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Hey what’s going on everybody Chad Christian aka Coach CWC coming at you with another exciting video this is how you can move your games to an external drive and play them off of any system and this can include your steam or origin or battlenet games so let me show you how you do this now the external drive then i’m going to be using for this video is a samsung t3 this is a one terabyte SSD Drive i like using the SSD drives me because it’s not a mechanical drive i don’t have to worry about it failing on me i can just throw it in a bag and go so this is my preferred drive for video games and small backups things like that so this is a USBC drive but you can see here that the cable that comes with it just plugs into a regular USB 3.0 or you could swap this cable out and just go USBC so because this is a macbook pro because there are no regular USB 3.1 was just us bc’s i’m using this attack ii adapter and with this adapter and i’ll leave a link below but with this adapter allows me to use three USB 3.0 is an SD card and a microSD card all-in-one device so i’m going to plug this in here plug this back into my laptop and we will be good to go now for your steam games you’re going to want to locate where those games are at in this case I’ve already moved them but what you want to do is you want to copy them over so typically on your pc you’ll find them under your c drive or program files but look for steam and then underneath steam you’re going to find steam apps and then underneath that you’re going to find common now this is where all the games by default get installed so this could be on your C Drive verde dr just find out where they’re at copy any of those games that you want over to your new hard drive external SSD whatever you want to use and then that’s going to be how we’re going to tell steam origin and I don’t have to look for them so let me show you the next step ok so now that I’ve got steam installed you can see I just went up to steam and then settings and within your settings here just go down to downloads so you should click on the download button then it’s going to ask where our content libraries are in this case you can see it’s just where the defaulting of location is when we installed steam i’m going to choose my external drive which in this case is d but on yours it could be whatever the external drive is i’m going to point it to the steam folder as you can see i have all my applications in there i’m going to choose the default just steam folder that i have i’m going to select that you can also see now that it shows the seven games that i have in that location i’m going to right click on that steam and i’m going to make that my default folder so make sure you do this so every time it looks for it in there and as you can see now if i go back to my library games you see how the buttons play instead of install or stream so any games that i have installed directly and to this external drive those ones will be highlighted and I’m ready to play them that’s all you need to do for steam you’re good to go so let me show you on the next application how you do it okay next up is origin and i’ve already installed the desktop application so once you’ve installed the desktop application if you click on origin go down to application settings in the application settings on the top click on install and saves click on game library location change folder this is again where you want to select your external drive here so make sure you select your external drive so now that I’ve got my external drive selected and you can see I’ve got my games in there and I chose the order in folder so you can see now it says the origin games so make sure you copy over the origin games folder from your old system onto the external drive now you can see if i click on battlefield it’s going to act like it doesn’t know it’s there soon as I click on download its then going to locate the files that are on there make sure the file structure is correct and you’re done let’s move on to the next one let’s move on to battlenet ok so i have my battlenet client installed on my desktop so same thing again i just want to make sure that i’ve copied over the games that i want to in this case i just copied over hearthstone and overwatch so you can see there that they’re located in the folder and you can put them anywhere on the drive that you want and as long as in battle net you just point right at the root of the drive it will automatically detect where there s so once i have chosen the route that now looks for those that find them same thing again it’s now just going to patch these up and you’re ready to go that’s all you need to do you get to go so that is how you can move and or play any steam origin or battlenet games from an external drive whether it’s an SSD or mechanical or if you want to backup your gaming files put them somewhere in the event that your system crashed you can do the same thing or if you got a new drive for your computer and you just wanted to move them all without redownloading all of them that’s how you do it so i hope you guys like the video if you did make sure you hit that thumbs up leave any comments below on videos you’d like to see in the future make sure you stick around for the next video when i show you the gameplay and the macbook pro bass 13 and i’ll see you guys on the next video

100 thoughts on “How to Play Games on External Drive – Steam, Origin, and Battlenet

  1. maybe I have a newer version of origin but it will still let me play the games I still have on my internal drive

  2. I did the thing and it worked, but when i left the game and tried again later it said I had 0 games installed on steam. I had set it for the external drive but it still says 0. Help…

  3. Not sure what you meant…Do I just copy the games inside the "common" folder that I want or copy the entire "Steam" folder? I noticed theres alot more files and such in my steam folder than there was in yours. Some help would be much appreciated so I can jump on these Steam deals!

  4. is it dangerous or damaging to use external hard drives for long periods of time? I plan to work and play both from ehdd from now on so my computer doesn't fill up, but I'm not too experienced with using them.

  5. What kind of frame rates were you getting with Battlefield 1? And I'm guessing this is the latest 15 inch MacBook Pro?

  6. Thank you so much just got an ssd and installed windows on it and didnt want to waste 12 hrs downloading my other games, this helped me so much.

  7. Would you be able to play world of Warcraft with this? It’s the main reason, I am playing, but my laptop is very low on memory.

  8. Can you copy the games from other pc and paste it on external hard drive and after that can I play the games on external hard drive into another laptop without pasting into internal drive of the laptop?

  9. I knew I had to go to the downloads and create a new folder, but I didn't know where exactly! Thanks for the help 🙂

  10. What a legend was worried I’d have to download all my games again to get this to work but this guy did it thank you so much

  11. I don't have a MacBook pro I have a hp computer so will this work for that? I know I don't have the best system but my Sims 4 keeps lagging and freezing on me but I do notice that the more expansion packs and stuff packs I have on my pc for the Sims the worst it gets, I have 12 expansion packs and stuff packs all together but I'm only able to play 4 of them after thst if I put any more on my pc that's when it starts lagging and freezing and also my others games won't run that well like they used to do if I have all my expansion packs and stuff packs on my pc so I had to delete everything even my Sims 3 with all the expansion packs because I couldn't play them. So do you think this will work for me so I can play all my games? All I have on my pc now is just the Sims 4 with 1 expansion pack and 3 stuff packs that's it.

  12. Great!! You safe me 3 days of downloads and a lot of free space! In my case I needed also to click install so steam relocate some files, it took 3 minutes!.

  13. Can I have some games on the external hard drive and some on the internal hard drive? Using this for a laptop

  14. Didnt work I have all of my games on my external drive but when I try to switch the folder it says I have 0 games installed

  15. wtf pls help i selected the external hard drive folder and it said can not save in root folder is there a solution its for origin

  16. I have 1 question. If you place the games in the 1TB drive, and have steam on the pc, how does it link your account to the games?

  17. Hello maybe someone can help me ?

    So I still don’t know if I can move my gta 5 to my D drive, because C is overflowing…
    I tried to install on the D drive but the social club keeps installing in the C drive…what should I do ?

    P.S. the game was bought as an activation code From rockstar Games, not steam

  18. Since alot of laptops are now being built without disk drives, is there a portable disk drive that plays video games?

  19. What should I do if the Sims 4 logo in the external hard drive is just this weird icon that has an x over it? Should I wait for it to finish installing?

  20. great video, but my stupid computer still refused to see my install of battlefield 5 on my external drive. So when i went to install it, origin ignored the existing install, and is now just installing it on top of the existing files like they are not even fucking there

  21. I did everything in the video for origin, and it's still not working. After a few minutes of preparing, the game wants to proceed with the full download. It doesn't recognize the files, and instead tells me to free up space on my external hard drive so it can download the game.

  22. Hey I got a problem. I have got the games off my pc put them on an external drive and then I have tried to do this but it hasn’t worked. But here’s where I think I messed up, I just took each individual game and put them in a folder called steam. Not getting the actual steam folder. Does this affect the outcome? As when I choose my steam folder in my external drive it shows nothing has been installed.

  23. the only problem with doing this with an external ssd hard drive is that even now 2 years later external portable ssd hard drives are still quite pricey. maybe in a couple years or even a few months from now they will be a bit cheaper but as of right now if you want 1tb or above im seeing that in most cases you have to spend over $200

  24. Might be a stupid question but does it work when i don't have admin acsess to the computer in question. Would be lovley to play game at school when i'm bored :s

  25. Can you game using an external sea gate hard drive? Fort example will games run faster since I’m playing them off my hard drive on my laptop?

  26. Is it possible to play on an external and internal drive? I've some games on my pc but also on the external drive. So is there any way playing with both without everytime changing the folder location (for origin)?

  27. I have a different kind of external hard drive. How do you get origin on your external hard drive?

  28. This was incredibly helpful and easy to follow. Other things I looked at were definitely less helpful. I appreciate it bud.

  29. Hi! Question: does this mean that I can run games on my crappy PC if I have all the games on the external hardrive?

  30. Hi Guys, I am on the last stage of transferring my Origin Games to my ssd drive.the forder has been changed within Origin,but when I click on Game library there is no download option. please help. John H.

  31. some games required a minumum free sapce to run the game . so the free space will count from the external drive ?? or the origin drive of the device

  32. What if you want only 1 game in there? Like i have 2 games, but 1 game always crashes due to the lack of space.. Soo I want to put that game specifically in my hard drive.

  33. I installed a game from Steam to my external hard drive and could play it perfectly fine but when I use it again the next day, instead of "Play" it says "Install" again. Do you have any advice on fixing this?

  34. What if I want to use a different type of software such as Adobe Photoshop or Blender a 3D software. I'm sure games are fun but how do I use software that is not a game? Please explain step by step? Reply soonest please!

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