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the finish lines right there Sanna shes right behind me NO! whats up Sanna how’s it going i am doing very well How’s my lady friend. Yes That’s what I said is that wierd thats right boyfriend vs girlfriend over here a little couple challenge. oh Sanna?
i think we need to go to the left I think so soon all right, so today’s challenge is to see who’s the bestest at Grand Theft Auto Oh, I love my driving exceda. Where are you going? I’m going towards the next checkpoint alright Well, I’m going towards the finish line. It’s where I’m going so Sanna today, we’re going to see who the bestest as GTA5 alright oh I kind of just like we’re going to do couple races to check that out if you if you again if You want to guess who’s the best of this game? Make sure you let us know in the comment section right now who you think that is the best? What is going on? I don’t know so Santa this is a race. Where you pretty much have to do loops It’s just we’ll turn we’re going around and around and around and you could try to blow me up yeah about that I’m where where are you going? I’ve already like what 30 seconds ahead of you you don’t even know where I’m going jelly Just follow the checkpoint. I am I went wrong. How can you go wrong? It’s done points? I guess it’s uh it’s an easy call. Oh the best. Is that this game isn’t it santa. What do you mean? You’re the one it’s like to this race that means that I am worse. Yeah is the hell is worse No, it doesn’t but you are the one who selected the race I have the one I am the one you really probably played this race millions of times before Millions of times what the hell is this then ah am I catching up? Yeah? I’m catching up yet Well, you are because this is freaking epic. Oh, this is a really hard part Just like there’s like some kind of weird tunnel. Just make sure you have grip and you stick on it all right follow the checkpoint On it you’re not a speck on here. How is this typical Deli what I could be wrong all right? Oh, it’s difficult trust me. It’ll get really really hard all right You have to go around in circles. Oh, I hope my God. I missed the checkpoint. That’s delicious That’s funny. I find that really funny. That’s a good thing good. I was going through freaking low. Oh hello there lady there How are you doing? Wait? How did you catch that with me like that? You’re better than me. Yes I am go away from me get away, I Actually said off. Did you follow and like fell off? Oh I fell off too. Oh my God I was a lady. I trouble all your line me fight. I went like maximum speed. You know what all right? We got to go to the right? Yeah No, I did the same Yeah, often when you go like wonder the person in front of you You usually do this are you doing it the jet point though which means ellen first now. Yeah, yeah later well see alright now dodge these rockets Ha ha ha you can also shoot them at me, but I don’t think you’re that good at that. Yeah Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see all right sanna Oh my God, all right make sure you flip around midair there. We go. What an amazing flip what an amazing freakin flip? alright were going towards the finish line not to far away Yeah, all right. We go gonna be a big flight. Oh my gosh. I’m gonna fly over this okay What the hell is this octopus all about oh my God? Oh my God, whatever that is it looks like an octapus I kind of screwed up the landing where are you hello? Oh hello Lee oh Your best. Oh my God you and that could have been stuck That would have been the best kill ever that you would have wondered Unfortunately you missed them you know you’re not. I’m sorry. Yeah, oh my God. I’m in I’m Gonna kill you there I miss my shot supposed to go down here. I was like yeah. Oh that was out. Oh Watch out again. Oh My God you’re so alright, then I’m going to put some tiny little grenades down Nowhere for you to smile what? Oh my God That was good. I thought you were super far behind when you saw how when you suck? No, I was just trying to pull you up, but in a little funny, kelly. Oh, God Alright, it’s time for the hot Johnson County Trek Yeah, the second race me and Santa will be doing the first one was kind of Iffy you know I’m not sure who exactly won that one. What do you think well? No I kind of think I want it You are the one who actually tried to kill me the wall try well. I think I want away from me no No, I’m getting closer. I’m gay Do you even know how the blades are uncle works? Yes? I do yes, I do right all right then then show me Why I’ll show you show me how it works right now. No, I’m not going to show you how it works I’m gonna make this I’m gonna make it. Oh my gosh. I’m make it oh that I didn’t make it What the hell you didn’t make it ah? Is that why though it’s not possible? I’ve been have enough speed so unfair Alright don’t worry about a you keep on screwing up. I’ll catch up with your way. Oh yeah. Yeah, you wish what I wish That one more time lady. I’m gonna cut for you alright. Okay. There we go there We go make that one like a freakin professional. That’s right of course you did alright We’re moving on I got the checkpoint. You are not too far only 40 seconds out of me. That’s nothing Say 40 no no you know you’re hearing things. I didn’t say that no definitely not Haha, okay. Maybe I think oh my God let’s go alright. Where are you lady? Oh, you know what a water to go swimming with those fishies am I right. Oh, yeah, alright I’ll do the same thing here. We go there. We go. Oh my God. You are far ahead of me That is still not fair, ya Know ya, big wave I got freaking huge waves all right Shannon I don’t know what you’re doing But I am going to try and catch up with you alright wheels out boost wheels back in that’s right That’s right. Keep on pushing keep on pushing. I’m going to catch up with there guys this is going to be my first place I Mean I just fit. I mean I’ve been seen enough for it. Did you uh yeah? I did yeah, oh yeah, I definitely did nene. Oh. Yeah. I did it And that’s all yeah boy. Get first place. Just like that Just like that you haven’t been first place and forever out of the field oh it to finally be first place You know what it feels like them back home. That’s what it feels like like you’re back home, so I come back home That’s right. That’s what I said what you not hear me. Correctly the first time. I mean a back home in first place So you understand what I’m trying to say here lady? You don’t understand are you behind me? Yeah? You are behind me moving on moving on we’re going for the finish line We got 20 more checkpoints to go. Oh my goodness This is a freaking huge race which means you’ve still got a big chance of catching up here Oh yeah, all I got to do is screw up once and victory scores lady. Oh, yeah, oh oh, oh, oh Brooke I’m not gonna do that. Oh, I’m definitely are gonna be bad all right there We go great landing going for the finish here going for the finish. Where are you going lady? Oh, you’re going on the wrong side of the road there. I mean wrong side of the road. I’m gonna rock that Eros That’s what I mean, man. That’s what I said, you know man. I’m not man. You’re not a man. Sorry. I forgot You forgot you’ve been with so many men in your life. That’s not it’s not true sometimes I forget all right I’ve suggested dutch, but that’s completely fine. All right II need to go to the left here Just you know a little tip so you can catch up with me all right leave. Oh, there you go You know you’re going to need that yeah, you’re going to need some catch up here, Sam. Oh, God There’s bruce is on the mountain all right mountain boost mount almost like a mountain goat, but then doesn’t make any go sound The hell we got to go down here now. We got to go down to the Frickin water I wish I had a freakin rocket on this thing. That’d be awesome imagine the blaze our uncle rocket Yeah, right be rockin that shit all day come on All right, come on move it all right. I am in the water going like a freakin Jet ski right now like this. Oh ye going to back. Oh, I forgot the recessional. Oh, hello there gently hello there I was wondering why I was going so slow all right you want that up what see me Don’t touch now might get is Stalin you think I saw what happened. I don’t know What good it’s doubt all right? Well uh you’re gonna have to go to the right okay to the right? That’s that’s the opposite side of left all right now We’re gonna have to go off the mouse, and I’ll tell you where to go oh, God I’m doing I can see for myself in a freaking slow. This thing is breaking fall. You’re catching up That is not allowed no though a horse was so slow the blades are all current exploded um I don’t wanna turn. Oh my God watch out for the fence Do you have the same problem that your thingy doesn’t want to turn one you wanted to turn? Maybe you didn’t have your wheels out. I do I have them all the time. Oh my God. What’s going on lady? I don’t know. Oh my god. I’m stuck. I am really really stuck. Okay. We need to back up Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. I got this ah There we go nice. Oh no that are you doing back there? I’m just saying slow Just taking it slow yeah, I’m trying to get in here oh
There’s a rock in the way the hell was that supposed to be what the hell that didn’t really speak me up at all all Right let’s get this jack point all that goes with the finish. Oh my God finish it right there Oh my God the finish lunch write that down what? Okay, no No, no, no no no no be nice. It’s Gonna be mine Jenny mine, bro That’s right. All right. I’m going for it. I’m going for it. Oh God. I got my wheels out again. Oh My God all right then I think this is going to be mine. I’m sorry to tell you lady Sorry, I’m doing your stupid-ass car. Bo Duper Stupid-ass car. Vote. Well, it’s get in the first place That’s what it’s yeah, I’m going to give you the ya half in the next race just leaving it laughs all right that’s going to be the deciding race Anna top of the stadium during Locally I was are you ready for the Shady tree endurance reason? I’m ready if I win this might just be the deciding race you know that yeah, the deciding race whether I or you That’s this exam. That’s right. That’s what we’re doing in cars. We’re driving forward All right kind of a shame you already figured that one out. Yeah, you say haha, but you’re the one struggling now What do you matter how? About that we’ll see about that. All right all right. We will then try we will see about that all right We will thank I’m going for it lady. I’m going for it So I’m going so bad no don’t go for that first first place. Go for that first place. Oh, maybe not maybe not Did not see that one coming did not see gotta back up gotta back up. Don’t worry about it. Everything’s fine Yeah, sure anything fun. Yeah, actually I might have a little faster car than you okay. I clean it speeding I’m dependin – there’s only about a little bit of advantage. We know you know what I might actually need that advantage again You know yeah, I’m so good Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say there, but now you kind of ruined it now you kind of ruin it No, I’m sure just clean it out like casually you know like of course of course Not you just drove into that wall like it’s a freaking wall and like it’s a Frickin wall is a wall What about well I was swollen quite Raven. Are you you are Super far behind? Do you realize that you’re super annoyed you know far ahead of you that’s where I am yeah, yeah, yeah What although I am crashing a little bit now, but it should be fine You know I got some time you know yeah having it I’m just having a trip on the rocks here a trip on the rocks. Yeah, I get it tip on the rocks Yeah, all right. I like tripping on rocks great resting on raw. I was I was having a trip on the rocks jelly Oh you were just oh. Oh no. No you were tripping. Oh Yeah, you are all gotta just a warm room Sweating my ass off here all right Santa I’ve got six more checkpoints to go. It doesn’t need a race for me It’s only way too easy because you’ve done these things before not even tried to I have not done anything evil day No, no, I have never done any of these races before lady. I bet if I would shoot the planet I would win. Oh no okay, okay, then how about you do that? Huh? How about if we can do that, then yeah? I’m a little beat the garbage all right and she call me garbage I can call you garbage, and that’s because I just finished the first place lady wow Daddy anyway idiot all right Jenna, you’re Gonna go for that second Yeah You know what as long as you’re at a quieter spot as long as you don’t get a pns am I far off? I don’t know are you far off? You got nine seconds eight seven six five four three? Okay And your face jolly, okay? Well you didn’t get second you didn’t get the cnf a bad bad This is a bottle bottle

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