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Alredy December in 2019 and a lot of games has been released this year Today We’re going to see a TOP 5 list of the best PC games released on the past 3 months I used Metacritcs metrics to build the list based on gameplays and my personal taste of course, Noobgamerhue. If You could choose a theme for another list like this one. Wich theme it would be? Write it down below and maybe I’ll do a video here. Now lets check it out today’s list ‘cuz it’s awesome TOP 5 GAMES OF 2019 Number 5 is Lonely Mountains Downhill It’s a big suprise ‘cuz It’s made based on Low Poly art and got everybody by it’s nice gameplay It has been considered one of the best games for PCs by a bunch of games
analysts You and your bike face intense downhills on dense forrest, tight trails and wild rivers by the edge of a beautiful mountain The adrenaline of steep paths don’t shadow the fun gameplay The game got 86 points on Metacritic and therefore takes the 5th place on my list Number 4: the amazing Valfaris Getting a 83 score on Metacritic The game is presented at the espace around “Valfaris” wich was found around a Sun that is about to die fully sidescrolling or “plataform” like We say in Brazil It has been considered the best pixel art game since 16bit games era By the way Click on the card to watch a video about videogame’s history that a made Valfaris’ highlight is its metal soundtrack that brings more power while You’re shotting everything including many hordes and bosses This game was made by the same people tha made Slain: Black from Hell 3: Unity of Command II It’s a sequel of one of the best strategy games and “THE GAME” when comes down to War Games Scored 87 points and has a lot of unique gameplay features For sure dynamic campaing is the most impressive feature wich every player decision impacts the direction that the game takes untill the last mission You can take a lot of paths to get there and maybe get different ends to the game Number 2: I think this is not a surprise Disco Elysium Best innovative game to me in 2019 It’s a RPG game inspired on Dungeons&Dragons that focus on the “detective side” of the player It’s already a “acclaimed game” by videogame experts D.E. shows a lot of “rights” in its aspects Story, charisma, humor, plot twist and a beatiful art that make every artist jealous on Metacritics the game hits a high score of 90 points It has his own unique system brings the a lot of the old RPG games features Disco Elysium is only behind of our first choice that You may already know, right? Red Dead Redemption 2 with his incredible 92 score points in Metacritic proved to be able to carry the legacy of its first title Rockstar brings graphics and mechanical updates to make Black Water city more immersive Arthur Morgan came back with more ability to steal, to rob and to fight to be alive on West Wild Besides of being released first to consoles Red Dead Redemption 2 has been confirmed on Steam to be released on December 3th That’s why it’s already number 1 on my list of Top 5 PC games on this end of the year even tho it will be available only December 3th Once again this list is based on Metacritic’s website but also in my opinion on the games You may not agree with every game Do I forgot any games? Hit the comment section and let me know your list Don’t forget to Subscribe to watch new videos I hope You had a great time watching. See You soon 😀

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