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hello friends, how are you?
do you play PUBG?
Today, i will tell many interesting facts about pubg.
these interesting pubg facts include – meaning of winner winner chicken dinner,
the originality of 15x scope,
can a pan penetrate a level 3 helmet in pubg?
what’s the meaning of UC in pubg?
how erangel map got it’s name.
for such interesting PUBG facts,
see the video till end.
let’s start the video without wasting any time.
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when you win a match in pubg,
What’s the meaning of this?
during 1930,
the people were very poor in LAS VEGAS.
but, gamblers will gamble no matter what.
they wouldn’t have money to put n gamble.
if they manage to gather money from somewhere,
and if they win the game also,
they would get some money as winner.
they would get almost 2$.
then a full meal costs $2 which was chicken in it.
that’s why those gamblers would say WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER whenever
they would win a game.
That means they will get to eat chicken at dinner.
those who play pubg do know that
a player can be safe if they are underwater.
when you are underwater in PUBG, bullets won’t hit you.
Means you will get a virtual sheild.
but, you can’t be underwater for many time.
there’s another rumour that when
you are underwater, you can even heal yourself.
but, i didn’t try it personally.
as you know PUBG is one of the most popular games in the world.
PUBG has made a record of players playing simultaneously.
13 lakh people were playing PUBG at the same time.
it is even more than DOTA 2’s record.
in dota 2, there is a record of 8-9 lakh people playing at the same time.
PUBG has broken that record.
now you know how much popular PUBG really is.
and, this record was made 2 years ago.
we play PUBG. The full form of PUBG is
This game is made by BRENDON greene.
he is a proper gamer like us.
he has played a lot of games.
he got the idea of making PUBG from a game called ARMA 2.
When you play any new game, you need to set player name.
the default name is PLAYER 1.
when he was playing a game, he removed this 1 and wrote UNKNOWN.
So, player unknown became the nick name for that game.
later, when he made his own game,
he added the game name PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND.
here PLAYER UNKNOWN is actually
the nick name of BRENDON GREENE.
As per a study,
now almost 55% players are former COUNTER STRIKE GO players.
it is usual because the popularity of Counter Strike GO is going down.
There are a lot of hackers in CS GO and
the company isnt doing anything to get rid of it.
do you know the the original PC version
of PUBG was not actually promoted or adverstised.
people would do it on their
but, PUBG mobile is first ever such game that used TV network for advertisedment.
i never heard of any mobile game company using CABLE tv advertisement.
when, pubg was first released, you
would get a special scarf for preorder.
This is called a virtual BANDANA.
Now, you can’t get that in any drop or crate.
but, if you want to buy that now and you are one among the preregistered people,
you can buy that for $1000.
And, few people are actually spending $1000 or rs. 80000.
the most popular map in PUBG IS ERANGEL.
How the name came into force?
and he calls his daughter angel.
in this way, the ERANGEL name came.
if you play PUBG, you may have noticed that
almost 40-50% of all players in a map are BOT.
actually why is this done?
for those who have started recently and don’t feel bored by it’s toughness,
BOT are introduced to make the game easy for them.
it is also said that if your game level is above 10 then you will see almost zero
BOT in game.
but, still BOTs are everywhere.
if you play PUBG, you surely will know that
there is a place called POCHINK in ERANGLE.
that’s very famous place because it’s a good hiding spot and you can get good loots there too.

the POCHINK is actually a city in soviet union.
there is also a place called YASNAYA POLYYANA.
That place is the former house of a famous writer LEO TOLSTOY
by the way, this whole erangel map is based
on SOVIET UNION in 1950.
a person should never cheat in any game.
many people cheat in PUBG and they are banned.
do you know for how many days PUBG cheaters are banned?
a cheater in PUBG is banned for 100 years only.
some games ban for forever. But PUBG bans for 100 years only.
that means pubg officials think that those hackers will stay alive for 100 years and wait for the game to allow them to play.
BRENDON GREENE has first gotten the whole idea of battle royale game
from a JAPANESE film called BATTLE ROYALE.

the scene was like there will be an island.
100 school students will be left there.
those students will have to kill each other using different weapons
to be the ultimate survivor.
this is a JAPANESE film called BATTLE ROYALE.
It is said that the weapons we see in PUBG ERANGEL map,
many of those are taken this movie.
do you know what happens when the BLUE ZONE touches you?
your life loses if you don’t come inside.
the blue zone is in circle.
the original bloe zone was in SQUARE.
when BRENDON GREENE made the game,
the didn’t have adequate coding knowledge to make this zone SQUARE.
the square blue zone was tough for him.
that’s why he made the blue zone a circle.
let me tell you another fact.
outside blue zone, your life gets shortened.
if you see the blue zone carefully, you will see some lightning effect on it.
as i tell you the erangel map is taken from 1950 SOVIET UNION.
this was such an inland where
captured and did many experiments on nuclear.

to prevent outsiders from coming inside,
elctric wires were laid on the whole island.

outsiders will be electrified if they step on it.
this blue zone is exactly the same thing.
the life decrease outside of blue zone is because you are electrified.
in pubg, BP means BATTLE POINT.
What’s the meaning of UC then?

now, the last fact.
the most powerful gun is PUBG is AWM
this is special not just in game but in real world too.
not everyone can get the license for this gun.
as you see, you get 20 bullets with this gun.
in real world, you will get 20 bullets too.
if you want to buy 20 bullets of AWM in real,
you will need to spend over rs. 85000 for these.
this were all the interesting facts about PUBG or never heard before facts of PUBG.
This is part 1 of the video, part 2 coming soon.
That’s it for today. hope you enjoyed it.
let’s meet next time. till then STAY TUNES AND ALWAYS REMEMBER

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