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100 thoughts on “Legit Gamers VS Pirate Gamers

  1. This video has no Spoiler regarding "Avengers: Infinity War"
    Don't worry peeps :3
    (EDIT: Music of this video is Muted Due to Copyright Issue, Sorry for the inconvenience Peeps)

  2. I am playing Pirate games.

    -Get it?
    -Dies Becouse of everyone killed her.

  3. If the cracked gamer wait for the witcher 3 Wild hunt he doesn't have to wait because the game has no DRM

  4. I am a legit gamer
    But konami games(not hideo kojima games) and EA games
    I don’t buy them I download them from torrent
    Because I won’t support a garbage !!!!!!!

  5. Every time I want to buy a new game I downlod cracked version for a try and play it for some time and if I like it I just buy it bcs i think that it is not fair to play games without giving money to the developers

  6. V shld always keep in mind tht pirate games r a sorce of gaming for many students… me😂😂🤣🤣
    Online cracks can be found all arnd the internet…..Yep cracked gamers r better…..but do buy games as developers spend thousands if not millions on video games…
    So show them some support by buying them when you get a job or money……

  7. From Windows 10 Pro to Microsoft Office 2019 to some premium softwares I need for work, Paid version of WinRar and 8 triple A games… All of them are installed in my computer thanks to piracy lololol

  8. The reason why I pirate games is to see if im gonna like the game or not then if I do like the game ill buy it for real. Just only so I can get my moneys worth.

  9. This is me another potato. I have a nice laptop but I am 13 years old poor guy so I can't buy games. My parents will buy me but idk why doesn't it works. I mean Bought a GTA 5 for 50 Chinese Yuan's and didn't work. And I don't even download torrents as this is Illegal.

  10. A PS4 will be 24000/- in our country and GTA 5 legit one is like 5000 or 6000/-(BDT) And this is so fucking expensive. (Sorry for being rude) This is not affordable.

  11. You must to know that we are deeply poor in Viet Nam due to the greediness of peoples
    So if next time you want buy a game just go alway because we crack is most also it more expensive than another countrys

  12. In past I played cracked games before I got a job
    then I bought 90% of cracked games I played
    now if Im interested in game but dont know how good it is I usually downloaded a cracked version then if I like it I buy it if not I will delete it
    I think every game should have a demo with all features

  13. I always wanna be a legit gamer, but I can not be till I graduate from university and get a job.

  14. Can we all agree to pirate everything remotely affiliates with EA so they go down and buy legit copies of games like The Witcher, Sekiro, the upcoming Cyberpunk etc …

  15. It's better to be a Legit Gamer because some games have Online Multiplayer which depend on the Steam Services to work properly

  16. Yo,now i understamd if none of you will believe me, but im just trying to be a nice person.

    By being broke and witg no money to biy games i went searching and i foumd a website called, "All Games For You", they do movies and games for free,

    Now i knkw this sounds really sketchy amd you dknt have to do it if you dont want to bit im just tryimg to make a suggestion amd help my fellow broke bruddas out there, have fun

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