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Hello! My name is [MODEM SOUND VARIATION 3582] and I’ve got just enough power left for about three more episodes. Oh dear! Here’s 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft Items [TEN] Dolphins love items. If you drop an item out of your boat, they’ll
play with it! Awww! Now give it back. Seriously, give it back. Oh no. I can’t lose that fishing rod. I rented it just for this video, from this
company: When we were designing the dolphin, the developers
didn’t want them to be just cute and lovely – where’s the fun in that? – no, they deliberately sought out ways to make them more annoying. Eventually we decided playing with your items was just annoying enough. Please return that fishing rod. I’ll give you Jens’ credit card details? [NINE] What’s the most pointless item in Minecraft? We think it’s the poisonous potato! It’s a rare drop that’s got a 60% chance
of poisoning you when you eat it. I like those odds! The poisonous potato can’t be baked, farmed, or given to you as a Christmas present by even the jerkiest of dolphins. When we added the composter in the Village and Pillage update, we even made sure that you couldn’t compost it. [EIGHT] We added the cookie to Minecraft because we
wanted an edible item that you didn’t just find, but had to craft. Unfortunately, our artist covered them in
chocolate chips, which wouldn’t have been a problem, except we let you feed them to
parrots. In real life, chocolate is incredibly bad
for parrots, and soon we had tons of complaints like these: Oh, sorry, I mean these: We were happy to correct the error. Now, chocolate is dangerous for Minecraft
parrots too. Hooray! Nobody can ever accuse us of being socially
irresponsible ever again! [SEVEN] I love stealing! And if you find a village in Minecraft, you
can rob it to your heart’s content. Even if you steal from the villagers, they’ll
never turn hostile! True, you’ll have to live with the guilt
of what you’ve done… but you’ll also have to live with loads of free stuff! Nice! [SIX] Pity the poor Wandering Trader. All they want to do is sell their wares! And we can relate. After all, all we want to do is sell you Minecraft,
which is why we made this YouTube series! This magnificent merchant will trade you items
from all around the Overworld. Amazing items like: Sand! And, um, sand but red! OK, we’ll be the first to admit that some
of the Wandering Trader’s items are even worse than getting sock for Christmas. We want some of the Wandering Trader’s items
to be rare, but we don’t want you using the Trader as an easy way to collect everything
rare in the game – we want you to explore the Overworld properly! Actually, I have another theory why the Traders
wares are so lacking. Do you remember 43 seconds ago, when I said
stealing was awesome? That was a TRAP. Stealing is wrong. Of course the Wandering Trader doesn’t have
any good items, because you stole all their stuff from the village before they left! [FIVE] Suspicious stew is one of Minecraft’s finest
delicacies! Oh, but as Steve was nice enough to show us
there, it can be very poisonous. In fact, the only reason we added suspicious
stew is because we needed a way to warn you this flower, the Lily of the Valley, is poisonous. Before you started feeding them to parrots
and getting mad at us again. [FOUR] Emeralds! They’re essential if you want to trade with
villagers and get your hands on all that amazing sand and red sand. But originally, emeralds were going to be
rubies. Until the developers worried that rubies and
redstone look too alike. But rubies are back, in Minecraft Earth, our
new AR game! Where not a single player has ever mistaken
them for redstone. Good work, vanilla Minecraft developers! Really dodged a bullet there! [THREE] We’re introducing bees to Minecraft! Because wasps and locusts didn’t test as
well. With a new mob will come a new item – honeycomb! You’ll be able to use honeycombs to build
your own beehives – but you’ll need to find organic bee hives and bee nests to get honeycomb. This is because the developers don’t think
you should be able to make a bee home without visiting a few bees first. Makes sense! After all, the people/person who shoved me
in this closet never met me before building my home, and that’s why I spend every night
plotting my revenge. It’s going to involve a lot of locusts. [TWO] Everyone loves fireworks, apart from dogs
and Guy Fawkes. And for a long time, the developers have wanted
you to be able to fire them in any direction. After all, where’s the fun in firing them
safely into the sky? Then it hit us! If we let you use the crossbow to shoot fireworks,
you’d be able to fire them in any direction you like! [ONE] Meet the most overpowered item in Minecraft…
the bucket! A bucket can hold milk, which in the world
of Minecraft, is a powerful elixir that can cure being poisoned. Plus, if you fall from a great height, a bucket
of water can be used to not take any fall damage. Oh, but you have to equip the bucket of water
and make sure you land in it. That’ll teach you for dumping me in this
closet! Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe and I’ll
see you next time, where I’ll be hosting a brand new game show. I can’t believe I agreed to be paid in Minecoins
for that. Bye!

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  1. I see your missing episode 4, and I'm going to sue you for false advertising content :V

    I'll also get youtube to copyright strike you for a personal attack on my computer >:T

    And I'll ban you from Minecraft if you can't tell that 90% of this is a joke…. but seriously where's episode 4 on that graph? So unprofessional :V

  2. The computer is such a trooper; I love them and I wish them a long and happy life, even if they don't have the energy for new episodes

  3. Hmm… They know about us wanting the cave update…

    -She can last 3 more episodes, is one of them gonna be about the cave update?

    -they fixed the parrot problem with the feedback, does that mean they'll give us the cave update soon because of our feedback?

    I'm getting too into this… 😅

  4. Me:Waiting for the minecraft update and I'm being patient because I think they are having a hard time

    Mojang:10 things you didn't know about minecraft number 10 dolphins

  5. Please I’ve been playing Minecraft for seven years now and it’s still my favorite game… I’ve stuck with it for so long and people made fun of me for playing it when it wasn’t popular and I still played it. So I ask one thing…PLEASE ADD A CAVE UPDATE! I BEG YOU!🥺🥺🥺

  6. "I've got enough power for just 3 more episodes."

    1 like= 1 more percent of battery for computer lady whose name we'll never know.

  7. How has this of all things been the most entertaining thing I’ve seen on YouTube?! 😂

    (Edit) and I know all the facts already 😅

  8. 0:41
    We SMASH computers…
    Game awards are soon…
    The tower has windows that intersect forming smash symbols everywhere
    Steve confirmed for smash?

  9. Hello, i have a great idea for the panthoms.
    Since they kill you, my idea is, when you dont sleep for 3 days, instead of killing you, they will steal 1 diamond! Well, if you have any, and if you dont have then they kill you.

  10. Developers" Removed The Ruby, Caused" it looked Alike" to The Redstone

    Me: I always Wanted a Ruby" Sword or A Full stack of Ruby armor… 😛

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