The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

This clip is going to tell you where you can
find the Tangram puzzle online, either to
download or to play online itself. In my opinion,
I feel like the online versions can never
really equal the experience of playing it
by hand, but it’s a good alternative to Spider
Solitaire and your other Solitaire games on
your computer when you’re trying not to work
on something else. Here’s a list of places
where you can find it online, not for download.
Here are the games that are done with Java.
Here are some other games that are done with
Flash. Some computers have flash enabled,
others have Java enabled, some have both.
So go to the one that your computer can use.
Here’s a list of games available for download.
These ones are free. For people who don’t
use PCs here’s a list of Mac compatible Tangram
games. Finally here’s a list for you Linux
users out there.

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