How To Read The Signs Of ID Theft?


Can You Read The Signs?

Every day you read the signs to go, stop, turn left, merge, slow down and, everyone’s favorite, no parking. But there are some new signs that you really need to pay attention to and these are not road signs. Nope, these signs have to do with identity theft, two words that can turn your world upside down and inside out.

Last year, around eight million people had their identity stolen and the average amount stolen was over $1,100. Identity theft is a real crime that is surprisingly easy to accomplish. Identity thieves need just a few things to steal your identity: Your name, birth date, and social security number simple things creating serious problems. So, what are some of these signs you need to pay attention to?

Check Your Bills

Look at all your credit card statements real closely. Look for charges that are not yours, keep your receipts so you can check them against your statements. Stay aware of new accounts that you did not open- This is a really big sign that your identity has been compromised. Monthly bills should arrive in a timely manner; keep a look-out for monthly bills that aren’t showing up anymore. Identity stealers will often change the address on your bills to help delay detection of their crimes. Watch for new credit cards arriving that you didn’t order.

Denied Credit

Another sign is when you sign up for a new credit card or apply for a loan and you receive unfavorable rates, or worse actually, denied credit. This is a very important sign that something is a foul with your credit. If your phone is ringing with new debt collectors asking for payments on debts that you didn’t authorize or create, chances are your identity has been stolen. Identity theft is a real and growing problem and it’s up to you to help protect yourself. Look for the signs of identity theft, they are very obvious once you know how to look. We don’t want to lose our identity- we like being in control of our own world and when your identity is stolen, crooks win and you lose.


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