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Woah woah woah Rowan Theres a level 3 backpack here for you man Oh sweet can you just chuck it to me? Really? This again? You know what? Fine. I’ll just come and get it Woah woah woah What is this? What are you doing? I’m just transferring the items into the level 3 backpack No no we don’t have time for this. The blues coming in. We gotta go man Is it okay if I take the level 3 backpack? Why did you tell me about it in the first place? No take the backpack obviously Well okay Ben Is it okay if I transfer the items that I spent the last 20 minutes collecting into the level 3 backpack? What like manually? You gonna transfer them by hand? Yes Ben! Using my hands! Using my filangees! Why!? Because thats how you transfer items?? Are you serious?? Are you se– Just teleport them! Like a normal person would! Sorry ‘teleport’?? What do you mean by ‘teleport’? The teleport feature that is built into every single backpack ever made Use that Sorry! Sorry! So you’re telling me that you can transfer the items by teleporting them from one bag into the other bag instantly? Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying Rowan! I’m sorry Ben!
– That’s okay I didn’t realise that magic was real! I’m not talking about magic Rowan I’m talking about backpack teleportation Completely different obviously Next you’re going to be telling me that fairies are real That pixies are real! That if you go to the end of a rainbow you’ll find a pot of gold You baffle me mate. I’m baffled. I’m officially BAFFLED I baffle you?? You baffle me mate! You know what? Fine. Fine. I’ll just do it. I’ll humour you And then we can end this debate Great Great Do it. Great Picking up the level 3 backpack just for you mate! Picking up the backpack! La de da! What happened Rowan? The items teleported…… Sorry what was that? The items teleported in… Isn’t that weird! That they teleported automatically. Just like I said I mean that means… If I’m not mistaken… I was RIGHT AGAIN Isn’t that f***ing strange Rowan?? That I was right! Weird! Weird Shall we go?? You may not know that all four of us stream on twitch! Correct! Some of the names include my name which is Rowan Ben Van Lier (benvanlier) Epic NPC Man (EpicNPCMan) The Watcher (thewatcher) All the links are below anyway All the links are below – focus on me though Well focus on me and then Rowan if I’m not on– EPIC NPC MAN Ignore that The Watchers better If I’m on make sure you watch me and if I’m not on feel free to watch these I’M A MODEL I’m actually a model… I’m not actually I’M A MODEL Epic NPC Man Get out of the shot please Watcher
– It’s easy to remember LETS DO THIS BEST ONE:
(haha shame I’m doing the subtitles)

69 thoughts on “Items magically teleport from one bag to another – Gear Swap

  1. long shot but does anyone know the episode where roman and allen are fighting and they both keep asking adam to back then up and rowan treats him like a dog and he ends up backing up rowan i cant find it for the life of me!

  2. I am pleased by how much the word "baffle" was used in this video. As I use it quite often and people just stare at me, confused. lol

    Also, you're a bunch of drolls lol. Mwah

  3. 0:31 "Sauron killed TheOneRing when he found a necklace he preferred" So that's how it was! These damn untrustworthy movies nowadays…

  4. Кожен відеоролік дивлюсь із величезним задоволенням! Привіт з України!

  5. I would have no problem with a a battlegrounds game where swapping out backpacks took a few seconds longer depending on how much you were carrying in it. Adds something else to consider when you are avoiding face bullets. "Is it safe for me to grab this bag right now…maybe I should store it in my one free slot I have left and swap bags when I have better cover." If we are going that far we might as well also add in mechanics for loose rounds and partially filled magazines…

  6. All that time spent arguing that they could have just done everything the non-magical way to begin with, faster. 🙂

  7. I feel like all these moments between them is leading you a punchline about how things work in real life and Ben tells Rowan all those other time were just games.

  8. I've subbed to the channel long ago but I still don't know the meaning of the channel's name. I'm italian and in my language "Viva la dirt league" means "Long live to the dirt league" lmao

  9. When he was on his magic rant, I kind of expected a kill message based on that to pop up. Possibly similar to
    Brownieluvinpixie killed Magicrainbow with a Pot-o-Gold

  10. How about a skit involving the simple reloading feature in games, where you fire 3 bullets from a 30 round mag, and toss the mag aside to reload yet still keep the bullets without manually removing each and every one(or restocking).

  11. It's gotten to the point now where I rewatch the videos just to see who killed who and the manner in which they met their demise.

  12. i love the group alan with his bipolar attitude, ben being right in pubg and being outrageous, adam in the ghille suit and the crying rpg man, and rowen the perfect asshole to make the group whole

  13. One of these days I hope they patch trading into PUBG. Then maybe Rowan can be right once. Or worse, he'll be wrong because he learned the way to do it before.

  14. Guys, i got idea for PUBG logic:
    I was playing in vekendy with my friend. He run a little forward in a hill and in this moment enemy start shot in my back. (here goes "Hurry" music). My friend shot in them from sniper rifle and advise to me run from one rocks cover to another one. So in this process iam sucsessfully came up in hill by rocks and in final stage he try to help me and throw greneade in back of last rocks. And he wasterd: He throw combat grenede in plase of smoke:) So i was 100% sure that rocks is safety and sit right in this greneade from other side of rocks. In last moment i was look in to zoom…(This was funny from camera aside). They he say sorrow about this awkward situation. I were laught from him and say that it was rediculus, becouse he could seen, that this is different greneade in hand was.

  15. 1:20 to 1:21 . pure gold i lost it . Rowan – I'm Sorry Ben , Ben – That's Ok. There expressions are priceless hahaha

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