The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

In this clip we’re going to example a tricky
puzzle type, the spindly puzzle. The puzzle that looks like there’s no possible way you
can make it because it’s simply too skinny. Here we have a candle. It looks impossible.
So let’s just assume that because it’s so skinny that it must be gargantuan. The whole
thing is gargantuan because you have to fit in those big triangles somewhere. You can
see at the top it looks like a parallelogram. So let’s go ahead and put the parallelogram
at the top of the puzzle, get that out of the way. Now, let’s go ahead and place those
big triangles in the skinniest way we can which is to make a parallelogram out of them.
Things are starting to come into view. Put the medium triangle at the bottom of the thing
because we have those two little tails in the feet, and then go ahead and put your small
triangle there to fill in the gap. All we have left are the square and another small
triangle so place them next to each other on top of the parallelogram you’ve made with
the big triangles underneath your little parallelogram, the little flame at the top. It’s gargantuan,
yes, and we finished it. We completed this puzzle and it wasn’t impossible even though
it was spindly.

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