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watch this guys
ohh s##t he’s hiding
Hey guys welcome back to my channel today ohh yes today
We are playing on my iPad and this video is sponsored by gangster, New Orleans, and that’s why today
We’re playin gangster new Orleans. I mean just just just look at this all right look at the beautiful world. Oh
Right okay? Hey you lady in that car. Stop it stop. I wanna have that car. It’s actually a pretty sick car
I would actually like that. Let’s see if we can steal it
Come on. I’m catching up with you
I need to wait for a red light or stop sign until I can catch up with her there you go stop sign got her
Haha, my car. Now lady. I am out of here, okay
Maybe not I just crashed all right I do realize that this car is quite low on fuel so let’s fuel this baby
About that I want the fuel her up, but like I just broke the gas tank. I’m sorry so gangster
New Orleans is a game. You can download for I.O.S
Android and Windows
And it’s actually free to play there. We got another lady in the car over here. Ain’t lady
I’m sorry my car broke down it’s out of gas can I have yours?
Yep, that’s this that’s more like it alright. I promise. I will not damage your car. I will not alright
I’ll drive very very very carefully I
Think I just hit that guy oops. There’s some blood of my car now I
Think I might have just missed him
so in gangster New Orleans you have freedom around the whole City and
The title of the game pretty much says it all ready this game is set in the City, New Orleans
I mean look at this look how awesome that is. Now the main goal
This game is to clean your turf and make it bigger and stronger and to defeat other turfs
There’s dozens and dozens of story missions you can complete to be able to get there, and that’s why today, we’re going to do some missions.
Kill people. But before we do that. I just wanna I just want to show you guys how awesome
My outfit is I can actually customize it if I go over here if I go over to my character
And then I click on him. I mean look at those boots. They’re pretty good aren’t they so actually I actually bought this outfit
The haircut as well. What do you guys think? Does he look a lot like me? What do you think? No?
Okay, I need to grow my hair out. I guess I can also put a cap on
What about the mask haha does it look like me now? Well I don’t think so actually what about now
Maybe not maybe not I don’t want it to look like me anyway. So my name in the game is Jellygangsta because
I’m a gangster. My top weapon is the Austrian sentry gun and the top vehicle I’ve got right
Now is a shorthorn now. You can actually upgrade pretty much everything you own in the game for example
I can evolve my weapon
I can evolve my
Vehicle to make it stronger to level it up as you guys can see the shorthorn is actually level five right now
Let me just let me just go to my vehicles. I could show you guys my rides. They’re pretty cool
I can tell you that all right here we go vehicles
Look at these guys. We’ve got a we’ve got a sweet old bike we got a hoplite a bullhead
This is a shorthorn, and this is apparently my best car and the dementor now. That’s a very nice
What does this one do oh you can apply be oh sweet right let me put some flavor can agree being on this apply. Oh
That’s more like it here
You can see the staff of the car as you guys can see I think this one is a little bit faster
But this one’s a higher level so yeah alright, so then you have thugs these are my thugs right now
They protect me whenever I wanted to protect me and the weapon menu these are all my weapons anthony my favorite one
I mean, just just look at that thing is another baby. Can we evolve him right now
You know I need [to] get some more points, but we could do that right now in the story mission, right?
So we’re currently looking at a map and as you guys can see we’ve got some blue icons over there with some with some
Exclamation marks now if for example I can click on this one dealing with the dealers now
I think we should start playing this mission because we have a pretty good potential loot over there with 200 speed points
I need those to level up
So let’s play part our primary gun is obviously going to be the sentry gun equip and our sidearms going to be a lethal
Justice all right let’s do this lets kill some people
We’re here guys
We’re in the battle, dealing with the dealers take out the gun Runners all right by the gun delivery side, okay?
I will do so promise oh
I can hear a lot of cars and stuff fight the gun delivery side we have found it
All right, don’t shoot me that quickly. I wasn’t prepared for that all right. Let’s hide
Hel-lo guys I’m just going to shoot them in the head directly that ok with you guys watch [this] hello
What’s this guy?
Oh s##t. He’s hiding
Reach this guy. I’m gonna run for it. I’m just gonna run for it guys
Got him. That’s pretty cool
Alright fight their boss and who’s hanging out with ok hey guys don’t worry [about] it
I didn’t kill people at all. Don’t worry [about] it. I said don’t
Sorry, lady, you’re worried alright. So I need to do this in three minutes to be able to get three stars
Let’s try and hurry up a little bit here guys if I killed gun Runners all right I got this.
I’m just gonna go in for it
S##t s##t s##t a big shot reloading reloading. Oh
Got him all right nice. That’s doing
Mission completed I got three stars left
Nice and there
We go now the term which is currently sixty percent too old by the hammer is now thirteen percent mine if we’ll do a couple
More missions. We can actually beat him
Let’s do a couple more. This is pretty fun. What’s that over there?! Oh
Found something secret all right we’re going to go to the next one. Let’s go to the map got this one over here
What’s that… Gettaway Act. Oh I think we gotta I gotta get away from the cops
They’re all yeah, but through it with our favorite bike Escape act get to the lighthouse before the cops get you all right
All right, so I told you guys I’m not the best driver. I think I can do this though wait. I
Have a cop
I have a share of freaking bike totally won’t distract them alone all right
Let’s go to the light house everybody wrong way. Sorry this way all right. I think the cops might be following me
Oh, where are they? OHHHH!!!!
S##t, they’re sure yeah
Just come on. Come on. We gotta get out of here. I just crash this thing. I’m bleeding wow
Wow, wow
I’m already on half 💗 guys. but I got myself a health potion over here. There we go. There we go.
You got to go that way. I told you guys
A very bad driver 911 emergency 911 move move move move come on?
Oh my God this bike guys, it’s so hard to control. That’s a lighthouse that’s lighthouse
We’re gonna do this what come on come on come on? YES!!
Wait, what running away? Did I make it? I made it without dying that’s that’s how you do these things
I did get a one star for that though hmM
That’s not so good, but as you guys can see the turf is now a little bit more mine. All right now
Let’s have another look at the map. What else do we need to do to be able to beat Mr.
The Hammer we got another battle over here. ‘Hitting the roof’ you ever take out a brewery owner before well today’s your lucky day
Sir all right, let’s take him out. Let’s take him out for a nice date. Well
we’re back at it back at it guys hitting the roof get to the roof of the brewery and take out the
Target all right, so remember guys. We should probably
I need to go that way
We should probably try to get three stars. That’s probably the best way to do this thing let’s start shooting him dead you’re dead
Bro there we go. Oh, we got to go to the rooftop
Come on. Just start shooting in
Just-shoot just-shoot Jelly just shoot like you’ve never shown before ah
Then it is dead all right. We’re gonna run around
We still quite a lot of 💗 should be two more guys on the roof here. Oh
S##t reloading one more guy
Well, he’s dead he’s dead, Nice. I still got decently quite a lot of 💗 I almost just fell off the building too
So that’s just not going great alright
And we’re at the top all right nice kill all the guards take out the target aohhh the targets over there
The Target this is the brewery owner. Sorry bro. You’re dead
s##t reloading ah
I got it mission completed now. Do I own one fifty percent all right? I got three stars
Sweet oh yeah, baby now. We can raid the hammer because we have more all right. Let’s raid him guys
We’re gonna do it we’re gonna. We’re gonna take him out
We’re gonna absolutely punish this guy don’t miss with Jelly be gangsta here. We go. That’s the french quarter over there the hammer
That’s what they call ourselves is it is really dumb they on all right all right get to the turf there we go
We’re inside… okay, this is this is oh this looks quite, quite tough actually all right guys.
Start shooting start shooting guys
We gotta hide jelly we gotta hide oh
Oh, oh my God. This is pretty much more difficult than I thought it would be all right kill three of them one more to go
Come on. Jelly hide! oh
And she dead all right nice! Hey what you got there the hammer. What’s he got there brother, you think he gonna defeat me?
Okay, he’s almost dead guys [random noise], ha got-im
What you want from me? I’m gonna throw you off the roof. Just like that yeeh and now ladies and gentlemen it’s my turf now
Whooo!! Oh, yeah, new turf conquer
Continues nice all right. We can actually edit the turf let’s see what what can you do now join gangster?
Oh, yeah, five stars man. Oh, sweet. We can place the subs that we have to defend our turf!
All right, all right sign one thug over there and one thug over there. No one’s going to steel our turf guys
It’s not going to happen right guys. Thank you so much for watching this game and the video
I guess if you want to download eggs for new Orleans make sure you go to the description. You can download it for free
on Ios
Android and Windows, so make sure you check that out, and if you enjoyed the video leave a like on it
And I will catch you in the next one

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