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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Yeah, yeah, yeah! It is me, OG Loc’s ‘n’ the house, baby. And I’m gonna drop it down for all my real gangsta niggaz, all my gangsta bitchez… *runs out of oxygen* Speakin’ about gangstas, look at my man Toni right here! Toni! Whaddup, nigga, whadduup?! Thought the motherfucking mic was broke. Hey what’s up, Toni? – What’s up, Ryder? – Geah, all the homies’ in the back, man, away from this whack music. – Man, I’m furious. It’s Loc, it’s Loc, no joke, no joke! I’m the man in the place! Punch you in the face! A gun in my waste! It’s Loc, baby!! Damn man, his lyrics’s horrible! – That dude needs some work, man. – Hell geah! Boss! – Hey, Anthony! Luckily I can trust someone in my life. You, Toni. What he done that I ain’t? Huh? – What you’re talking about? – Hey, relax, man! Hey! The Ballas is passes by the run-up. They it appear right now. – It’s that fucking mayor! Hey Families, strap up! It’s Grove Street! – Come on. Let’s go take care of this. Shit I’ll go round up some homies. – Okay, get some cars, block the road. Let’s not get heated. Come on, come on hotshot. I’m a Made Guy. I’m gonna fatty your big, let it go. Like I need this bullshit? My boy will string you up. This ain’t the last of this. You dumb punk. You wanna go? You wanna go? You wanna go? You wanna talk about it? You’ll pay in blood for this. Your mama puts out on weekends. You want me to shot you, pal? You wanna get shot, bud? Hit me! Give me that! It’s all mine! Is that it? Yeah, that’s right, I’m an asshole! How’d you like me now? My money! Look at all this doe! Give me that doe! What, you really? I ain’t afraid to use this. You want a hole in your head? You want me to put a hole in you? What’s your fucking problem? He-hey! Look out! More of them on the bridge! What, bitch? You want some? You want this to get nasty? No one fucks with Toni Cipriani! I ain’t screwing around here! I’m a lunatic, so fuck off! Get out of my face! You think you’re gonna walk away from this? Want a bullet to kill you? You wanna get whacked, huh?! Want some of me now? Fuck all of you punks. Come on, then! Shut up, I’ll knock you into next week if I hear another word from you! … Sorry. Hey, Toni! – Sal! You’re back where you belong. – Hey, we’re both back, you and me. We did it, huh? You know it! – We cleaned it up with the Forellis, The Sindaccos we sent ’em to the fucking sea! – Once Loc got off the mic, then the party got started.

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