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Hey Guys Welcome To My YouTube Channel, Named TechyNaeem Again I Will Show You Something About PUBG But This Time… In This Video I Will Show You How You Can Play PUBG With An USB Joystick. So You Want To Learn Everything About It Just Watch The Video Because JoyStick/GamePad Help Us To Play Much Better. So Just WATCH This Video From The Beginning To END. LET’S GET STARTED 🙂 So Guys The First Thing You Need Is… PUBG Game Installed In Your Device. I Know It’s Already There In Your Phone. After That You Need An USB Joytstick (PC/Xbox/PS3) And The Third Thing You Need Is…An USB OTG Cable/Adapter. So Am Connecting USB Joystick With My Android Phone Using OTG Adapter. So Friends Now As You Can See That My Joystick’s Green Light Is Blinking It Shows That My Joystick Is Now Properly Connected With My Phone. So Now One More Thing Is That You Have To Install An App Called “OCTOPUS” Just Open The App…This App Will Help Us To Map Keys With Joystick For PUBG. PUBG Will Automatically Added By The App Itself. Click On The Game Icon And Launch. So Guys As You Can See That Keys Are Visible According To My Joystick (Xbox 360) In PUBG Because Of Octopus App. These Buttons/Keys Are Arranged in As Same Position As PUBG’s Control Keys. So Let The Game Begin Then i Will Show How It’s Working. I Have Already Done All The Necessary Settings. Now Am Starting The Match. Let’s See How’s Game Working With The Joystick. Because I Have Done All The Settings. Later I Will Show You How You Can Make These Settings Done In The App And PUBG. So That Your Joystick Can Get Completely Compatible With PUBG Game. Now Am Starting Match. So Friends, Now Am Going To Play The Game And Will Show You That Game Is Running Good WIth That. Angle And Camera Is Rotating Smoothly. If I Want To Jump i Have To Press “Y” “A” For Crouch. “B” For Lie Down. For A Quick 180* Degree Turn I Have To Rotate joytstick Quickly Twice. And If I Want To Run I Need To Press The Joystick. So Guys This Game Is Running Awesomely Because I Have Done The Settings Right. Now I Will Show You That…What You Need To Do For This. First Of All You Have To Do Is….Hmmmmmm…. You Need To Go In The Settings Menu. Someone Shooting Me Guys. Ahhhhh…And I Don’t Have a Gun. So It’s Better To Run Away From Here. Ohh Friends… I Should Go To Lobby.. And Then I’ll Continue… So Friends Firstly You Need To Go To Settings>Controls>Customize After That… You Can See Octopus App Icon… Am Moving It Around My Display. Just Click On It. And Then In The Octopus App You Have To Click Here For Preferences Of Whatever You’re Using, Joystick or Keyboard. So Here I Will Go To…Ammm As I Clicked On The Octopus App, It Shows All The Keys Of Itself That We Can Setting Up. Now, If Want To Set…As You Can See…Jump Button Is Here… If I Want To Set The Joystick’s “Y” Button To Jump. So That Our Character Can Jump. I Only Need To Cover PUBG Keys With Octopus App Keys Like This. And Then I Have To Press The Individual Button To Replace It. (Am Pressing “Y” For Jump) “Y” Button Will Be Set For Jump. If I Wanted To Set “X” For Jump I Only Need To Press “X” Instead Of “Y”. But “X” Is Already Set For Anther Keys. For Shooting I Already Had Set Button…Joystick For Movement. Everything Is Done. So You Can Do All The Settings Just Like. Only Need To Put All The Octopus App Keys Over PUBG Keys. And Set The Joystick Buttons As You Like By Just Pressing Them. When You Do All The Things, Set Buttons Opacity To Zero For Better Gaming Experience. You Can Make Them Invisible. As I Set Opacity To Zero… Now The Buttons Will Not Visible Anymore. Because Opacity Is Set To Zero. You Can See All The Octopus App Keys Are Disappeared. You Can Also Increase PUBG Key’s Transparency. And Here We Go. Infromation Saved. Settings Saved. Am Coming Back In Lobby. And Now Am Starting Another New Match. And I Will Show You Playing Very Well. THE PUBG Am Putting My Phone Here So That You Can See Clearly. So Friends, I Have Set “X” Button For Aiming. So It’s Aiming Here. If I Want To Switch Between Guns I Have To Press “LB+X” or “LB+Y” So It’s Switching Here. Here If I Want Tooooo… Ahhhh… If I Want To Take Health Package… I Need To Press “DOWN” Button See…It’s Telling Me I Can’t Use It When i Already Have More Then 70% Health. Here, I Can… I Can Open or Close Supply/Loot Boxes By Pressing “LB+B” Someone Here I Guess…Someone Issss….. Have You Seen Friends… How Easy It Is To Kill Them. If I Want To Reload The Gun I Have To Press “UP” Button. So Friends I Just Wanted To Show You This Through This Video. Friends, If You Like This Video Please Give a Like On This Video. Do Share. And Also Subscribe My Channel. If You… If You Face Any Problem During Setting Up This Things You Can Tell Me In Comment Box. I Will Try To Answer You To Solve Your Problem. Once Again.. Please Do Like And Share This Video. THANK YOU

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  1. Brother now octopus is not supporting to pubg bcoz its banned in octopus .can u plz suggest any other Mobile App to play pubg through gamepad

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