and reached the limit I Feel like we might have reached some kind of limit here, I mean we’ve gone 26 28 29 30 thousand maybe not we seem to have just constant momentum right now Whoa Did we just hit like a brick wall Did we just hit the top of the world I? I can’t tell what just happened there Amazingly everything is still intact. I think that was pretty close to the limit though I’m fairly certain those last piece of TNT landed Just before the piston started extending But I thought, I thought I would try adding just one more layer to it, just one extra one I’m really going to try and push the boat out here, so here it is the final TNT player launcher in all of its glory Look at it. It is absolutely monstrous I don’t know if this thing is going to blow itself up, or if it’s going to work wonders But we’re about to find out I’m hitting the f3 screen It worked and we huh we are on our way up So as 15,000 is 20,000 I can’t tell if we’re slowing down it seems like we slow down all of a sudden But then we we kind of keep like an odd momentum like we’re still going really fast 29,000 that’s 30,000 we’ve we’ve passed that threshold 33,000 and then we hit this We just stopped it we hit the ceiling, but I like to think this thing is still pretty impressive traveling over 33,000 blocks in probably just under 30 seconds can anyone work out how fast on average. I’m actually good Why I suppose that would be about yeah, that’d be about a thousand blocks a second. That’s quite an easy calculation But that is the effect of one thousand three hundred and sixteen pieces of TNT That’s how many we’re firing out of these dispensers to shoot us up into the sky. Awesome! That was really really Let me know down the comments section what other challenges you want me to take on in the next couple weeks Please make them involve TNT because I love this sort of thing but anyway if you have enjoyed this video Please show us that like button, and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. This is Bumbo, and I’m out. I’ll see you later. *Sniffle* Ah, I’m gonna have to get myself some cold medicine.

100 thoughts on “Making the CRAZIEST TNT Player Launchers in Minecraft!

  1. You should see how far you can go on a Electra I don’t think I spelled that right but if is way of the Bird wings , is it up or is it a plane no it’s mumbo-jumbo

  2. 4:05 Happy B-day and happy b-day again, its almost time for the you to fall back down, and by then, happy B-day again

  3. So before I watched this I managed to get just over 100,000 blocks (I got stuck at the limit and had to glitch down with elytra). I used a repeat command block to summon end crystals

  4. 0:39 520 blocks
    1:05 258 blocks
    2:11 378 blocks
    2:41 946 blocks
    3:21 4704 blocks
    4:25 7679 blocks
    6:36 12,078 blocks
    7:57 23,610 blocks
    I can't think rn, my blinds are being replaced

  5. if you used command blocks (/summon ender_crystal repeat needs redstone) with a lever next to it and wait 2 minutes, you would go up around 150000 blocks instead of 32000 lmao

  6. Mumbo Jumbo’s height in blocks from the player tnt launcher is 33453.75282
    I stopped and started the video continuously to get the exact point in height he got to. Wow that’s a crazy high number!!!

  7. What if the tnt were to shoot out multiple times than it would practically double or even triple or quadruple the the speed since you hit the roof there’s no more improvement for height but there is always room for inordinate in SPEED!!!

  8. I reached 104000 blocks from repeating command blocks summoning ender crystal in pe the command is /summon ender_crystal, to get the command block type in the chat /give (your user name) repeating_command_block,you are welcome

  9. You should make it automatic so when you press the button once each dispenser puts out like 5 tnt or something. And it can be more compact too

  10. In every Mumbo Jumbo video you get “a lltttle something”
    Here’s why:

    Everyone: like this

    Mumbo: A LITTLE SOMETHING like this

  11. for reference, the height of earth's atmosphere is around 12km. mumbo reached over 3 times that.
    no wonder it takes so long to get back down…

  12. 33 thou? Pathetic i've launched myself 115k blocks in the air in few seconds using my method whitch i will never tell.

  13. I CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE a side ways player launcher that can lunch a player from one edge of the world to an opposite edge

  14. You can just use the command block on a repeat and have a lever so all you need to do is make a giant ender crystal with the command / summon ender crystal ~ ~1 ~ so then once when you stand right where the end crystals are on top of the man walk as soon as you hit your goose flying up like 857639876 blocks if you left the command block running for like almost a minute

  15. 3:30 Suppose that Minecraft has a constant gravitational acceleration of 22m/s^2 (what most people found through experiments), you broke the speed of sound when you just left the ground. You were travelling 455m/s.
    At 4:30, 580m/s
    At 6:45, 729m/s
    At 8:15, 1019m/s
    At 10:10, 1184m/s
    At 11:35, 1213m/s
    Congratulations you are ~35% faster than the fastest jet aircraft: the SR71

  16. who Mumbo you went almost 4th of the way to space the last time i checked when people set the limit where you enter space just who now all you need to do is get rid the pesky stopper thing up 31 kilometers in the air and quadruple the amount tnt dropped you can make to low earth orbit

  17. I remember when the end first came out, everyone I knew made a habit of dropping unreasonable amounts of tnt into end portals, then jumping in. The tnt would all load in at once and launch the player hundreds of thousands of blocks into the air

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