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with the GGO tournament over now what is
this about Ptio being an SAO loser? So what’s up guys Foxen here! Getting back
into it here’s my breakdown for episode 6 for the SAO GGO spin off!
It’s been a crazy but fun right so far the squad Jam tournament is now over
both Llenn and M are officially the winners for the very first one!
Still there’s one big mystery left from last time what was the big deal going on
with M and Pito though even though eventually M helped out we never really
got an answer to that. The very start of this give these the date February 11
2026 just for a little bit of time reference
compared to the original series that’s a little bit after Asana and yuki defeated
that one Raid boss in a new Aincrad. Anyway at this point in thankfully a
little Llenn has gotten a new P-Chan P-chan mark 2 or V 2. Hopefully that
new gun didn’t cost too much money but now that I think about it they never
actually told us what the prize for the tournament was. Hopefully it was some
type of cash. At this point it seems like real-life Karen has become real close
with that team of munchkins and here you actually got to check out how they all
compare to their game avatars. Naturally you got to find out a little bit more
about them even though these girls are in the team in real life and in the game
things weren’t always such hundred rainbows
just like Karen Pete though she known and perhaps everyone else at this point
these girls are playing this GGO VR game to work together for one coming goal and
to forget about their differences in real life the real main takeaway here is
that you’re gonna see these girls again in that next squad tournament by the way
just take a look at this this is Karen’s place right my god Tim just look at that
home theater system set up she has I mean how rich is his girl I was even
questioning whether that was a place or not that whole thing is a lot by no more
Sanders but even more so by Japanese health standards especially with the
tiny ass rooms in Tokyo and I definitely am speaking from experience next up you
got a new date February 24th really nothing too special about this
date original SAO timelines this is a little before all the growth went on
vacation in season two but anyway cotton is hanging out with her best friend in
Hokkaido and really quickly I noticed this in the background then this little
thing in the karaoke room is actually a reference to the actual studio making
serious pretty nice and talk about references this one actually gave me a
huge a smile her friend mentioned something about the other day and
meeting a certain somebody yep you know who that is freakin Yuki oh and here’s a
fun one that sony logo on those headphones
yeah thanks sony for recently giving me some PS copyright problems
really appreciate it next up the new second jam squad is announced on April
4th timelines for the original series unfortunately this is a few days after a
Yuuki passed away so now getting into the meat of this episode holy crap ECM in
real life this actually kind of surprised me a little I was picturing M
to be similar to his avatar a little so singing those huge as guy perhaps a gun
nut most likely an American mm-hmm but nope this guy is totally different
although he seems like an extreme stalker which is something I buy for M.
Interestingly one of his opening lines for Karen is mentioning this threat
about someone dying soonish and just notice a little bit
later he first mentioned one but then he claims to people him and beat though are
in danger so right here I was thinking again no freakin way no one’s in danger
it’s really just Pito messing with him again this time she just wants to win
the second Squad Jam tournament and if she doesn’t get her way she’ll kill em
then herself I mean really come on just get good beat oh you’re starting to
sound like a spoiled Pito but serious hippie toe she’s got some man tuitions
here you actually start finding out more about beat doing so supposedly she’s
obsessed with death hmm what does this remind you of even more so the original
sao has finally brought up i see some of you mentioned whether beat doe or m was
possibly an sao survivor it turns out in hope this according to M Pito is actually
an sao failure or sao loser which at this point really just means she’s
pissed and not getting trapped within SI yo so about this really Pito I’m
thinking she would have been one of the first newbies to get killed by one of
those level 1 porkers in fact she would have had a way worse deaths than Kazuma.
Then when M mentions the thing about Pito being a PK murderer right here
Karan it’s time to call just call it quits on this whole
friendship you got going on there. Interestingly this thing at the very end
I think sums up everything perfectly you got this nutjob girl that’s obsessed
was dying and at the same time happens to evolve this guy who’s going along
with it then over here m-mister friend buddy here is a total masochist himself
that’s right move over darkness meanwhile cotton is
definitely way too kind at this point she should have said something like her
stomach hurt a little then escaped to the bathroom and reported their asses
anyway ultimately this is leading up to this whole request about cotton joining
the second squad Jam and then defeating their asses at this point I honestly
don’t think Karen really buys this whole situation I mean if you happen to
run into a similar situation you’d probably also just discounted right off
or hopefully report their asses or even depending on who you are just try to
avoid contact with these guys unfortunately with M being such a
stalker at this point I don’t think that’s an option for cotton so at this
point cotton needs to find a team who better to call than your real-life gamer
buddy so you know about that blonde little girl in the opening bingo she’s
finally gonna show up and I kind of already knew who this little blonde girl
was unfortunately for me fortunately I’ve been spending way too much time on
that essay Oh memory defrag game in the game I almost immediately have
recognized Fuka’s voice as being her friends so get ready
an explosion holy is coming sooner anyway at this point you got six more
episodes to go I don’t know right now the series is feeling a little perhaps
uneven I mean you just had this whole squad tournament then you had a week of
break with that recap episode then now is followed up by this pretty calm
episode for the most part I’m thinking this actually would have been a perfect
episode if only the series had not been on a one-week break oh well I guess but
anyway and let me go ahead and hear from you question of the day what do you
think about this whole situation involving Vito and M he revealed here
does anyone think these two are just totally off I mean if you were Ren what
what you have done in his cotton right here right and just playing along – for
the second GGO tournament should Ren stick with another two-person team or
should she try to more people perhaps chignon isn’t too
busy right now anyway if you love a CEO and my breakdown let’s go ahead and
smash that thumbs up and subscribe from here on I am doing these SH eg reviews
every week again most recovering darling in the Franks and my hair academia’s
season 3 unfortunately I’ve been forced to be away for a while so combo reviews
for those two series will go up seen be sure to check out my breakdowns for both
and I’ll see you guys later

75 thoughts on “HUGE SAO LOSER! Death Game Returns? Sword Art Online Spinoff Episode 6! Alternative SAO Season 3

  1. 🔥🔥 AoT MAJOR DEATH! Do YOU Blame EREN Jaeger?? 😮😮

  2. #QOTD 🔥 How fast should Karen call the Police on Pito? 😂
    Are you excited for the blonde Loli Fuka? 😉
    Can Llenn win it again with only a 2 person team? 😮
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  3. What I didn’t like in that episode? Was the Wall slam. Really?! I thought M was gonna romantically do something with Karen/Llenn! Never mind, She is safe.

  4. Is been Awile since i said this.

    Im an Simple Man i see Foxen Upload a Video.

    ***I CLICK***
    ***I LIKE***
    ***I COMMENT***

  5. regarding to Karen calling the Police; anyone with common sense would, if they are being messed with by a pair of certifiable people. but in an anime, where's the fun in that?

    as for the blonde loli; yes, we get to see an SAO Megumin

    Can Llenn win it again with only a 2 person team? with herself (the pink bunny devil) being lightning QCQ and her best friend the SAO Megumin being Ranged AOE mayhem, it's going to end up being Llenn and Pito duking it out at the end of Squad Jam round 2

  6. I think Llenn isn't really all that stable a person either, did you see her eyes when she was cuddling P-Chan?

  7. For anyone who feel his/her life sucks (like get bully alot ) not being trap like other people in sao is kinda disappointed to them as sao world is a break on their sucks life
    But again being trap in SAO doesn't mean u will get badass, because may be u just being one who can't advance in levels thus ur life is hell again


  9. Some people just want a different taste of life that our current crap-sack world. Hence people like Pito really want to experience a full-on other world. Watch NGNL. Living a life textbook really sucks.. yah know -_- .. It's actually more lively to interact with crazy fanatics than normal pips.

    And pretty funny many people were misled that SJ2 will become a Death Game again….. No it won't and will not. Even if Pito is so psycho that she will kill M and then suicide later has nothing to do with an actual "death game" itself…..

  10. What do I think about this? I think everyone in this show including Llenn are crazy and for some odd reason I love it!

  11. I'm more curious of what made Pitou and M into the people they are right now. It would had to have happened sometime during their childhood and before SAO was even a thing.

  12. I really like this show so far I actually liked this part of season 2 the best I wish they would of stayed instead of going back to being frairys

  13. I'm still thinking about why… Just why Elsa Kanzaki (the idol karen likes) is mentioned a lot. Is Elsa someone important? Or maybe she was…..

  14. Not only does Karen live in a huge apartment in goddamn downtown Tokyo but she's also flying Business Class to Hokkaido and back. Dude she has to come from a seriously loaded family.

  15. Memory Defrag – addictive game …then again so is Integrity Factor (feels more like a .Hack// game though)

  16. Um ya, A LOT of people have been saying "Why not call the cops?" Karen doesn't know Pito's real identity, or where to find either of them on her own; and even if she did? "I have to kill a virtual character in a video game tournament or people are going to die!" … They'd likely trace the call and take HER in. For real, she's just in a real scruples situation here! She can play along with nut jobs and hope that the situation improves, or walk away and know that some people died because she did! Poor Karen… (hugs) 😛

  17. What i didn't hear you mentioning is that Pita was in fact beta tester for SAO. She was so into this world, that she would spend her whole free time inside VR. Unfortunately for her, the same day there was a SAO premiere, she was too busy to buy it.

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