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how to fix Playstore waiting for
download you might have noticed that when you’re trying to install an app
from the Google Play Store sometimes it just gets stuck on waiting for download
for a very long time in this video I’ll be sharing with you guys a couple of
steps that you can try to resolve your issue the first thing you can do to
resolve this issue and what’s recommended by Google as well is that
you go into your settings and app and under manage apps look for Google Play so I will be able to see Google Play
services as the Google Play Store and I’m gonna select Play Store and look for
an option called clear data once I do that I can go back to the Play Store and
try to install the app so let’s say I wanna install Twitter app I’m gonna
click on install and it still shows the waiting for download however the process
is going to kick off in a few seconds yep and there we go I will be able to
download the app very soon and yep it was installed in less than 30 seconds
second thing you can try out is in your Play Store settings look for the app
download preference and in case you are on over Wi-Fi only and you’re using data
services you might just be getting stuck because you’re not connected to any
Wi-Fi network in that case you might select the over any network option or
the second thing is you can try to connect to a Wi-Fi network and that will
resolve your issue sometimes the issue happens because you
do not have enough storage available on your device so you can actually check
that by going into your about phone option and then under all specifications
you should be able to see how much internal storage you have available so
in my case I still have 27 gigabytes and for that reason the internal memories on
my device would not be an issue in case these steps mentioned before have not
work you can actually download the apps without play store by just searching for
the apk so let’s say I want to download facebook app and I’ll search for
Facebook apk on Google and that will lead me to result from Google Play but
we’re not gonna use that and I’m gonna look for an another source from where I
can download so let’s go with apk mirror and I’m gonna just select the download
option here and be able to download the apk from make sure that if
you’re downloading apk from an external third-party website
it’s a reliable source and maybe you have an anti-virus installed on your
Android phone as well the last tip that I actually read on some forums was that
you might need to try with the battery saver option disabled on your phone and
that might actually resolve your problem with Play Store so you can try that out
as well and let me know if that works for you so try turning it on try turning
it off and see if that resolves your issue or not if you have any other
suggestions as to how you resolved waiting for download issue on the Play
Store let me know through comments I hope you guys find this video very
useful thank you bye

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