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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Welcome to a Foxy tech tips tutorial on downloading
fortnite. Lets get right into it. Note that you will need about 80GB of Spare
storage on your PC for fortnite to install. Open up a web browser and go to In the epic games search bar search for fortnite. On the fortnite page, click on ‘Get’. You will then be able to login to your epic
games account, or create a new account. I Need to create a new account. Once that’s done i can now ‘place order’
for fortnite. It doesn’t actually cost anything. Now that you have registered to download fortnite,
you must first download the epic games launcher application. This will take a couple of minutes. Now that’s finished, go to your desktop
and open up the Epic Games Launcher and login to your account. Once you login the fortnite installation will
start. You need to accept the T.O.S and then Choose
where you want it to be saved on your PC and now just sit back and wait for it to download
and then you are ready to play. And that draws an end to this tutorial. If you found it helpful please consider liking
the video and subscribe to foxy tech tips for more tutorials!

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