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Hello friends, this is agox
today i m going to show,
how to improve your internet
improve its quality of serivce
first of all we go to
cmd which is command prompt
and type in there
ping -t
ping -t
and open once again cmd
ping -t -t
here u need to see
it is showing ms constantly or not
if u have request time outs
first call your ISP and complain
internet service provider
and let em know your are getting packet loss
check and do it first
ok next step,
open Start
select Privacy
scroll down here
open background apps
all your background apps will
be listed here
they must auto running
in background which needs disable
u can simply turn off everyone
or if u have something important
u can leave it on
but turning it off is all good
because in background
it will keep using your cpu gpu n internet
will keep using resouces
ok move to next step
open start, go to settings
go to update and security,
go to windows updates,
advance option
and click on delivery optimization
as u can read here
pc may send parts of previously downloaded
windows update
and apps to other pc on local network
it will keep uploading to other peer2peer
it should be by default on, if newly installed windows
turn it off
close, and move to next step,
open chrome
go to google
type Leatrix latency fix
enter and open the link
u will see this type of page
open wowinterface
and download from here
as u can see i have already downloaded
now opening the file
double click on .exe file
and run it
it will extract
press yes when asked for permisson
as u can see u will have install button
i have already installed
you press on install
you will need to restart after it
only after that it will start working,
but you continue to watch video
you will restart later
leatrix latency fix
after installing, u might see changes ingame
ping might gone a slight lower
and your response time latency will get improved
you can check it
but dont expect that your ping will go to 50ms if it was 100ms
it might go to 100ms to 90ms or 80ms
80ms or 70ms
doing this actually fasten data on TCP
doing this actually fasten data on TCP
its fasten the internet send and received process
and connection remains stable
ok next step
which the best step
which improves the Quality of service
QoS of internet
open run command

press ok
go to computer configurations
administrative templates,
network, maximize it
Qos packet scheduler
means Quality of service
click limit reversable bandhwith
open it and enabled it,
and make it 0 to make it unlimited
by default is written 80 or 20
even if u disabled it , it will only use 80% of internet
but we will make it 0,
it will start using 100%
this is one of the best thing
after doing this your programs n games
might get improvement and priority is not given to windows
ok after doing all this steps
you might see good improvement in your connection
your ping will be lowerd
and your connection quality will get stable and
creates less errors
you will use 100% of your bandwidth
i will bring up one more video
on DNS n VPN, which improve gaming performance
and your ping will get even lower
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