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I still received it in my wallet. This is it— 0.00871151 Before we start our video tutorial.. I will just announce the winner for our previous video (giveaway). I asked you to comment in the comment section the word I’ve mentioned in my Telegram channel The word is “Cloudmine” It is very important to follow the
mechanics of the giveaway Because that’s where I base the winner. There it is. I have gathered the YouTube comments and only 34 followed the mechanics Now, let’s start the raffle Let’s pick the winner Congratulations to Enhyl Fandiño! You can message me on Telegram To claim 100 pesos load Or have it in cash thru Hello, everyone! Welcome back again to my channel. Do you want to earn thru your cellphone, Laptop, desktop and internet? Subscribe now to my channel Because I upload videos on
how to earn money online. I share some free earning apps,
free earning websites How to earn cryptocurrency and legit home-based jobs. So now, let’s first make a withdrawal
from this site (Mastercoin). For us to check, if this website is still paying. I mined Bitcoin. As you can see, Bitcoin balance is moving. To withdraw here, you may tap this Withdrawal Then, choose a balance to withdraw. I will choose Bitcoin because that’s what I mined here in Mastercoin This is my withdrawal amount. I can already withdraw all of these. Many of you ask when can we withdraw here? You will see the minimum withdrawal amount here. For Bitcoin, minimum is 0.005 BTC It’s just quite confusing to look at. You can also choose other cryptocurrency. For example this ETH, much lower, 0.008 minimum. You may select this lower minimum withdrawal, So, you can withdraw faster. This is my withdrawal amount. And this is what I will receive in my wallet. 0.00871151 BTC Why? Because there will be a fee when you withdraw. But, it’s just minimal. Then, enter your wallet number here. Many of you ask this also, what is wallet number? Wallet number is the same as wallet address. Paste here the wallet address. There it is. Once you paste it, make sure it’s correct. Then we can already click or tap this Withdraw. It’s now successfully added. And its now processing There it is. Let’s see here in my status— still pending. It’s now on process. I will let you know how long this will take
to receive in my wallet. This is my withdrawal from Mastercoin, I will receive an amount of 0.00871151 And it took days before I received it. I thought it’s not legit anymore, However, I still received it. It’s 0.00871151. So, don’t be confused if the website shows
the check symbol in the website But haven’t received it yet. Still, I received it in my though it took days. So, this site is still paying. What I earned from Mastercoin is 100% free. So, you don’t need to deposit just to earn. Because they have an option to mine for free. This is now my dashboard here in Mastercoin. If you want to try this website, I will put the link in my description box. You will see different kinds of crypto here. These are what we can mine here. They have Dogecoin, ETC, ETH,
LTC, BTC and Monero. This will depend on what you would like to mine. Of course, you can only choose one. For example, you want to mine Dogecoin, Just tap this Start. Many of you ask, ‘I already registered but
why are my cryptocurrencies still stagnant?’ You need to choose among these 6,
which would you like to start. Then you need to tap this Start. After tapping that, you can just leave it there and logout And check back after couple of days. Tip to make mining faster, just reinvest. For example, you have an available balance, here in Bitcoin. I have 0.006 Bitcoins, we can reinvest this. Reinvest is free. We will reinvest what is in our balance. Replenish differs from reinvest. When we say replenish, this is when we deposit. These are their plans. Starts at $1 or PHP 50. And the highest is $1,600 (this is too much). But I suggest, do not deposit any cash Because there’s still an option to mine for free. Another tip, it is easier to mine with lower minimum withdrawal How can we see the minimum withdrawal? Tap this Withdrawal. Most of the people here mine ETH. ’cause BTC has high minimum withdrawal, meaning, It will take longer to withdraw. Here in withdrawal, we can see all the minimum withdrawal amount. In ETH, minimum is 0.00824238 ETH In LTC, minimum is 0.0271816 LTC In BTC, 0.005 which is about $50 That’s why it took me some time to update on this site ’cause it took long for me to reach
the minimum withdrawal amount. Another good thing here in Mastercoin They have bonuses. If you’re always online and you have
data (for internet) every day, Open Mastercoin every hour to get a bonus hash power. Every hour you will get 1 to 25 Gh/s bonus. For example, let’s tap this Get Bonus. There, I received 1.54 Gh/s If you have internet at home,
open Mastercoin every day. To receive an hourly bonus. But if none, still okay. You can just leave it and get back after a week or so. Because this is Automining. Just wait until you reach
the minimum amount to withdraw.


  1. napakabilis nyu nga pong naka withdraw ei tapos para sa inyo matagal ei sa taas banaman ng referal mo kaya taas din g/h mo.kami nga naasa sa makukuha sa bunos 24 hrs bago makapag reinvest ng 10 g/h.baka makalimang payout na kayo dyan kami Hindi pa nakaisa.

  2. patiently waiting..saka tyaga every hour para makakuha ng bonus..big help.kasi wla akong invite kaya dun nalang ako bumabawe..malapit na din ako maka widraw konteng kembot nalang..tnx sa info mo ma'am hehe 🙂

  3. Mam bakit hindi pumasok deposet ku sa master coins kanina payun sa eth dapat po pasok agad yun kasi madali lang naman pumasok eth pag deposet

  4. how much did you pay for the ghs u have?if u only reinvested, how long did u get that 300k plus ghs?how long did u reach the minimum withdrawal?

  5. bakit 2.5% pa rin po kayo kahit 300k gh/s na kayo? ako kasi 3.5% na pero 50k gh/s lang. gaano po katagal niyo naipon yung winithdraw na btc?

  6. I cant retrieve my password, when I forgot it. I dont know what to do because I have tried recovering it but nothing happens so far and i did not received their confirmation in my email used that they promised. Pls help

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