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[thrifty music] – Greetings, and yeah, Christmas 2019 is just over with, New Years is upon is, and so is a new decade, which is, well, it only comes
around once every decade, so I figured I’d go
thrifting one final time in the 20-teens before we
reach the 20 next, 2020s. Right, let’s go thrifting. [LGR Thrifts music] And off we go, visiting this Goodwill for one final time, before the decade ends. And then next decade begins in like four days, so whatever. And just getting inside here, and aw man, who left the dog out? Aw, Goodwill needs a good boy mascot, I nominate Buggy Dog. Over on the back shelf
of electronic stuff, this Sharp stereo stood out for being, I mean, it’s not the sharpest looking, but Sharp brand, it’s just
larger than I normally see, with a 50 disk CD changer, yeah, that’s a beefier all-in-one system than I normally see, yeah but whatever, there was this thing that I saw out of the corner of my
eye when I got over here. What in the world, man? There’s not much around back, like at all, and I just don’t even
know what this design is, the front sticker seemed to imply it was some kind of a game, and it turns out it is, by a company called Merch Source, it’s called the Black
Series Hover Target Game, it’s like a plastic
candelabra that shoots out air from its holes, and
hovers ping pong balls, you try to hit ’em with a dart gun. That’s a thing. And yeah, just down from there, on the other shelf is some
stuff that sort of stood out for being slightly different, like this older pair of
wireless, infrared headphones, never used IR headphones, but I can’t imagine they
work too great, I don’t know. Also had a pretty average example of a Polaroid Square
Shooter 2, Land Camera, haven’t seen one of these in a while. And then there was this
electronic slab of sorts, it really just had two buttons, backspace and start. Certainly a foot pedal for
some sort of electronic system, and yeah, around here, on the back as you can see
is a Panasonic RP-2692, which confirms that it
is indeed a foot pedal for a transcriber, dictation, recording, type of machine, for like micro-cassettes, like the Panasonic RR930. And down below there
we’ve got a record player, with a kind of amusing aesthetic, no needle, apparently. But yeah, this is a Sears system, one of those that I was drawn to simply because of the aesthetic, I mean I don’t know, that slanted, metallic front, chunky sliders, and the simplistic insides. It’s a cheap thing, no doubt, but I was really close to getting it just because it was so simple. Anyway, didn’t get it. And down from there is one of these phones that any time I see ’em I get a slight little bit of excitement, and then I realize it’s
just that stupid same one that I’ve seen so many times. It’s just a simple touch-tone phone made to look older than it actually is, with coin mechanisms
that don’t actually work, I don’t think. Or maybe they do, I don’t know. The whole thing’s plastic. Over in the media section, and there were actually
a few PC games in their smaller boxes, “Roller
Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum”, of course I already have
that, highly enjoy it. And there’s also a “Stronghold
2” over here, also have this, but you know, I don’t know, I’m pointing them out because look, here it is, it’s pointed out. Hmm, let’s see, what do we got over here
in the randomness section, we’ve got two-speed electric scissors. This lady on front, why is she here? Is she making clothes
using these scissors? Does she cut her hair using them? Is this a veiled threat? I don’t know what to think. Anyway, old scissors that
are electric scare me. And speaking of scary,
but oddly intriguiging, there is this thing. I think it’s a candle holder. It’s really hard to tell. It’s a highly unique, hand-made, and $13, yeah I see you there, I see you. Right, onto another Goodwill. Fun fact, the lucky rock here, runs out of luck in just four days, so let’s see what we got. And what we’ve got are a
bunch of Christmas left-overs of course, including these very
bedazzling looking presents that are all lit up, and the usual stacks of
used Christmas trees, it’s just incredibly sad, used fake trees, it’s a
special kind of melancholy. All right, over in the media and whatnot, there’s a few PC things
hanging around here, mostly really boring stuff
like “500 Legal Documents”, now this one sure grabbed my attention, because it said “Space Quest”, but it’s not that “Space Quest”, but it did also say three
and a half inch diskette, but this is a CD case, and yeah, this is one
of those jewel cases, that usually will hold a CD, but has a special insert, to hold a three and a
half inch floppy diskette, which is pretty darn cool, I only have a few of
these in my collection, I you know, don’t know
why I didn’t get this, I should have gotten this. And I normally don’t look at too much in the audio CD section, but I saw these old “Now This Is What I Call Music” releases, like “Now 3” here, and yeah, the instant odd 90s
nostalgia this brings back. I’m not even sure it’s nostalgia, it’s just like weird memories
that haven’t resurfaced in almost exactly 20 years. Anyway, seemed appropriate
considering this is the end of 2019, this was the end of 1999, heading into the year 2000. Over on another media shelf I saw this intriguing stack
of fragile document mailers all sent out from the Chicago Daily News Language Records label, apparently, these are all like 10 inch
language learning series, like learn a language, 33 and a third RPM language
lessons on records, many of them appearing to be
brand new or very close to it. They have just an odd assortment,
I love seeing this stuff. Oh man, haven’t seen one
of these in Goodwill yet, this is one of the
Pip-Boy cell phone holders that goes on your wrist, from “Fallout 4’s” whatever edition, they’re charging $80 for it, which actually seems to
be about the going rate. And over next to this weighing machine that weighed like a billion pounds, I saw this Big Bobber floating cooler, it’s a cooler, that looks like
a fishing bobber, [laughs] yeah, I guess it’s a cooler
that floats beside your boat, a common enough idea, but an
uncommon design, I approve. Aw man, buddy, I feel ya. Look at that, he’s been through
the New Year’s hangover, and it’s not even quite New Year’s yet. All right, getting over
to the electronics, and we got some classics,
these Gateway 2000 speakers, Altec Lansing ACS41s, I’d actually like to
get a nice set of these, if they had the subwoofer
and the power supply, which this does not. A shelf up from there we
have some intriguing items, some cameras, a Konica C35, I quiet like the look of, as well as this Olympus 35 ECR, compact little metal cameras like this just feel nice in the hands, unlike that very plastic
older Polaroid back there. And these very plastic
cheap garbage VR headsets, that again, as I’ve said
many times on LGR Thrift, these are just littering
stores these days. It really is kind of a sign of the times, like at the end of this decade
these are just everywhere. Ah man, this brings back
unfortunate retail memories, especially around
Christmas holiday season, retail workers don’t get no respect, man. Especially in toy sections. Anyway, wanted to try to see if I can get over there and take a look at
the puzzles and board games. Eh, not a whole lot, that’s how it goes, although I did see one thing over here, not a game but a piece of software, a “Brodurbund 3D Home
Architect Deluxe 3.0”, and I have this one already, well I think it’s a little bit older, but these are fun, don’t know why I haven’t
done a video about them yet. Okay, over in the
whatever this is section, and there’s a bunch of whatever this is, including this thing, it is a Dynex USB
Parallel Converter cable, plug your older printer
into a more modern machine, nothing terribly special, it’s just I don’t see these too often, much less new in a package like this. Also don’t see this new in
package very often either. Look at GeoSafari, classic inserts here, this is the Wonders of
the Smithsonian Pack, yeah, it still had it, price sticker from Toys & Co. on there, I was always amused by these as a kid. Oh, and what do we have here, there’s a delightful little
basket of calculators. Actually some pretty
interesting ones in here. Several graphing calculators
from Casio, Sharp, and of course, Texas Instruments. And some older scientific
stuff like this TI-30 here from the late ’70s, and even one of the venerable
HP12C’s which they still sell. Shame this one had an R
scratched into the front, but hey, it had its case, it’s only $5, so yeah, I hope somebody picks this up that knows what it is, ‘casue these are nice, man, reverse Polish notation. The Goodwill searches continue
with another Goodwill. And right up front on
top of the glass case is this Mansfield 650 eight
millimeter film editor, and Mansfield, this is
satisfying to mess with. All those metal components,
and I don’t know, metal, it just feels good. [laughing] You got this PreSonus bag over here on top of some furniture, what is this? Well it appears to be a drum
pad from Yamaha, a DD65. Friend of mine had a less
advanced version of this back in the day, had a lot of fun banging around
on that, that’s for sure. And what do we have here? We got a Wii Tower of Power, of sorts. This is quite the set-up, you got spaces for games, and controllers, guess the Wii itself, gotta wonder how many
of these things sold. Balls. Over in the kitchen stuff,
what do we have here? Looks like a old-school
pour-over coffee maker, of sorts, yeah, it’s a Bodum design thing, it’s very red, very plastic, seemingly from the U.K., or Europe. – [Computer Voice] Denmark. – [LGR] I like making pour-over coffees, so it had my attention. Alrighty, board games and other things, and this stood out, ’cause not English, this appears to be a puzzle for trains. Yes, bullet train puzzle, that is one of the most
delightfully Japanese things I have ever seen, I kinda love it. This is interesting over here, almost thought it was a
couple of packs of cigarettes, but nope, it’s a couple
of packs of playing cards for Carnival Cruise Lines, the most popular cruise line in the world. Definitely an older Carnival, judging by the photography
and logos and whatnot, that’s pretty neat. Aw man, speaking of older stuff, check this classic Crock Pot out. Hamilton Beach Crock Watcher, this brings back memories,
dag-gum-it, I swear, saw this thing in like every other holiday thing that happened as a kid. Did seriously everyone have
one of these in this design, or something very close to it, ’cause man. Yeah, that’s a little different, at least for the keyboard
section at Goodwill’s, I’ve got a Razor keyboard
here of some kind, very flat one, chicklet
style keys and such, I don’t know what model it is, it looks like the stickers
were taken off the back, but yeah, $9 for you know, I’m not saying it’s a great keyboard, it’s just a little different in terms of brand than you normally see. Ooh, what is this wood-grained
wrapped monstrosity? From DBX no less, check out that in and out in the back, it’s a couple of fuses, and oh man, those cones are not in great shape, unfortunately, no sticker on the back either, but it looks like a DBSW, two by six, it’s a subwoofer speaker
system, it’s pretty cool, man. Rarely see older subs like this. Ooh, and check this out. Exactly the type of clock radio that I am eternally attracted
to and I don’t even know, looks awesome, looks fantastic. Ooh, I think we’ve hit
a mother-load of sorts, in terms of boring software. Actually there’s some
intriguing things in here, a lot of big box stuff, all the way from the late 80s, to the early 2000s, most of which I’m not interested in, or I already have it, or I just, you know, it’s kind of interesting
but it’s rather beat up, but these were all between
three to five dollars each, so I picked up a few of them. Got the “Merriam-Webster Online
Dictionary and Thesaurus” for Windows Three, “Rivers and Waterfall Screen
Savers and Wallpaper Pack”, “Fractal Chaos! Screen Saver” for Windows, “Expert Travel Planner” for Windows Three, and “My Internet Postage”
by, yeah, that This not only comes packed with a lot of old-school postage supplies inside, but you could also just
print out postage right here, not even getting on the internet at all, just using the software. Still sealed, pretty neat. Alrighty, and we got one
more Goodwill to check out, before the end of the decade here, and yeah, they are still
building that building, over the building building building, don’t know what it is, there’s no signs up that I see that say what it is gonna be here, but obviously it’s a thing, and very close proximity to Goodwill, so we’ll see in 2020. And right inside on top of the glass case had a few interesting things here, but mostly this Thomas
Collectors Edition radio, number 75 of a limited run apparently. Despite the 1930s appearance, it is definitely not that old, it’s a recreation, but it’s pretty cool. Speaking of radios that
could be considered quote, pretty cool, I got this
transparent deal here, that is not just a
transparent AM/FM radio, but it’s also one of
those hand-cranking ones for emergency situations,
or whatever you need a hand-cranked radio for, an emergency radio, we’ll call it that. Nice idea on the part of the manufacturer to make it transparent, because you can see the
gizmo inside doing its thing, yeah, that right there
automatically makes this more amusing than any
other hand-cranked radio I’ve ever had. Over in the electronic junk section there’s some electronic junk, including a super-loud phone ringer, never miss another call. I just like that it says super-loud, not just loud, it’s super. And a shelf down from that, this grabbed my attention, first for that classic JVC design, but then just because of what it is, the XLR5010 CDR, yep, it’s a compact disk recordable, but actually three of ’em, perfect kind of late 90s
party device right there, that’s actually pretty darn cool. Speaking of pirate devices, [chuckles] I got this Go Video DDV 9050 VHS copier, as well as this Realistic High-Power Video/Audio Tape Eraser. Man, seriously, somebody
was into copying some stuff back in the day, fun times. Look at this little tchotchke, this is exactly the type
of thing I remember seeing on like my mom’s managers desk
at the hotel back in the day, Sporty Memos, it’s just like
a little golden clippy thing that holds things in place, and looks like a thing, in this case a tennis racket, ah, it’s amusing. See what’s over here? We got some older lookin’ bottles, yeah, I’ll say, “Federal law forbids sale
or reuse of this bottle” I like old bottles like this, don’t know what I would do
with ’em, but I approve. Checkin’ out the VHS section
over here, and my goodness, somebody had a whole collection goin’ on, and didn’t open most of ’em. Seems to be a complete
selection of “The Waltons” from Columbia House, on VHS, man like seriously, every episode. Gotta wonder the situation where somebody bought all of these, and then just never opened ’em. Hot dang, this must be
the day for Goodwill’s with slightly interesting keyboards. We got this Fantech K10 Hunter back-lit pro gaming keyboard over here. Oh man, that Sony
Spider-Man font on the keys, and despite the mechanical appearances, this is absolute garbage to type on, what in the world? It’s got all these impressive
sounding specs around back, but the switches, they’re non-existent. And what do we have here on this table? First I thought it was just a bunch of vinyl laid out on top of each other, but it’s actually an art
piece all glued together, that’s a bunch of albums
in one piece for a wall. Man, how many is that? It’s gotta be a record. And then finally on the end-caps here, I noticed all of these boxes marked as $1 today only, soap dispensers. [giggles] I mean, I don’t need
one, but it’s a dollar. [giggles] it’s a battery-powered soap dispenser. I’m getting one. And there we go, that is it for the final episode of LGR Thrifts for this decade. This is episode 44. Yeah, look at the things that I got. Maybe not the most impressive to everyone, but these amuse me, so. Yeah, I got an internet
postage big box thing, a dictionary, waterfall screen saver, travel planner, “Fractal Chaos!” and a friggin’ 32499 Kimberly Clark
Professional Soap Dispenser, because why not? It was a dollar. Pretty nice lookin’ battery-powered soap dispenser right there, kind of looks like a storm trooper. Now I guess I just need some soap. [chuckles] and apparently that’s like $25 a bag, so that’s where they get ya. Give away the razor, sell the blades, et cetera, et cetera. Anyway, that’s all for
this episode of Thrifts, and as usual, thank you
for supporting the show, and requesting more episodes, and sending in your own thrifting finds over however many months
it’s been since the last one, has it been months? It feels like months, I don’t know. It’s a long time sometimes between these, just because it’s not always
the most opportune time to go thrifting throughout the year, usually this time of
year’s a little bit slower, but you know, is what it is, so thank you for sending in your own finds so I can include them here, and as usual, thank you very much for watching, we’ll see you in the next episode. Next year, next decade, all that kind of stuff. [babbles] [funky music]

100 thoughts on “LGR – Thrifts [Ep.44] Auld Lang Finds

  1. You are lucky you can find stuff like you do. The local goodwills here ship all the good electronic stuff to a warehouse for online auctions. It sux really. But the goodwill stores here mostly look like someones unorganized shed all the time. Except the cloths, alot of cloths…

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    Fun Fact: I paid about $4 for that Star Trek boxset in the middle. After checking online, I found out it was a limited edition set.
    Another fun fact: The Cubix DVD was actually sort of still sealed. The plastic wrap was torn up and the disc was loose and rattling about in the case but the security sticker was still on it. I took both of those off on the ride home and put the disc back in the push button thingy. There were some surface scratches but the disc definitely works.

  4. the transparent radio (13m4s) is designed for prisons– users can't hide things in clear cases, and batteries are sold at a huge markup.

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    and the classic Sunday fairs … when I start I will send what I find … but to make myself a collection work by then …
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  6. O.O 3D Home Architect???!!! I remember that! I got put in a class where you had multiple stations for different computer projects and such and this was one of them. Had to design my own home. It was supposed to have a certain program within it that put you directly in the home so you could walk around and see it in 3D. Not sure if it was because of the computers or the program itself but man did it run slow as hell. It took like 20 minutes of just to turn right or left. I always had to stick with the 2-d planning just to be able to do anything.

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  8. Transparent radios and television is sold at prisons so the guards can see inside them. And no I have not been to prison I have known people who has.

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  10. So much nostalgia in this one. I recognized the foot pedal the second it appeared on camera, since my mom used one to control playback without leaving the word processor when she was an offsite medical transcriptionist (incidentally, when we first got a dialup modem, since she needed it for work), and my brother had pretty much exactly that clock radio (yes, from a thrift store) back in the day. Oh, and Broderbund Home Architect! My dad picked that up thinking he might use it for a remodeling project, and we ended up basically using it like The Sims (except without the people, and before The Sims was a thing). Hours of fun mocking up houses we'd never be able to afford in real life.

  11. These videos just bring back so much nostalgia. I really do appreciate these Thrift videos and I hope that you keep doing them. I do appreciate these very much.Thanks LGR. I live in a town that has a ton of flea markets and thrift stores so for weekend entertainment, I get together with friends and family to walk through the stores just for entertainment and we often buy the strangest things we can find and give it to unsuspecting friends. Most of the time, our friends who get the surprise gifts actually end up enjoying the strange things we pick up for them LOL! And then sometimes they get mad and punch us in the face….ha ha haa.

  12. Awesome video. In Finland we have recycling centers that contain some really good stuff. Especially if you go to locations that are next to affluent areas. Some really good stuff people give away.

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