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cut through that cut through maybe no oh oh my oh my hey whats up guys I’m Vortac and welcome to Inklings! now these types of games are generally not ones you’ll see on my channel i tend to play a lot of survival games and things of that nature but i got an email from the developer with the key and I like puzzlers I like puzzle games for myself I generally don’t record them and this one looked like a lot of the ones i tend to enjoy and I played two levels and thought oh this is cool so i decided i’m going to make one video I’m not going to play all the levels in order anything like that i’m just going to give you a taste if maybe this is a game for you all have links down below on how you can get your hands on it so let’s go ahead and hit play and i’ll start the first level and I’ll kind of show you what you’re in for here just dig 10 inklings 10 to save so there’s going to be 10 Inklings we need to save all 10 of them and we can just select one and select an item for now it’s the pickaxe that’s all I have and I’m guessing more items fill up here as we go and then sit back and enjoy as they hop into the goal so that was pretty easy and I can see where this is going the progression so hitting up the next level upside down and the only other one i’ve done so far but it gets a little bit different same idea new items so i select an inkling I hit upside down and there it goes and i was like huh what about these two i just select them individually actually you can do that and if you do it like I did they will you know the physics screw up on you so you get the idea alright let’s try the next level caterpillar 20 Inklings, you have to save all of them i’m guessing that should always be the goal right bonus points if you save all of them drag a box to select multiple inklings we learned that and then there’s the bug option oh I missed two of them Oh crud oh and then there’s the pickaxe oh nice alright last tutorial level build a bridge we only need to say for this time I’m guessing someone gets sacrificed maybe with shapes you don’t need an inkling just drag them onto the screen Oh looking dragon you get up you get a box and then i’m guessing they’re gonna need that’s strange there we go okay and this gives them the bug power up without me clicking it i’m not sure i guess i guess you have to use shapes you can’t use these powers up here that’s kind of interesting interesting little element there sometimes you can’t save everyone but once you’ve saved enough you can finish little by clicking here fair enough fair enough alright let’s try the real levels change level so kid art that should be good so I’m going to play a few of these and then I will leave you guys to it i won’t solve all the puzzles for you trust me I probably won’t solve all the ones for myself either ok we’re on some dinosaurs and we’re going to need that’s weird ok so this portal spits them back out into here and we’re going to need to get them to go upside down somehow do it of course you to select them first oh that was stupid or was it no it got him up there that worked so where the heck are they gonna end up there just going to spit back out into the I screwed up okay so let’s try that again so let’s select one of them and cut through let them fall into their cut through that cut through maybe no oh oh my oh my I know exactly what I want them to do now so I’m going to cut through the tail right here he’s going to fall in that portal there as well the rest of them and then our little hero that I’ve selected is going to cut the other tail to turn upside down boom oh you missed try again try again there we go yes hey that worked pretty well what we got ok we have a good we can adjust cannons so all right there’s one sleeping up here we have I don’t know how many in these cannons and we can drag infinite cannons so the goal is there we got to get them through the yellow portal which means we got to come through the blue portal oh my gosh i’m so confused okay okay let’s not freak out i will tell ok whoa not a lot of options with this cannon here i’m just gonna kill all of them all right so I guess it’s obvious we need to drag additional cannons under the screen so I can probably put one right here and aim for it pretty easily and then adjust it as needed so i think since I know the cannons don’t shoot very high i know i’m not going to shoot into this portal here in fact I don’t even know if that portals one we need to worry about in fact this is the portal we should be worrying about this one here and if we have to save 10 how many is this doesn’t tell me but I’m guessing that’s not all 10 i’m guessing you got to wake these ones up oh man I feel like I just got assigned a huge homework assignment okay so let’s have them let’s screw this little bit if we have them launch into this cannon alright and they just harmlessly shoot straight up in the air great great we want them shooting into maybe this cannon which will shoot them into this cannon let’s try this just shoot them into this cannon and so on and so forth ok so I’m going to adjust this cannon to hit for a well I guess it’s just going to have to bounce off that top one there we go oh my ok and we’ll just this cannon well I guess it’s kind of pointless to have them go right next to this one but whatever and then we want them to go in there oh no are we okay we’re just caught in a loop we’re just kind of loop it’s fine it’s fine everything’s gonna be fine go over there oh no OK screw it go for the purple portal see what happens Oh you idiots hey by accident I I did something no uh no dang it ok well I was onto something there so this cannon shooting them onto this purple square seemed to workout I just didn’t have this cannon a very good spot for when they inevitably committed suicide so we’ll try that one more time will put one cannon right here-ish and then one can a little bit closer right here and will this one launched over there and they’ll arc over and hit this and hopefully crawl upon it and then this cannon is going to shoot them into that portal right there and when I hope it’s not too low but we’ll find out so let’s start the chain i don’t know what’s going to happen once we finally oh my god ok first shot was successful second shots success and about this portal how about we go in there now no they all bounced off ok I think this one this one can’t fail me all right into the first can you go best of luck Inklings years ago alright how about that I played some Donkey Kong in my day alright and we have everyone safely tucked away into their their new queue now I can sit for a second think and strategize so now the next place we want to send them is through the portal purple portal and we have infinite bug uses which is great because they’ll stick to things with that so what I’m going to do is going to turn that on a second but first we’re going to take a few things and changing around that’ll get them to hear which will put them into the purple portal which from there we will just will they should be in bug mode so if they have enough speed they’ll pop out of here and stick and crawl into in here and we’ll be in good shape right right let’s do something now something kind of scares me i’m gonna put this cannon right here because I have a feeling they all start crawling back and forth come out the blue portal and fall to their death so this cannon should should prevent that alright so let’s select all the Inklings that’s nine here’s a tenth let’s hit bug and there they go oh ok that kind of worked out that kind of worked out except now we’ve split them up and my brain hurts a lot ok let’s select these guys okay oh okay good we got on the goal that we just have a few more to deal with now oh I can just turn it all the way like that i’m an idiot i didn’t that that wasn’t explained to me though and this can is just going to need to make the dark right there try it again yes okay i think we’ll be good I think we got this let’s speed up time go inklings go! sweet that took forever i cut out a lot guys I’m going to end it there thank you so much for watching if you enjoy videos like this puzzle videos instead of survival gameplay kind of videos just go ahead let me know in the comments I probably do a whole lot of these but I thought it’d be fun to just try something different for once and you can check out all the info down below and how to get your hands on a copy of Inklings I want to thank the developer for sending me a copy super awesome i love games like this and i hope to see you guys next time if you enjoyed hit that like button subscribe if you haven’t already i’ll see you next time

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