Legal Insurance For Identity Theft Protection and ID Fraud

ID Fraud

Identity theft is a serious problem that affects many people. In a matter of seconds, your personal information can fall into the hands of a stranger and be used without your permission. Criminals can use your credit and name to open new bank accounts, obtain credit cards and loans, make major purchases, or obtain a passport and government benefits. Often identity theft victims do not know how or when their personal information was stolen. Identity theft is a serious crime and it is important to be proactive in protecting yourself. Here are a few tips:

  • Carry minimal amounts of personal ID on a daily basis.
  • Also, avoid sharing your personal information online or in places where others can overhear you.
  • Never give out personal information unless you know who you are giving it to and why it is needed. Identity theft can happen to anyone. Even you.
  • Take steps now to protect your information. Discover ARAG legal insurance. We can help if identity theft happens to you.

ID Fraud – Encompass Insurance

We hear about it all the time. Another store had a customer data breach, customer’s emails and credit card numbers were hacked. Before purchases show up on your card that aren’t yours here are some helpful tips.

  • Order your credit report and review for errors or signs of fraud.
  • If you notice suspicious activity, call the credit bureau and ask them to flag your credit report with a fraud alert.
  • File a complaint with the FTC and file a police report.
  • Remember to contact your financial institutions as soon as possible.
  • Consider putting a fraud alert on your accounts to make sure your financial assets are protected. discovering you are a victim of identity theft can be very upsetting and frustrating but being prepared can help you fight it.
  • Ask your independent insurance agent if you have identity theft coverage.


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