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Prank video a timeless way to show you’re kind of a jackass Sometimes prank videos go wrong or an Internet speak they fail and we’re gonna play a game about prank fail videos but in this game It’s not about just the prankster and then failing the fail can also happen to the pranky kind of like a double prank So here’s how this is gonna work I’m going to start playing a prank video for you that I’m gonna pause it and then I’m gonna give you I’m gonna do that every time Pause it and then I’m gonna give you multiple choices as to what happens if you get three of these right guys It’s an amazing prize. You get to stick your hand and into the prank Bank and pull out a prank prize Prize are you ready? Yeah? Okay our first break Takes place in the filthy bedroom of a young boy. Where anything is possible Oh, yeah Anything can live let’s have a look Ddddd Shirtless guy walks in what happens next hey, there’s a guy run in with a gallon of milk Try to smash it on his friend but miss and brink the Wardrobe door B does a girl jump out from under the pile of clothes only to wind up with a pair of dirty underwear stuck on her face C does it guy jump out of the Wardrobe only to lose his balance and have the whole thing fall on top of him or D does the topless guy step into the wardrobe and find himself transported to the magical world of Narnia Narnia business I’m trying to think if there’s a girl in that office chair Slumped over ha ha but more like there’s a guy in the closet Insist on calling a wardrobe repeated so many possibilities but wardrobe I’m gonna go with be the girl jumps jumps out of the pile of clothes ok, let’s see if he’s right That’s why it’s a wardrobe link because closets don’t do that and they don’t you’re gonna fall on top of you like I always say nothing ties the room together like a faceplant a Faceplant yeah you got it. Uh yeah. I did get it yeah No, it’s wrong this next video is on the boardwalk, which is normally reserved for fun and frivolity Yes, but futile II failed pranks not frequently until now have a look Oh No, that’s no man Is gonna get creepy hey the snowman moves because there’s a person inside But quickly gets punched in the Snowman face be a rollerblader rolls past and rips off the snowman’s head revealing There’s a person inside see someone on a hoverboard tries to blow an air horn in the man’s ear but falls on His foot or die’ the Snowman reveals himself to be Mari and says you are not the father He’s still at it huh yeah, yeah, yeah, see I think that that kid the the pranks supposed to be on the kid But then he gets the upper hand by punching the snowman in the figis. Eh Okay, so you’re going with punch in the face. Let’s see And there’s no human head in there well there is it Doesn’t the human head came on though and the toddler got knocked over – yeah, so the prank was on the adult Well in the adult coldcock. It wasn’t pun intended this no me It was just one of the some people just have that response like when you sneak up on them Or you they did it go into punch mode ok gracious. He went into punch mode Don’t mess with that my hope that snowman got paid a lot. I got it right even though I was kind of wrong about who punch do you want to punch us no man? Next up we have a young man with a cup a shower and a dream There’s a tack up eyes. Yeah wouldn’t you like to know a The person in a shower is waiting with a bucket of paint and splatters the guy with the cup Be the person in the shower jumps out and chases the cup thrower and then slips and falls on his naked butt See the person in the shower turns out to be his dad and the cup Thor gets grossed out and dry heaves Ordy the fish man from shape of water is in the bathtub eating a cat So if it was a if it was the paint And he would have had to have been tipped off by the cameraman mm-hmm Which would be pretty sweet pretty sweet? I hope that’s what it is. I’m going with a twist in the prank, let’s see Okay, okay, you’ve seen enough of that yeah, that’s one way to find out if your roommate circumcised Question for you got to get both of these right linked On a scale of K 1 to K. 10 this next prank fail gets a canine because it’s on a dog That’s right. The old prank the dog trick. Let’s have a look Oh What was that the prank Yeah, that was the prank, but what is the aftermath of the prank? What was that by the way? It’s a stuffed animal. Oh like a bear. Okay, is it a the dog runs back steals the stuffed animal and starts humping it? Be the dog runs around the room and poops on the carpet out of sheer terror. Oh gosh See the dog runs back steals a stuffed toy and tears off its head upsetting the owner or D Sarah McLaughlin Shows up and sings in the arms of an angel and the person holding the camera sobs uncontrollable Do it every time To me it’s either a or C does. He grab it Pump It or or decapitate it then do both not an option mmm you gotta pick one the snowman’s already been decapitated, so I’m gonna go with hump it for a alright Let’s hop it Scared the crap out of her incidentally that video was submitted by Sarah McLachlan All right This dad’s about to play the old look son. There’s a frog under this bucket. Just kidding It’s dog poop trick another dog poop print. You know that one. Let’s watch you ready, yeah to be fast one dude Okay, so is that real dog so he tells it as a frog you know and then he’s gonna He’s gonna go in so what happens now. Hey the kid gets back at the Dead by smearing the poop on the dad’s face Be the mom furiously walks over and slaps the dad in the head See the boy doesn’t believe the poop is real and tastes it Honey the poop turns out to be radioactive and gives the boy special powers, and he soon becomes known as that’s right spider-man That’s not how spider-man are made one version I read, that’s what happens the spider-man on Hollywood Boulevard told me that story That’s that’s how he became spider-man Smeared on his face or does he taste it. Oh gosh. I hope he doesn’t take a shoe store face I hope he tastes it just for the comedic value And that’s all I really care about see you do you want to reach into the right box? Yeah? What well do another end oh, no is it a prank? We call it the prank man cuz it’s a prank thing deficit well, then I’m gonna go with Hey, where’s it on his desk face? Oh? Oh you got quiet real quick didn’t he? Yeah Did they stop rolling cuz I want to make sure that it’s okay Yeah boy, so there’s a fine line between a prank video and Exhibit A in a custody battle. Oh my goodness Okay, link All right Don’t look now don’t peek don’t peek reach in there you get your prize. No Now in skit region and get your prize I Don’t want to read you there now come on man. I got my purple sweater on okay come on It’s glue there Okay go back in your prank, baby Congratulations Link and thank you for liking commenting and subscribing You know what time it is hi my name is Kara And I mean I went from catching a cold orange ice the middle of their briefs from the a snowstorm, and it’s time to spin oh It’s actually warm here, I mean links just wearing that sweater for show we feel great. Yeah here comes The bottom link survives this episode from the beginning and click the top link to watch us do a McFlurry soup taste testing good method To find out where the wheel of mythicality is gonna land We use it on the show and you can use it in your home get this boiled for safety mug available at mythical dot store

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  1. Also, I would just like to point out that in the snowman video, the kid has almost no reaction but the man straight up punches him in the face!

  2. i really wanted rhett to read the options as enthusiastically as he did in the first round throughout the entire video. to be fair, he came pretty close.

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