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Welcome to PUBG Mobile Club Open A worldwide series of tournaments where everyone can join and achieve the highest level of competitive gaming. This video is made to help you with the registration process and to explain certain milestones you need to take. All you need to do is to take these five simple steps So let’s go! Step 1 : Find teammates You can invite your friends or make new friends and then invite them! Step 2 : Go to login or register for the 2019 PUBG MOBILE Club Open by clicking the Login or Register button! By then, you should have already come up with a name for your team then add your teammates Step 3 : Create your Crew via PUBG Mobile Client! & invite your teammates by recruiting them via Crew Menu. Note that you should only use the exact team name and the name of the players, as you did in Step 2. Step 4 : Sign up for the Crew Challenge under TPP Mode Two simple clicks and you’re good to go! Step 5 : Check the Crew Challenge match schedule at the Crew Challenge Menu and make sure you have no other important things to do during that time. Play a minimum of 8 matches during the Crew Challenge Qualifying Round You can play more matches though and we recommend you to do so because the best 8 scores of your team will be used to rank for qualification. Top Qualifying Teams will be invited to the Group Stage of the Club Open 2019 Spring Split and we really hope your team can make it! Join PUBG Mobile Club Open now!

66 thoughts on “How to Register for PUBG MOBILE Club Open?

  1. In website there is space for only 5 players.. while in game crew can have 6 players….so can you clear the confusion…should I keep 5 or 6 people in my crew while Registering…??

  2. Rules say you can't use tablets (iPads, etc) in online/offline stages, what if top teams classified using iPads? How will you know tha
    t? Or you can use iPads for the first online matches? (March 22 – march 29) 🤔

  3. Hello
    While registering at pubg mobile / esports, it gives error even though we enter the Full Name section correctly. Help me please!

  4. The crew members names asked in registration are their real names. I think its not necessary to have the names of them in game as same as their real names.

  5. Hey I tried registering for pmco but it is saying that some members have already registered (which isn't the case ) none of us have registered earlier.

  6. Btw I didn't get the confirmation mail. I registered and made crew and registered for crew challenge as well

  7. Why we cannot register on the website it says "Some members are already registered" but no one is registered on my crew
    ID Numbers:
    5230134275 (SUB)
    Please Message me we need to register and thank you for the event

  8. M still confused regarding names
    We have given our real names on step 2 so do we have to give our same (real) name for the step three or we can ise our in game name with same tag please clarify…?? Thank you

  9. شباب محتاج دعم للقناة مالتي اني اخمط فديوهات وانشر بس خوش فديوهات 😁

  10. Dear PUBG mobile @ when will we can know our schedule time ? Because I was trying to check the schedule time now can’t still see anything .

  11. First time I tried to register then it was lagged. So I did registration again now this is saying that some members are already registered.

    What does it mean? I didn't get any confirmation mail also. . please help me…

  12. Im having trouble while registration my teammates……. (some players have been registred already) tho ive changed my teammates eventho myself i still cant register in it……. can anyone help me ?

  13. Hey I am already in a crew and I registered from there itself … do I have to create new crew and register from the official site?

  14. 😣I want to register in pubG mobile club open 2019 tournament and when I fill in all the fields it shows that there is an unknown problem during the registration .. Please help me solve the problem before registertion end

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