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Hello everyone! Welcome you back to ShopDunk channel! Happy new year to you! Today I’m gonna share with you the way to download free games on Appstore. The game that I want to introduce today is Minecraft. Let’s get started! As you already know that Minecraft will cost you about 100 thousand vnđ on Appstore but it will be free if you follow my tip! Let’s go to Safari and access the website IOS.CODEVN.NET to download free apps. Here it is! Pull down to Top Download cuz Minecraft is one of games that a lot of people downloaded. Wait for it a little bit! Click to Select version button to select the one which is suitable for the iOS version on your phone. If your phone is operating on iOS 7, let’s select the 0.14.3 version. And select any one if your phone is on new iOS versions. I will download the 1.14.1 version. Type the verify code to download it! Wait for it in about 15 seconds for downloading. Click to the green button to take the link! There will be 2 situations happen: First one is the Minecraft will be downloaded to your phone. If your already did it, you can skip it! If you have not done it yet, that version might have mistake so you will have to try with a new one or still with that one but in another time after the mistake is fixed! I did it. After downloading this game, you might be in 2 situations again. If your phone is on iOS 13, it will kick you out when you open it. If you are using iOS 12 and older, it will ask you your ID and Code. Let’s go to this website to take your ID: ID.CODEVN.NET Here it is! Click to blue button to watch account. Let’s use the first one here. Access Appstore but notice that don’t sign in iCloud. Because your phone will be locked if you sign in iCloud. Let’s access iCloud here. I already did it. After signing in iCloud, let’s go to Appstore and download an apps..but it should be a light one. After that, let’s turn back to see if the Minecraft is downloaded or not. And now you can try opening Minecraft again. Notice: After successfully access Minecraft, you can change the ID that we took from the website to your real ID account. Notice: remember that don’t sign in the iCloud account on the top of Setting. You would lost your phone if you did it. And there is no problem if you sign in iCloud here. Let’s open Minecraft. As you see this Minecraft costs me nothing and we don’t need to worry that it will be blocked! You can play it as much as you want. However, there is a problem that you need remove the current version if you want to update to the new one. You should restore your data. I will try playing it now. As you can see this is a survival game that let us can directly interactive to it. You can cut trees to build houses or dig hole to hide from zombies. I really like this game. Although my phone has so weak memory it has no problem when I am playing a heavy game like this one. It only be lagged a little bit when we open the game. I have just shared with you the way to download Minecraft for free to play on Tet holiday. What do you think about it? Let’s comment below so I can help you. Please Like + Share and don’t forget to Subscribe ShopDunk channel to update new useful videos. Goodbye and see you in next videos!

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