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[theme music]
[fizz, sip]
Everybody knows SimCity.
SimCity was great, SimCity is great,
SimCity will always be great.
And one of the best parts of the game
was not only being able to build a great city,
it was being able to destroy everything just as easily
as you’d created it, if not much easier.
Have you ever wanted to maybe
get a little bit more involved,
say down to street level and destroy that city?
Seriously, I mean when you look at your metropolis,
doesn’t it just make you want to strap rocket
launchers on a Volkswagen Bug hovercraft
and blow it up to cheesy rock music?
Heh, well, um…
Uh, well, that’s too bad because
enter Streets of SimCity,
the game that fulfilled the longing nobody had.
Apparently with Streets, you get
“mayhem in your metropolis.”
“Your city to cruise through or bruise through.”
What in the world? Why did Maxis make this?
They were known for open-ended
toy-like games like SimCity,
SimAnt, SimTower.
But then Streets comes along out of nowhere
with machine guns and oil slicks.
So let’s go back in time just a little bit.
In 1996, Maxis was in a very shaky position.
They had just released SimCity 2000
a couple of years before
and had hit their peak,
but things soon got stale.
The suits that had a stake in the company
pressured management for profits,
management pressured designers
into making new games,
and as part of this push, the company
was split into several specialty areas.
One was just plain old Maxis,
where new traditional games like
SimCity 3000 were to be made.
The next was Maxis Kids,
which made edutainment games for kids like SimTunes.
And the next was Maxis Sports,
which was going to make…
sports games, I guess.
This was the very short-lived branch of
Maxis that produced Streets of SimCity
and Streets of SimCity only.
It’s the only game to come out of the Sports line.
You may be asking,
Is blowing stuff up with cars a sport?
Well, this was the later half of the 1990s.
Vehicular combat
may as well have been the national pastime,
as far as game companies were concerned.
SimCopter was released not too long before Streets
and introduced the first Maxis 3D engine
where you could fly around cities
made in SimCity 2000.
It wasn’t a horrible game,
but it was rushed due to management’s
push for multiple games that year.
And it suffered because of it.
The result was ugly,
and not the slickest product to
come from Maxis, to be sure.
Streets of SimCity went ahead
and took that same game engine
and tweaked it a bit to make a driving game.
Streets starts you off with
one of the best installers ever,
which really sets the tone of the game.
[funky music]
The whole thing is set up like a
group of 1970s TV show episodes,
where the career is putting you through four of them
with no real clear overall goal in mind,
other than to earn money to go to the next episode.
These include destroying cars,
delivering packages, outrunning cops
and traditional circuit races.
Each part of the game has some
of that classic Maxis humor,
which really helps things out quite a bit,
since none of the races are particularly interesting.
The humor also bleeds over
into the in-car radio stations,
similar to what GTA III did years later.
It’s got spoof commercials, esoteric DJs
and lots of music,
some of which is extremely memorable
and was actually used in later games like The Sims.
[rock song plays]
And if you get bored of the radio
stations, you can make your own.
It even shows you how to do this
in the game’s extensive manual.
Like, really, this manual is big.
For no reason. It’s a really simple game.
This is easily the best parts of Streets:
the customization.
You have five cars to choose from
and each of them can use custom paint jobs and parts,
and can be saved to your garage in the Car Factory.
Player’s Choice is a simple practice mode.
Practice mode…
Here you can choose any SimCity 2000
map that come with the game
or one that you’ve made yourself.
It also comes with the SimCity 2000
Urban Renewal Kit program for making tracks,
and a race editor to add things like checkpoints.
And now to the gameplay itself.
It really comes down to an
open-world combat racing game
where you can drive anywhere within the city limits.
If you get damaged or need supplies,
you can pull up to a gas station to fill up.
Depending on your car’s abilities,
you can shoot down buildings, shoot other cars,
fly over mountains and generally act like a maniac.
It’s actually pretty darn fun
if you’re just messing around,
but in the career, it’s just a PAIN!
The driving model is horrific,
with your car spinning all
around without it ever really feeling
like you have a real handle on the car.
The opponents are completely
braindead, spastic and overall useless.
Weapons aren’t easy to use,
since there’s no way to aim,
other than aiming your car,
and the horrible handling just makes that worse.
On top of this, the game is absolutely
chock-full of bugs and glitches.
Sometimes you’ll appear on top of a building,
your opponents will go flying
through the air for no reason,
the road will launch you in the air.
The game is also very prone
to crashing the entire system.
If you have a Voodoo card,
you can run the game in 3dfx Glide mode.
Which is better than software mode,
but the game still looks like crap.
And it runs really choppily,
no matter which hardware you use
and what kind of processor you have.
But when you forget about all of that,
the game is an absolute blast.
There’s nothing quite like being able to fly around
like in “Back to the Future” in a city YOU built
then blow it all to pieces.
When you’re just going crazy and
exploring your cities, listening to music,
and generally not caring about the goals,
the game really is like nothing else.
I have many fond memories of this
game from when I was younger.
I still don’t know why I like it.
It’s horrible, really.
But this is a shining example of
a game that’s so bad, it is good.
It’s nothing close to other games, like Interstate ’76,
which it is clearly ripping off.
But it’s lots of fun in its own light,
no matter how bad the graphics are,
how bad the cars handle,
and how many times it just bugs out on you.
The atmosphere is also pretty depressing and desolate,
especially with the music off. I like that.
There are only a couple of pedestrians
and cows wandering around,
so it feels kind of like a post-
apocalyptic nightmare landscape
and it even gets better
if you play some ambient music in the background.
Shooting cows…
Streets of SimCity was a commercial and critical failure.
It is NOT a good racing game by any means.
But if you don’t think about
it as such, and instead just…
don’t let yourself think AT ALL,
it’s stupid fun.
You can find it pretty easily
and very cheaply nowadays,
and it’s a must-have for Maxis collectors,
if only because it’s the last game Maxis made
before they were taken over by EA.
Streets of SimCity is just awful.
And that is why I wholeheartedly recommend it.

100 thoughts on “LGR – Streets of SimCity – PC Game Review

  1. I remember playing this game as a kid at a friends. It ran vary vary well. if not to fast at times. Much fun was had. when i tried running it years later on my newer computer (2005) it was vary bugy. mostly cars just jumping around. was funny but unplayable.

  2. Urban Renewal Kit was amazing, Streets was great because you could use the Urban Renewal Kit to make maps for even Sim Copter.

  3. I remember getting this game from the Scholastic catalogue that teachers back in the day would give out to their students. I don't remember liking it much back then, despite the box art and the word, "Sim" wowed me.

  4. I thought this was one of the most fun games I played in the 90s. It claimed hours upon hours of enjoyment of my youth.

  5. Streets was fun but stupidly buggy. I remember just playing through the sandbox mode and just driving around my cities and flying around in the gliding airfoil thing.

  6. This game was my guilty pleasure because I had more fun building the tracks and painting the cars than I did actually playing it. The actual gameplay sucked though.

  7. I think this game was an attempt to cash in on those early Car Fighting games. Twisted Metal for example was a huge success and it came out just a few years before Streets of SimCity.

  8. I remember playing it as a kid. It always crashed after five minutes and the enemy cars always bounced up and down for some reason. I guess that was a bug but at the time I thought it was supposed to be that way because the cars never didn't bounce.

  9. i had a blast with this game and i didn't have any crashes or many frame lag. but yeah the spawns and things. this is one of my top 3 maxis games

  10. Ohh gosh i remember this game, yes it is actually so bad that it is good xD Had lots of fun with this back in the day

  11. I loved this game when I was a kid. I never really played any of the mission modes much, but I loved freeplay with hopper + airfoil + guns.

  12. This game was a childhood favourite of mine…. even though it did not age very well. I always liked the idea of building cities in Skurk, and then loading this game crusing around and blowing shit up…. at least until the machine guns started shooting blanks for no reason. That was the appeal to me.

    Campaign was mixed for me. Hated the truck delivery missions. Thought Grandma's missions were interesting. I remember liking the cop dude protagonist from one of the campaigns because he sounded exactly like Cornfed from Duckman. "mmmmm….. needs more line and BAIT"

    imo Carmageddon and Death Rally were superior, but this game is still a guilty pleasure. 🙂

  13. That was great I had forgotten about this? – I wonder why? – being a weekend Dad -I spent many a hour playing these car games with my son Lewis – Gonna have to show him this ! – Great memories thanks!

  14. "The longing nobody had"..whaaaat? I everytime i built a metropolis in Sim2000 i wanted to go right down to it into streetlvl and blow it up, race around etc.! What else would you do with your cities than enjoy its destruction?

  15. Never knew something like this exsisted o____o
    The idea behind it is not that bad, but somehow a bit weird xD
    Still it looks like fun~

  16. I actually loved this game although only 20 minutes at a time. Then it got old. I didn't have any glitches that I recall. This also came with Sim zoo Sim safari Sim helicopter I think. There were like 7 Sim games in the pack.

  17. Weird, I don't remember the choppiness or bugs on my old Windows 95 computer. And believe me, I played this game a lot. Annnd my Windows 95 PC had a lot of problems, but it ran SoSC just fine. (The AI did suck though)

  18. when you talk about the graphics i'm drawing a blank on any of the issues, ya i remember some of the bugs and the horrible AI, and the terrible draw distance but choppy graphics and system crashes? i played this on mid 2000s computers and an ibm thinkpad from the early 2000s and had none of the choppy graphics, everything loaded quickly.

    maybe this game and the engine was just a little too much for what the computers of 1996-97 could handle but it did get much better with age…right before it and other late 90's 3D games became unplayable

    the pixel art was something wholly its own, a style of chariccature that died out in the late 90s but really looks funny and conveys the weird game at the same time

  19. My favorite part of the game was the music. "I'm just a splatter, splatter, splatter on the windshield of life."

  20. got this in a scholastic book sale back in middle school and it was great. the bluegrass station was the best.

  21. I had always assumed that GTA 3's satirical talk radio station in a driving game idea was ripped off from RoboCop, but perhaps the story is even more basic than that.

  22. I was a sega developer.. i had the mdk 1 port before they made mdk2 so i guess you would of never played it.. you can use a cracked bleemcast and the ps1 disk and it almost the same

  23. I remember wanting this game soo badly as a kid … I just wanted to drive around my city I created ..I used to dream of driving down the highway I built lined with wind power turbine

  24. Gods I wish I could run this on Windows 10. I wish they would have redone Simcopter and Streets for Simcity 3000 or 4.

  25. I had a really good time playing this on my old Windows 98 laptop, which was the most stable way I could run it. It never crashed the system, but it did occasionally run into an error when a car drove into a building and clipped through the map. It was loads of fun to dick around in this game.

  26. Death Rally! I was looking for this game for SO long, SO SO SO LONG, my God!!!! Thank you very much, 2 games to go….
    False alarm the cover art misled me. 🙁 Still 3 games to go… the hunt continues…

  27. This review is very relatable to me, when you don't care about the objective and embrace the glitches and mayhem it's quite fun.

  28. I always loved this game, building a city then exploring it at the street level was amazing! Yes looking back on it now I know it had major issues. I still have my original copy, but good luck installing and keeping it stable on a modern PC… haha

  29. HAHA I remember that. "Get outta the way! Cause I'm having a bad day!" Wow… brings back memories. Hard to believe it's been over 20 years! I remember making just random tracks, launching the car off of hills and stuff to cross rivers.

  30. I remembering mastering this game to perform pretty much perfect 90 degree turns. The physics was just silly. Building new tracks for it was great though. I particularly liked doings a map with nothing but airport, running it in SC2k, then slapping a race track on it. Best feature by far, the SC2k integration. Someone below mentioned SC4 but I think nowadays, cities skylines might be a better base. Can you really see EA redoing this game?

  31. Good bad memories…

    This video also reminded me of playing Monster Truck Madness and later Motocross Madness.

  32. Streets of Sim City was my childhood and to this day, I couldn't even tell you what the object of this game is. I just played it to destroy things and watch the glitchy car convulse in the air until it exploded.

  33. I think the base concept is great. You have Sim City and then turn it into a map for another type of game. Just the limitations of its time and the type of game wasnt too good I guess. Imagine if it was done now and as a lets say racing game? Would be awesome.

  34. quiero un remake de este juego por favoooooooor! Simcity 2000 es uno de mis juegos mas absolutamente favoritos , streets y simcopter solo mejoran lo inmejorable,lastima por streets

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