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hello guys in this video I will show you on how to turn your phone into gaming steering wheel for computer racing game it looks exactly like what you see right now now without further ado let’s get started first thing first bring out your phone open up the Play Store and type in Touch Racer then install the app once the app installed leave it like that and we’ll go back to it later now go into your computer open up the browser and type in then download the Touch Race software
for computer once the download complete open up the download folder and start to install the software a few things will be prompt to you during the installation such as desktop shortcut option permission to install the VJoyStick component and Touch Racer companion applications at first launch Windows Firewall will probably ask you to allow network access for Touch Racer software if that’s the case you should choose to allow it for the software to work now the installation is complete you can launch the software and this is how it looks like this software will act as a server to detect the input from your phone now go back to your phone that has the Touch Racer app first thing to do is make sure your phone is connected to the same network as your computer does once your phone are sure to be the same network as your computer then open the app and the app will automatically sync to the software on the computer exactly like what you see right now now all of that things has been set next is to open up your game in my case I am playing ProjectCARS go into the option control and edit assignment at the app on your phone click on start playing then you can rebind all the required keys when you rebind the configuration for the steering make sure to tilt your phone until a white bar showed up means the axis is fully triggered and the game can assign your key but keep in mind that different game will have a different ways of rebinding the keys in their settings what I’m showing you here is the way of setting of ProjectCARS game next thing to do is calibrating the wheel and pedals these steps is recommended to be done so the game will understand better the range of the axis for the wheel and for the pedals in this case just calibrate the pedal for throttle and brake since the app only have those two button only next thing is to make sure the
gearing are set to be automatic in the configuration I just set the steering
sensitivity to 20 this is my preference you might be different it’s up to you once everything has been set now you are good to play the game I know the steering wheel looks jumpy this is because my hand are not very steady holding the phone to solve this you can make a steering wheel frame to stick your phone into it this will make it more steady I am sorry I don’t have the video for making the steering wheel frame you have to use your own creativity another thing I want to remind is this app will be disconnected to its server if your mobile phone goes to sleep so if you want to use the phone as the steering wheel sensor only like I did in this video you have to set your phone display to never go to sleep once you do that your phone display will never turn off while playing and the app will not be disconnected with all of that I hope this video will give you a
little bit of help on how to turn your Android phone into a gaming wheel for computer games please subscribe and ring the bell so you will be notified whenever I upload a new video thank you for watching

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