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Welcome to the BreadBox the channel
dedicated to Commodore Computers I brought a huge load of Commodore
Computers sight unseen on TradeMe. Did I pay too much? Did I get a bargain? I’ll
let you know at the end of the video what I paid for everything. Join me
in this journey as I travel across the country to pick all this up and to ship
it back to me. Watch this video till the end & let me know what you think of
the price I paid, and let me know if I got a bargain I just picked up all the Commodore boxes
from Christchurch I’m about to heading off to Toll (freight company) to get it transported back up to home There’s 11 boxes behind me of Commodore stuff & I’ve just got word that another five boxes have turned up in my home so this means
16 boxes of Commodore computer stuff. It must be a record on YouTube.
I can’t wait for getting the stuff back home and can’t wait unpack it all While I wait for Toll to freight
those boxes from Christchurch, lets check out the five boxes that arrived while I
away. This is box number one and there’s a note okay it’s nothing too important on that.
What’s in this box any ideas? It’s an old rotary telephone but this
isn’t any ordinary rotary telephone this is a special one one that obviously fits
in with this channel perfectly it’s from Canada and it’s a Commodore rotary
telephone there’s an interesting story about this telephone but I’ll get into
more detail about this at the end of the video, (of course is dependent
on how long it takes to unbox all these boxes from Christchurch as well). OK
straight into box number two. Looks like this is a box of Commodore 64 games
love it! The first game is Deactivators this
is a really interesting game from 1986 where you control bomb disposal robots and the idea is to deactivate bombs left by terrorists within five research
buildings Next game is Battle Stations I’ve
never played this game before maybe it’s a bit like battleship maybe? I will have to
find out. The next game Strider. In Strider you infiltrate the Soviet Red
Army on an intelligence gathering mission. The Deep. now in this one you’re
actually control of a ship you need to defend it against U-Boats and jellyfish
of all things. But from memory I think the jelly fish could shoot at you, so
they’re not bit more dangerous than they sound Harbor Attack: keeping with the nautical
theme by looks of it, this time you’re in the control of the submarine and with
the mission of infiltrating enemy harbors to destroy their cargo ships. The
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged Thirteen and a Half: I’ve never played
this game before but I do know it’s based on a book and
I’ve seen the TV series back in the 1980s and quite enjoyed it it was
quite quirky. WrestleMania: I loved watching wrestling as a kid those
classic guys like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Bret the Hitman Hart,
Brutus the Barber Beefcake and of course here on the on the case Sergeant
Slaughter & British Bulldog. But I haven’t actually ever played this game! I can’t
believe I have never played WrestleMania but I’ll have to check it out. Well there, I’m seeing double two WrestleManias… twos better than one. Next we have Jumped Jet: this is a flight simulator and it’s biggest selling point, by the cover at least is has ‘speech’. The case needs a little bit of repair or replacing. Next we have Elektra Glide or as a slide?
I’ll carry read that I’m not too sure. It’s really weird it’s got both
the Atari and also Commodore version in the same packet. I wonder how that works?
OK… so one side there’s Commodore version in one side and Atari version. A
great idea, it saves money doesn’t it. Next we have Flyer Fox: This is
another simulator from about 1984 it also had digitized speech as well but on
this game it was really hard to understand the digitized speech… but it
was 1984 so the feature was very cool all the same. Next one in the box is Darkside: this is a premium looking box isn’t it.
It looks like there’s an A2 size color poster inside here. It’s a long shot,
let’s check out see if it’s there, okay. So far no luck it might be underneath
this the black case so I have a look here as well, okay yeah it was a long
shot I must have admit. This one is the sequel to Driller, where you’re on an alien moon, you’re a secret agent and you have to destroy an enemy
weapon. This enemy weapon’s called a Zephyr 1, this is not to be confused
with the classic Mark 1 Zephyr. 🙂 What we got here is some nice smelling
perfume by the looks of it…hopefully not Lets look and see what’s inside. That’s
right! Any guesses what this might be?
I’ll give you a clue it’s a joystick it’s an unusually shaped joystick and
it’s based on a movie I think they were called a xenomorph s’ from memory yes
it’s an Alien joystick… this was from Alien3? yeah, Alien3! What a great
looking joystick. I’ve never seen one like this before. I often use Quickshot
joysticks but this is actually new to me It’s is missing one of it’s feet. I do have
quite a few old broken Quickshots around so I am sure I can replace that. Next we have Leaderboard Golf: a three pack three games of golf can’t bet that can you.
Next game is Gangster: and hey there’s another copy as well that makes
two gangsters it sounds like trouble These are very early light gun games. Next we have Gridrunner, who hasn’t
played Gridrunner?! This is a classic Jeff Minter game, I’m sure we’ve all played
this one. SuperSports: this is a really original sports compilation which you
have crossbow, underwater assault, daredevil dive, and other events. I do
like my sports compilation games so I’m going to check this one out.
Next is Dragon Ninja: this is a really solid coin-op conversion, it starts really
easy but course gets really hard towards the end of it. Next we have Skate Rock
this is really called an ‘arcade simulation of skateboarding’ a real fun
game and finally Summer Olympiad this has skeet shooting, hurdles, fencing,
diving, triple jump and probably other events as well, another sports
compilation game. Next lot of games I’ll quickly unwrap these. What do we have first? We have Time Traveler: this is another light
gun game, there is quite a few of these in these boxes, You have to protect troops from
bi-planes with your light gun. Hustler: this is a 1982 pool game or snooker game
very basic but of course they can be quite alot of fun.
Chubby Gristle: this is where you’re a parking meter attendant, it’s
a platform game and it’s different that’s all I cn say. Oh! I’m seeing double
another Chubby grizzly or Grizzle … Chubby Gristle? yeah I think that was it. Chubby Gristle.
Next we have… unbelievable! three Chubby Gristles….
four Chubby Gristles… this is crazy maybe fiv… No, Knuckle Busters: I haven’t played this game yet so I’ll have to check it out Thunderbolt: this is really like a Uridium / Blue Max style crossover clone. Skate Crazy: this is a really cool game with
really nice colorful cartoon graphics I think Ben Danglish made the theme
music for this. Box Number 3: this is a small box and
it’s really light… lets check out what’s inside. It’s a Quickshot
joystick, I brought this on TradeMe for five dollars to replace my one which
I broke… you know Combat School destroys many joysticks! It has no suction cups
on the bottom but course I had we have my broken Quickshot joysticks so it will be easy enough to fix and it sounds quite good. Box Number 4: this is a heavy little box
Ahh I know what this is! A very kind donation from Ray Carlson the Ray has
been replacing and repairing computers since the early 60s and Commodore
computers up to today he still does. He’s kindly donated all his dead Commodore
chips for a Kickstarter campaign I’m going be starting very soon.
It’s going be part of a reward for the Breadbox Museum and the Documentary. The details will be coming out very soon This is a really nice donation thank you
Ray I really appreciate it. Please also check out Ray’s website the address is in
the (description) below amazing stuff on his website. Box Number 5: this is the last
box of the items that have arrived while I was in Christchurch and I’ll just have to wait until obviously the Christchurch stuff turns up. Lets have a look and
see what’s inside this one. This is a heavy little box…and we’ve got more
games! This is a no doubt more Commodore 64 games! First game Wizball: this is
classic game from Sensible Software it’s got great graphics great gameplay
awesome music. Next out of the box is Top Gun: Put on your Ray Bans! This is a classic Tom Cruise movie… well this is the game based
on the movie… Top Gun. Next we have 180 Darts: This is a really neat game, it’s based in an
an English pub playing 501 or around-the-clock darts. As a kid I always
thought this is how a pub would look in England I don’t know if it is…but anyways
back to the tapes. Beach Head: this is a one the best selling games of for
Commodore in 84. BMX Trials: this has got six different BMX
challenges 200-meter race, longest wheelie, ramp jump, bunny hopping and I
think also jumping a VW from memory as well. This game reminds me of BMX
Bandits (the 1980’s movie). Next we have Biggles: based on the movie Biggles Adventures
in Time… I believe. The movie really bombed (no pun) but I really like the movie as a kid I’ll have to check out the game, I’ve never played it before so I have to check
it. Zaga mission: this is an isometric shooter reminds me of Zaxxon and a
little bit of Raid Over Moscow. Next we have Arnie: of course hoping
to get traction from the namesake of Arnold Schwarzenegger… it isn’t
Arnold Schwarzenegger not based on Arnold Schwarzenegger but probably would have helped. But you are another muscle-bound walking weapon. Engineer Humpty I haven’t played this game before have to check it out Combat School: the cause of many
joysticks that have been broken in my house and no doubt many houses around
the world. This is a really great game, really hard on the arm, really hard on
the joystick. Next we have Star Wars: I’m a huge Star Wars fan but I can’t
believe it I’ve never actually played this game before. I’m going to have to
obviously sit down and play it. Quest for Holy Grail:
Every time I see this game it always reminds me of Monty Python for some
reason, I don’t know why. Flash Gordon: this game has really nice graphics and
real nice title screen music that’s a really good game. Daredevil Dennis: this
is the sequel to a BBC game it’s not Daredevil Dennis 2 … it’s just
Daredevil Dennis…What?!? Joe Blade: haven’t played Joe blade before I’ve heard a lot
about it should be interesting to check it out.
Next we have the Rik the Roadie: I haven’t heard many good things about
Rik the Roadie. Was it a favorite of anyone out there? Please let me know
in the comments below. Next we have Rolling Thunder: Wow! I loved
this game and as a kid, I loved the graphics and the concept. I found it really
hard so I look forward to playing again and hopefully it’d be a lot easier now.
Paratroopers: another game I’ve never heard of before I will have to check it out. Here’s another Dizzy game…these
games were classic games weren’t they. But this time it’s not actually in an
adventure game it’s more like a maze puzzle game. Top Shots War Play: this is what I love about these on unboxing videos I get to see so
many different games never heard it before, it’s a real joy and real treat!
And this is another one I’ve never heard of before… Top Shots Warplay.
Trap Door: oh well we’ve all heard of Trap Door great game! Great classic game!
War Machine: another game I haven’t played before, there’s been quite a few
already. Really exciting to see! Planet of Death: this is a text adventure game
thats being included with THEC64 in December. Interesting news for New
Zealand and Australia our delivery date apparently have been held back until
December the 12th, not December the 5th like the rest of the world. A bit
disappointing, but we do look forward to getting it. And the final game for these
boxes before we get the Christchurch stuff. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel I much appreciate it. I really appreciate
everyone’s support and I’ve got some all different videos about Commodore stuff
to watch. I’ve just done the unboxing of those five boxes that turned
up while I was in Christchurch. Awesome things ay! I was really pleased with that. Now I am going to find out what’s in these 11 boxes from Christchurch, so I’ll talk to you
soon. and we’ll see how it goes. I’ve just loaded up the boxes from
Christchurch and when I was in Christchurch I’m sure I put 11
boxes on the pallet. And I’ve just counted 12 boxes so I’ve actually just increased my boxes of Commodore stuff by 1. Box Number 6: the first one from the Christchurch haul
can’t wait to get into these and see what’s in them. This is a heavy box and
the first thing out of the box is.. I’ll just move this out the way actually. This is a very small form factor any ideas what this might be?
It’s a 1520 Plotter. When I first saw one of these I was so surprised how
small it was now I’ve got plotters I’ve got paper but I still don’t have
any pens to use these. Next out of the box is.. this is
really heavy and the box is just not letting this one go. Any ideas
what this might be it’s a printer it’s a Commodore printer of course
and I this is abit unfortunate this part of the case is actually broken it should be easily fixed. This is the
MPS-802 dot matrix printer this is an 80 column printer
Next out of the box is another printer by the looks of it. OK this is the
successor to the MPS-802 this is the MPS-803 it was repackaged in
charcoal to match the 264 series, you know the Commodore 16, the Plus4 and the 116 etc Oh well speaking of the 264 series! We’ve got one right here, this is the Commodore 16 the… ‘Learning Machine’ as was marketed as.
This one doesn’t have any screws in it so I’ll have a look inside to see if
there’s missing any chips and yeah darn it’s missing two chips. It’s
an empty box, let’s get rid of it and make more space. The next out of the box is
that’s a bread bin or a bread box Commodore 64… this also doesn’t have any screws in it so let’s see if it’s complete inside. Yes! Good news it is. Oh
this is interesting this sticker actually shows that when this was sold in New
Zealand it was distributed by a sub- distributor called Fountain Marketing,
these required an external modulator to be able to work, the same you’d find with a
Vic-20. And here’s one here. This was all part of a work around there the sub-
distributor had to make the UHF Commodore 64 to work in New Zealand
I’ll get more into there in a different video (it’s interesting) Box Number 7: Here we go! Isn’t that a beautiful sight Commodore Logo! I never get tired of seeing the
Commodore logo. I’ve seen these on eBay quite a bit and I’m really
surprised how small this is. All the ones on eBay I just assumed to be a
bigger sort of bag. What an awesome sight. Next out of the box we have another
printer a charcoal printer so looks like it’s going to be another MPS-803. Now this
nice it has the additional tractor feed as well but it’s missing
the cover. Here’s the previous in MPS-803 Next we have ah ok here’s the the
cover for the MPS-803, so now it’s going to be complete! Next out of the box is… (that’s an empty box now) that’s great so we’ve just finished box number seven and here we have a
Commodore computer which is a…Any guesses? Yes it’s a Vic-20 I think we all guessed
that one didn’t we the Vic-20 sold really well in New Zealand and actually
made the formation of Commodore Computers New Zealand Limited a reality.
About 10,000 units of these were sold (in New Zealand) And it looks complete
so I look forward to trying this out later on. It all depends if the Vic chip’s
in there of course. Box number Eight: this is really heavy. No wonder why its so heavy this is full of power supply units. Something just dropped out… it’s a
the joystick adapter for the 264 series so you could plug in
normal nine pin joysticks into a Commodore 16 for example. Apart from all the Power Supply Units there’s this Super Graphics Adapter Junior. These were the unit of
choice when you wanted to put other printers into your Commodore 64 it
allowed you to use Commodore banded and non- Commodore branded printers to be used.
So looks like there’s just a lot of power supply units in here so I’ll just
go through this later on, nothing too exciting about power supply units I’ll
just make sure it’s nothing nothing else in here as well… this explains totally
why this is so heavy … hey this is interesting I haven’t seen a power
supply unit that looks like this before now this is for that’s really weird this
is for a 1541-II(or 1571-II or 1581) disc drive I’ve not seen one like this before
it’s probably not a big issue or big thing…this is what a… I had to find a normal one this is what they
usually look like so a little bit different any reason for this let me
know in the comments below if you know anything about this different power
supply unit. Box Number 9: I am already starting to run out of room in this room unpacking all these boxes But I don’t mind you know there’s nothing
wrong with running out room when you have Commodore computer stuff in your room. So this looks like a box of datasettes & joysticks. Here we have got an external
modulator and a bit of a rat’s nest of cables. What else we got on this box
couple joysticks these are Commodore branded joysticks of
course.$3 for a joystick that’s not too bad. Another
joystick oh I think these were the one 1341 series joysticks… oh
just noticed something. This is actually a 264 series style joystick the
one that plugs into the C16 and the Plus4 and so forth. Another external
modulator and now we have a datasette these are the 1531 datasettes these were pretty much the same as the C2N’s the 1530’s but there were obvious in charcoal and they were designed to fit into the two
six four series that’s why it has the smaller adapter. You could buy
adapters so you could plug them into Commodore 64 and Vic-20’s otherwise they were
not compatible… if you didn’t. Three of them it’s not too bad! Now this is
different style datasette this must be earlier version? I’m not too
sure. I don’t know much about this one maybe it was for the Vic-20 or
maybe the PET or something if you know anything about this again please let me
know in the comments below. Alot of datasettes in here…this is
a normal sort of datasette that we see for the Vic-20 and the Commodore 64
… nothing on there by looks of it… It seems to be a magic number $3 for a datasette it must have been a pretty good garage sale. Looks
like it must be in a clone. There were different varieties of course of the
datasettes that came out for Commodore computers. This might be more for
parts I think, and another one for parts I wasn’t joking when I say there’s a lot
of datasettes in here. I’m a bit surprised. okay
Thats that box finished. Next we have box number ten this is a good-sized box
let’s check out what’s inside. Isn’t that a beautiful sight Commodore
64C This is a really good condition.. well the
box is anyway. I really am trying to get all the boxed versions
of each Commodore for the museum. Let’s look inside Oops it’s upside-down… try
again It’s a very yellow Commodore 64C you
can see from the bottom and the top the original color. The next in the box we
have a mystery item what could it be it’s another Commodore 64C… I didn’t
realize I was a poet. This is a lot better condition, well not so yellow you
can see from the top and the bottom and very similar colors so it shows you the
the original condition of it. Now we have a couple of joysticks these were the 1311 joysticks probably the first one everyone had when they first got
their Commodore 64 or Vic-20. There’s quite a few joysticks in here
another one of those one three four one I think was what they were? A couple
cables, we’ve got some software which is always good and heaps of software, heaps of floppy disks in here I won’t go through all these of course because it
looks like they’re copies of different games but I’ll have the spend quite a few
hours just checking out whats on these. In my spare time that is. Let’s see
what’s next in the box. Oh! awesome these are pens for the 1520 Plotter I was just going on about how didn’t have these. That’s great! Sorry I just had to find the plotter
again this is the 1520 plotter that I found before in the box and now I have
the pens, I’ve got the paper, the plotters of course and look how tiny they are this is incredible I can’t wait to try this out.
Next in the box it’s another beautiful sight, a boxed Vic-20 computer No (Power Supply Unit) about but I do have that big box of (PSU) so there’s no problems at all… a classic Vic-20 computer! What else we have in here I’m really
glad to give these boxed versions… oh hey some more plotter pins now these are the
black ones so that’s great Another boxed computer this is a Commodore 16, obviously I’ve already found that Commodore 16 before in a previous box
That was a little bit rough looking. How’s this one? No (Power Supply Unit)
but hopefully in that box of chargers there was a charger for the Commodore 16.
This is a pretty good condition apart from a little gouge out of the case. I can’t wait to
see if this works. Box Number 11: I am seriously running out
of space (in the room) I feel sorry for myself. Running out of space in this room
because it’s full of Commodore stuff LOL. Jackpot! any guesses what these are? They’re 264 series… it’s the productivity machine…of course it’s the Plus4. These weren’t a huge
seller in New Zealand only about 2000 sold here in the 1980s but no wonder
though because their launch price was $895 in New Zealand and that’s equivalent
in 2019 to $2,400 it’s a lot of money. Check out this price! Three bucks this must be the same garage
sale. Three dollars for a Plus4 not too bad! Box Number twelve: That last box had all
the floppies in it I didn’t think there was much point going through them, but this
box here this is quite heavy so it’ll be interesting to see what’s in this box The Introduction to Basic for the
Commodore 64… but just check out this box here floppies…nothing too interesting
in there. This is in pretty good condition looks reasonably complete
obviously it’s got the the manual and it’s got hopefully yep it’s got also
these cassette. What’s this little thing? I haven’t seen one these before, let me
know in the comments below if you know what this is. We also have the
Introduction to Basic Part 2 for the Vic-20 and also part 1 by the looks of
it. Again it looks pretty complete, its got the manual & floppies…not floppies…
tapes. And Part 1 again its got one of these little things in there.
We’ve got a box of… oh! I’ll leave that there for a minute that looks really
awesome. I’ve got some 1541 discdrives… that explains why
it’s so heavy because there’s two in here and these things weigh a ton. This
box of cartridges I can’t wait to check these out. Well this is definitely
Commodore therapy isn’t it. Cartridge number one Slot, I must admit I don’t know too much about the Commodore Vic-20 games but this is very exciting
all the same, Super Lander Radar Rat Race and an
alternative looking Radar Rat Race, Poker, Cosmic Cruncher, The Sky is Falling, Mole Attack, Raid on Fort Knox, Adventure Land, Stargon II Chess, Gorf… I’ve got a case for that but no
cartridge that’s handy, Omega Race, Clowns that must be a horror game or something Tooth Invaders another alternative version of Gorf the Programmer’s Aid Cartridge and finally
the Super Expander 3K Ram cartridge the Final Cartridge 3. When I was a kid in
1980s I really wanted an Action Replay cartridge I saw it in magazines I
thought this is great I’m going to have to get one of these but it wasn’t available
in my town… only the Final Cartridge 3 was and I was really disappointed but I
brought it anyway. But I’m really glad I did because it was actually really great
it was a fast loader for my floppy disc drive, I only just got one just
beforehand and Irealized how slow floppy disk drives were and this made
a huge difference, it had a freezer so I guess you pause your game and go away
and come back to it or you copied it if you wanted to and it had a GUI or a
graphic user interface. This was my first experience with a graphic user
interface so what a great little cartridge that was. And finally the
Script Plus for the C 16 or the Plus4 Now we’re up to box number 13 this is a
heavy little box yeah no wonder more (PSU) hey!
this is a charger for the Commodore 16 great I will be able I check those out finally
and see if they work. There’s a lot of other disk drive power supply
units the explains why its so heavy and alot of cables I can check this out later
Okay were up to box number 14 this is a huge box it’s quite heavy as
well, quite bulky, I think I just take it off the desk because it abit too big
to actually get into this full screen. What is it? Of course it’s a Commodore Monitor
this is the 1071 monitor I’ve never actually owned a Commodore monitor
before I look forward to be able to get back to really old school gaming, I’ll have the check out see if this works of course and see what it
looks like compared to my LCD TV. Back in the 80s I don’t know anyone who…out of
all my friends at least, that had one of these monitors. They were so expensive
back then, a bit of a luxury. By the way check out my new backdrop it’s
for the Bread Box (duh) background. As you might notice these, I don’t if you can
see it due to the reflection, what I’ve done I’ve put all the names of the popular Commodore computers in a faint sort of writing on the
background just make something a bit different and also do give homage to all
these awesome machines as well. Box number 15
This box here we’ve got some Vic-20 paddles by the looks of it. The nice thing is
that these are in the original box as well so that’s really cool. I love things…
well ‘Commodore’ things at least in their original boxes. Now the next
thing this is quite special. Quite unique.
The previous owner spent years collecting information about Commodore
computers all the different models, all the different add-ons and he’s put it
all into this folder this really demonstrates or represents
years and years of research. I reckon this is fantastic, the dedication and
also all the information that I can actually study and my spare time as well.
Thank you very much for adding this to the collection. I
appreciate you throwing this in. Next we have another Commodore computer
I’ll just get rid of this empty box any guesses what this might be? It’s a Commodore 128. A great machine.
One of my friends had one of these (in the 80’s) and I couldn’t believe how it could do things
like my Commodore 64 could do but it could do even more. Unfortunately its got a broken button here but its something I can try and fix Box Number 16: Straight away we can see a little datasette box a bit moldy and yuck but here’s the datasette it obviously
belongs to that box, its yellowed but hey there’s nothing wrong that. Next we have
some more paddles for the Vic-20 or Commodore 64. Next we have a 1541-II. I was quite lucky I went straight from a datasette to a 1541-II I actually skipped the whole
1541 disc drive and these 1541-II were so much
more better, I mean, obviously they’re more slimline due to the external (PSU) and out
are they just looked better I suppose. So I’ve got two more 1541-II. Wow,
it’s a bit more yellowed and well I eat my words this is far more yellowed. Now
check that out we’ve got 3 shades of 1541-II’s Box Number 17: this is our last box for this epic unboxing video. We’ve got more
games which is awesome. Beach Head II love this game oh, that’s empty.
Next we have Encounter which is also empty it’s not good start box number 17
that’s for sure and then we’ve got Print Shop which does
have the disc in there is good news and next we have Summer Games
this must be homemade… which is empty …homemade little cases for these games.
IKari Warriors this is brilliant game hopefully there’s a disk or tape
in here…. yes… awesome, there’s a disc in here so that’s great. That’s a good start for…well
finally… for this box and we’ve got Doctor Who
looks like we’ve got quite a few different old tapes next we have Logo this is a
Plus4 software, it’s on a cartridge, I believe, yip there’s the cartridge with the
manual. I haven’t got any software for my Plus4 and now I do. Next we have
Music Shop hopefully there’s some software in here as well. Looks like we have a lot of
manuals here I’ll skip through these pretty fast… there’s some more floppy
disks the case for… that’s good I’ve actually got the game and I didn’t have the
case, now I’ve got the case and the game. This is the catalog for
Fountain Marketing they’re a sub- distributor for Commodore Computers in New Zealand this is all their software…I’ll actually go through this in a different
video because it shows you the pricing and and also what was available here in
New Zealand in the 1980s. Now we have the user manual for the Plus4 that willl
come in handy. The programmers guide or reference
guide for the Vic-20, user guide for the Vic-20 just a couple of disc drive
manuals it looks like a copy of the plotter manual, some more manuals for the …well that’s handy, its for the 128, I’ve just got that of
course, and the Vic-20… oh hey look at that, this is actually in French, this is
a bit unusual for New Zealand anyway. There’s a lot of manuals in this box but
I see there’s manuals for quite a few items, like this here, that I’ve only just
got today so it’s nice to have a complete set That’s handy 128 I just got that
today the program is a reference guide for Commodore 64 and hey
this is interesting this is a different style programmers reference guide this
is actually a hardbound version I’ve seen the spiral vision all time I’ve
never seen the hard bound version before yep the user guide and another userguide
… do that the userguide for the Silver Label so it’s obviously a very
early edition of the user guide I don’t have one of these already so
it’s good to have one now and then another programmers guide for the
Commodore 64 this is a again a different version so I’ve got a spiral version the
hard bound version and this is soft back or paperback version looks like we’ve
got a lot more tapes and a case of the Vic-20 software OK guys (and gals) that’s the end of
the video. The 12 boxes I got from Christchurch this is what I paid for it
let me know if you think I paid too much or if I paid just the right amount or if I
got a bargain hey thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

15 thoughts on “IT’S HUGE!!! Unboxing 17 Boxes of Commodore Computer Stuff

  1. Awesome haul! Be careful using any of those old power supplies, you don't want them to fry your computers, you might want to get a more modern power supply.

  2. The Canadian Commodore phone! I have one too, from my grandfather's estate, but it's very yellowed. Yours looks fantastic!

  3. For the 1541-II power supply, I've got a few of both styles of case. The one you're used to is a completely sealed brick, while the other appears to have some vents and looks like it might be more repairable but I'm not sure if it actually is. Most of these power supplies mention they're for the mysterious 1571-II drive which is very intriguing!

  4. That bulkier Datasette was the VIC-20 "reskin" of the PET's Datasette. I think there are several instances of Commodore releasing an otherwise unchanged peripheral in a new colour in a hurry to match their latest computer release. Then they catch up with a proper redesigned peripheral later.

  5. 32:25 It's amusing how you are calling the power supplies "AC chargers" – are you being anachronistic or was that a term in NZ back in the day?

  6. 35:45 Those VIC-20 cartridges have a very different, simpler, style of printing on them compared to what we had here in NTSC land. Interesting! Edit: the later cartridge, Radar Rat Race, is the style I'm used to.

    And those prices are crazy. I lived in Australia in 1987 and remember learning how much more expensive things were in NZ – partly because the NZ price was printed on most things for sale, and also from a few New Zealander friends that were also on international teacher exchanges like my family was, from Canada.

  7. Great haul, and I think you got a pretty good price. I keep an eye on the NZ commodore prices and you’d get double that if you sold it all separately. Lots of testing ahead!

  8. Those plastic things with the cut out symbols are templates for drawing flowcharts. I used them a lot in programming classes at college and high school. Very handy to have if you are flowcharting a program.

  9. Thank you, great video and haul. Never seen so many tapes, Floppies were more popular here. 5:58 – I have a phone like that, mine's a bit yellow. It was purchased new with the Vicmodem 300 in a package kit. I used it for years, though you have to gently bang the microphone end to loosen the carbon in the handset. Of course I am in Canada 😀 I have a small collection of old 8-bits, mostly Commodore 64s and PETs. Interesting to know if the same type of sticker is on the bottom of the Phone.

  10. Great Video, I started with a Vic-20 around 1983, didn't take long to upgrade to the C-64. Then an SX-64 came my way, that was a fun unit but Holeee it was expensive. Next an Amiga 500 when those came out but there was not a lot of software in the early days so it was a bit of a white elephant. Then upgraded to an A-2000 with the 286 Bridgeboard so I could run some IBM apps – $5k that setup cost!! Got it from the Hamilton Dealer I used to work for (OTS). Eventually my gaming interest waned and productivity became more important so I moved to the 'dark-side' of IBM (I was repairing them as well so they kinda took over) and the A-2000 found a new home but I have a good decade with Commodore and they did a lot for home computing in the early days in NZ. I think my fav. games were Pacman, Frogger, Impossible Mission ("Destroy him my robots") and Beachhead – loved the 'thud/ugh' when the knife thrown across the water hit it's mark. And the hours (hours!!) spent typing in listings from magazines, or even just waiting for a game to load from the datasette – I didn't get a disk drive for quite some time, $895 for the 1541 was just horrendous, I got a 'clone' for I think $595 and that was still a sxxtload for a young family. And the shops that used to rent games, we had one in Browns Bay. The dual-deck ghetto-blaster was great for copying oops "backing up", I mean! Then came the Icepick cartridge (ssshhhh). All the best with your project. When I next get to NP I'd love to check it out. 🙂

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