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If ASC3K Made A Channel Trailer – Minecraft

100 thoughts on “If ASC3K Made A Channel Trailer – Minecraft

  1. And also i punched the like bottom. I love a your videos. i have things said for you. 1. Do you have a your server? need a some new players. need a some new mods, becous the videos was so mach interesting and fun:-D:-D:-D. If you read this mumbers, you will be the best youtuber in the world. (Animations). But you are making so mach FUN VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!:-D:-D:-D;-);-);-):-):-):-D;-):-)

  2. ASC3K you won in the games for videos in minecraft heres your dollars 😊💰💰💴💴💴💵💵💵💷💷💷💶💶💶💸💸💸

  3. Can yocxefgaccfnfheyrd.fg|eryqsdsddfszďyfdccv/ueifjdjfndndmdktkfkfjdmcnfjfjfjgjcmdjfi48rutjgjg5iifjfjcjfjfjfkcjgutiiticu57fuck

  4. If you Minecraft have sleepness (you won't last long you will fall asleep if your sleep bar was empty you fall asleep on 5 minutes)please do this ASC3K

  5. Plz make a vid where you couldn't mine in minecraft please do it that would be super epic if you did!!!!!!!!

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