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Hello. In this tutorial we will show you how to play
the famous Minecraft in VR with VRidge. To be able to follow this tutorial, make sure that you’ve watched VRidge Basic Tutorial. You can find the link in the description
of this video or just find it on the official RiftCat YouTube channel. Minecraft is a game that is widely known and
as the official site states, it’s a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. It’s one of the most creative games around
and it’s completely playable in virtual reality with VRidge. If you are looking for a great VR experience
you cannot miss it out. If you do not have Minecraft copy yet, you
can get the necessary Java version of it from the link in the description. By following this link, you will support further
VRidge development. To play Minecraft in VR with VRidge. We need a Java version of the game which supports
mods. We will use Vivecraft mod to convert Minecraft
to VR compatible version. Vivecraft is a mod developed by “jrbudda”
and “Techjar”. It converts Minecraft to be compatible with
seated and standing VR experience using either HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It’s perfect for VRidge as well. It supports both single and multiplayer experience. More information can be found on the official
mod website. To begin setting up VRidge with RiftCat, make
sure that you have the game installed. Launch it once and close the game launcher. Go to and download Vivecraft
mod installer from the downloads section. Make sure to download the mod version that
suits your Minecraft copy. Launch the installer and install the mod. Once the mod is installed. Launch Minecraft launcher. You should see a new profile called with “Vivecraft”
in its name. If its not selected – choose it by using the
green arrow button. Now it’s the time to turn on VRidge with
SteamVR. Make sure that VRidge is streaming to your
phone and SteamVR is running. Press Play in Minecraft launcher to launch
the game. When the game will launch, the head tracking
will be working already. Your menu should be up in front of you. If it’s not, just look around to find it. Go to Options, VR Settings and make sure to
switch the “Play mode” option in the middle to “Seated”. This will make sure that Minecraft will be
playable with VRidge in seated mode. Minecraft is now ready to be played in VR! The controls are the same like in the normal
version – you can freely move the game world using mouse and keyboard, while your head
movements will help you look around. You can now immerse yourself in the world
of Minecraft. If you do not own a copy of Minecraft, you
can get it from the link in the video description. Buying the game from this link supports further
VRidge development. Thank you for your continuous help! Have fun with Minecraft! Subscribe to our channel for more RiftCat
and VRidge tutorials.

71 thoughts on “How to play Minecraft in VR with Google Cardboard – VRidge Minecraft Tutorial

  1. How can one switch pronounciation of ViveCraft 4 times in a video that is less than 3 minutes long and say the word Minecraft 14 times ?

  2. how can i fix the "compositor did not start"?

    I did clicked on launch compositor and nothing working! Even though, I looked at the task manager and I saw "SteamVR Compositor"

    I tried to fix everything and still no results!

  3. Really hope that there can be a version of Vridge that supports Windows MR so that UWP apps can be used on phones as well. Yeah it's mostly utility apps except Minecraft, but budget VR should be for utilities as well.

    Also, I wonder if it make sense to use World Edit in VR Minecraft to get a lot of power dealing with buildings XD

  4. on my monitor the game is working fine, but on phone i see the nothing but something white under me, btw my android phone is note 3

  5. Doesn't work. Phone connected to it, but when i press play it opens steam vr, that has a problem with something and vivecraft doesnt recognize it and that also doesnt work. In the version in this video you dont have a steamvr button.

  6. so, Set this up to work with my phone and then i can use the mouse and keyboard off my PC? possibly recording or streaming as well?

  7. what do I do if my vision is constantly in the ground? Like my head is at the level with the block below my feet so I have to jump to see over the surface.

  8. Also, is there a way to make the crosshair follow my view when I look up and down? I've set it so that I walk in the direction that I'm looking, but I still have free Mouse control. I want to get rid of that mouse control so that my crosshair follows my turning head, is that possible?

  9. What I still miss is that you can play Microsoft games on it. Have the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and would like to play in VR games: /

  10. Whenever I hit play, steam vr won’t open, and when I manually open it, it tells me that there was an error.

  11. dude i started ignoring this video because of the thumbnail and i thought it was fake but then i watched all the other vids and it dint do any help but when i watched r=this video it was so perfect thank you so so so much

  12. I'm on quest and I'm trying to do this but when I do, the 6dof controllers don't move with my movements. Can I have some assistance?
    Note: It's not steamvr because the controller tracking works just fine with that.

  13. I’m having a problem where it’s only showing the steam loading room with the mountain background and never loading into Minecraft? Any help on this?

  14. So, you made me waste almost 1 hour so i only can play 10 minutes and for playing all the time i want i have to buy it? dude thanks for making me waste my time, dislike

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