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– I was a real champ in the game, but I was a real loser in real life. And that’s what computer games do. It makes you escape reality. (upbeat music) (dynamic music) How World of Warcraft,
playing computer games, and doing all these nerdy stuff can actually build you a
successful online business. I know that sounds crazy but
hey, this is Peng Joon here and if you know my story, my story has been all about
playing computer games when I was in college. I played it for over 10,000 hours while all my housemates
were constantly getting high every single night. And one of the things
that I realized is that, if you are somebody that
loves playing computer games, is that if you take these
principles from computer games and if you actually apply it in real life, in business, it would
actually change your life. What if I told you that
literally computer games are designed in a way
to keep you addicted, to keep you obsessed? And if you can take this
obsession that computer games are doing to you, it
would change your life. So let’s talk about this. You could be thinking like, “Peng Joon, “what are you talking about? “Playing computer games is easy. “It’s easy because it’s a game, it’s fun.” Well, no, what if I told
you that if you take a look at every single computer game, whether it is World of Warcraft,
whether it is The Sims, whether it is whatever! Guess what? To be at the top 1% of
the 1%, you literally have to play the game
like 12 to 16 hours a day. I have friends where all
they do, like back in the day when I was gaming, the
hardcore gamer friends, all they would do is they would wake up, game while eating pizza and insta-noodles, have a date with their
right hand, and go to sleep. Like every single night,
that’s what they’d do. Rinse, repeat, day in, day out. Every single day. Doesn’t matter what game you play today, to be at the top 1%, it is not easy. It requires sacrifice. It requires sacrificing everything
else to be at the top 1%. Well, you could be
saying, “Well, Peng Joon, “that’s different because
playing computer games, is fun,” really? Look, World of Warcraft and every game that requires to be at the top 1% of 1%, requires you to do this
thing called grinding. Do you know what grinding is? Grinding means taking
this mob and killing it, over and over and over again. It is not fun to kill 20,000 boars, for their meat, for this quest. It’s not fun. What if you could take your obsession and your addiction with computer games, this is what I did, okay? I literally played computer games, I had no life for at least
five years of my life where all I did was wake up, eat, sleep, play computer games… Repeat, I realized that I
was a real champ in the game, but I was a real loser in real life. And that’s what computer games do. It makes you escape reality. Today, I want to share with you a few of these different principles that, if you were to apply in your
business and in your life, it will make all the difference. Number one is making it easy to start. Notice how many different computer games, every single one of them,
they make it super easy for you to start. You know what they do? You start as this level one noob, you have two skills, like literally. You can just mainly attack someone, you can’t do anything else. The learning curve is super simple. There’s no manual, there’s
no real tutorial book that you need to read through, why? Because they make it super
easy for you to start. What if you took this first principle and you applied it in business? What if you had this small goal where it was super easy for you to start? Now, what am I talking about? What if you set something
super simple, bite-sized, where by it’s all about doing this thing, by next Wednesday? In order for you to get that momentum to get you in the groove, so that eventually you feel that need and the ambition and that obsession to go do the next thing? So, that’s number one. Make it easy to start, just like how computer games
make it easy to start for you. That brings me to number two. Number two is about
having a support group. Notice in how all these different games, the one thing that they
do is they make it, so that if you want to be in
the elite alliances and guilds, the elite hangs out with the elite. The elite aren’t hanging
out with level 13 noobs. So what if in real life,
it’s the same thing? You’ve probably heard this before: environment is stronger than willpower. What if you to hang out with the people that will make you grow
and stretch and get you out of your comfort zone? ‘Cause that’s exactly what they
do in these computer games. In these computer games, notice how they have these
difference alliances and guilds. And even though there are
times when you don’t feel like going on that raid, when
you don’t feel like playing. You know what happens? There’s this peer pressure of you feeling like you can’t quit, that
you have to go on that raid because it feels like you’ll
be letting somebody else down if you don’t go do it. In business and in life,
if your top five friends are friends that is asking
you to go to the pub every single day, where do
you think you’re gonna be? If your top five friends are friends that constantly tell you
they’re not good enough, what do you think you’ll end up believing? It’s the same thing as computer games. Level up who you hang out
with, your support group, and you realize that will
literally stretch you, out of your comfort zone
into your next level. That brings us to number three. Number three is significance. Notice how all of these computer games, you know what they do? They make you want to have more! More significant, more epics, more loot. And what is the purpose of
the purples and the epics and the legendary weapons
and the equipment? It’s not for the extra
47 stamina or 13 strength or 5% extra attack speed. It is literally for significance; recognition from other people in the game. Like literally, back
then when I was gaming, when I accumulated all
those different epics, you know what I would do? Literally, I would
accumulate all those epics and I would go into the
busiest part of the game and I would like literally stand up in my decked out tier whatever gear with my epic staff of
whatever-ness, right? Standing in there, and
I would just go AFK, away from keyboard, with my correcter, standing there in front of
like 100 people around me. That’s what top gamers do! They will just be totally decked out, and allow other people around them, to see what gear they have. And that is a classic
example of significance. It’s not about that gear, but
it is about that recognition. Significance is a very
powerful motivator in life. And what if you could
channel that significance and put it into real life? Asking yourself, how can I
take my need for significance and apply it so that I can actually have, these achievements in life instead? And that brings us to number four. Number four is tracking your progress. In a game, that’s super simple. You start off with
level one and it’s clear that the next thing you need
to do is to get to level two. It is clear that once you reach level two, you need to get to level three. It’s clear on what is
your next big milestone and that is why it’s easy. In real life, it’s not
that black-and-white. In real life, the path is not laid out. You don’t really know
what is the next thing, that you need to do. So if you really think about it, what can you do in real
life to track your progress? Because if you’re able
to track your progress, that is how it will give you the motivator to do the thing that is required. Put it this way. Have you ever played that
favorite computer game of yours, and to you, you’re thinking,
“I don’t want to sleep “until I get to that next level?” And you will grind and do that thing, and not log out until you
hit that next milestone. Think of it as like
running an ultra-marathon. It is extremely scary
to say: you know what, I want to run a hundred miles. But what if it was about: you
know what, next Wednesday, I want to start off by
running two kilometers. In three months from
now, I want to be able to run 10 kilometers. Chunking it down so that you know, what is the next thing
that needs to be done. So in business, what does that mean? It means what if you
could track your progress and say: you know what, by next Wednesday, I want to set up a simple opt in page that allows me to capture
name and email addresses. And the following month
after that, I want to be able to generate my first sale online. And six months from there, I wanna be able to gather
my first 1,000 leads. Chunking it down so that
you actually believe that it is possible. And that brings us to the final one which is number five: being consistent. Consistency is everything. Notice that in every single computer game, they make it so that
it is literally a habit for you to log in every single day. And they force you by
doing these daily quests that seems very effective and efficient, so that you at least
log in every single day to do these daily quests. What are your daily quests? What are your daily habits
that you do every single day that gives you that consistency? Even if it’s that 1% that
brings you closer to goal. What if it’s that just one step, what is that thing for you? Do you have that daily quest every day that is integrated as part of your life just like what computer games do? The reason why computer games make it easy for you to have progress every day is, because they make it as though
it’s part of your lifestyle. And if you can integrate these habits that will help you in
business, in entrepreneurship, as part of your lifestyle,
as part of your habits, as part of your daily
quests, that is when, even though you’re doing all these small, bite-sized step-by-step
pieces every single day, you’ll realize that eventually in a year, two years, three years, it will make all the difference. Look, for me personally,
it wasn’t the case. Before all of the speaking,
before the big crowds, before the videos, before all of that, I literally was a nerd and
a loser my entire life. And I guess the goal and
the summary of today’s video is that it’s okay to stay a nerd, just don’t stay a loser. Hey man, by the way, if
you liked this video, let me know in the comments below, what your favorite game is, and how you can apply these
principles into your life. And until then, this is Peng Joon here. I hope this video has given you value, and I will see you in future videos. (upbeat music)

15 thoughts on “How My Video Game Addiction Made Me $10,000,000 Online!

  1. I have never played a video game in my life. But can definitely relate. I love the way you broke the process down. This is an analogy that I will take with me. Look forward to seeing you somewhere in the world soon. 2020 is about to be a breakthrough year for me and many others that are grinding. Thanks for the inspiration bro.

  2. Well, I like to play games before.
    * Red Alert
    * DOTA
    * Mobile Legends.

    I can say that playing games is the best moment where you can relax but sometimes being too relaxed is too bad for you. But I agree with your idea that you can discover a lot of things in life that you learned from the game.

    from the game that can be applied in life or in business:
    1. Make it Easy to Start – Super easy to “reachable” goals.

    *Create bite sized goals to build on momentum.

    2. Having a Support Group – Environment is stronger than will power.

    *Peer pressure isn’t always bad! Your desire to keep up with your peers deters you from giving up.

    3. Significance – More!

    *Significance can be anything, even if it’s recognition from successful peers.

    “Significance is a great motivator in life.”

    4. Tracking your Progress – Tracking your progress is a form of motivation

    *Chunking it down to bite size pieces, so that you actually believe that it is possible to achieve these set of goals.

    5. Consistency – Daily quests

    *Create some daily (real life) daily quests.

    Well, I can say that I need to create a daily quests to build my own empire.

    Thank you Peng Joon! As always, I've discover lot of things from your videos.

  3. ….Maaan, I AM a nerd and loser in life…things really strike home when it is verbally said out loud to you by someone else,

  4. I’ve never really been much of a gamer… what games would you recommend that I start with Peng Joon? 🤣

  5. My biggest takeaway is to find a support group

    My journey as an entrepreneur I have never surrounded myself with like minded people on a daily basis

    I need to network with people and truly change my surroundings into one that breeds success and progression

  6. What’s your favourite game? Which one of these principles will you be applying them to your life? Share with me in the comments below.

  7. Very interesting esp view and resort, can't hear will review later. Tns PJ n also with Dan Loke previous video! 💯

  8. Your environment will always triumphs over your willpower, if your 5 closest friend are buff as heck, chances are you will be buff as heck. Likewise if your 5 closest friends are lazy as heck, chances are you will be lazy as heck as well.

    P.S. I love dem dog gifs.

    P.P.S. Always put yourself in environment that allows for growth.

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