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(rock music) – We ready to go? You guys rolling? (laughter) Oh, this is hard. (rock music) So how is this course built? There are basically 3 main sections to this course. The first one covers my current animation work flow. How I structure my videos, plan my stories, create the layout animatic, work with other animators, the actual animation process, how I produce the backgrounds, and different assets, visual effects, and sound design. This section takes you through each of the steps we go through when we make our animations
from start to finish. In the next section, I actually create an
entire 30 second long video in the spirit of the original animator vs animation video and over the course of 20 lessons, I show you the entire process in the actual software from creating a new file, to exporting the final animation. This is by far the most
detailed inside look I’ve ever posted about
my animation process. In the last section, I talk a bit about my personal journey of becoming an animator, what it’s like, and what you should expect if you’re interested in it as a career. If you want to become
an animator on YouTube, focus on your storytelling, not your animation quality. Improving your animation
quality is always great, but what engages people is the story that you’re telling. (rock music) Being an animator is a constant cycle of delayed gratification where you work hard for a long time, until you see a big reward at the end and I wouldn’t trade this job for any other job in the world. My name is Alan Becker, and welcome to Stick
Figure Animation Course.

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  1. この人の作品めっちゃ好き…!アニメーターvsアニメーションのやつから見てた!

  2. Коротко о том насколько я знаю английский:ТАК ВСЁ ЭТО ВРЕМЯ Я СМОТРЕЛ РЕКЛАМУ???!??

  3. Can i have one wish do you like card game if you like make card game stick man in play store and is fantasy where there are knight king witch elf and goblin 😂😍

  4. Hello Brother
    I'm following you from the beginning। I've a question: is COPPA effect animation channels।answer please

  5. Hi tlm! I know I can take a wave of insult, But I made a youtube channel, I did animations frame by frame When I spend 5 hours making a video, I'll be happy someone sees it and if you like it you can subscribe thanks in advance

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