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One of them, is 90mb, the other is like 250mb…
that’s all I know about these games. Stop, okay, we’re stopping… [Music] [Screaming] So all reviews,
it says ‘”none”, but then we scroll down… Browser-like game… uninspiring… this is
the positive review. Hello I have some junk I would like you to dispose for me. Thank
you. Is- is that the entire dialogue? That’s fucking dumb. What? The fuck? I am so confused by this. So far we’ve had… like, the actual fuck is this? And- holy shit Nuclear Facility… oof things
just went straight to 11. Make sure you don’t break these barrels or you’ll ruin the environment
and attract unwanted attention to our operations. You know what that means, right? I got three
achievements in one go. Oh hell yeah, quick, put them on the fire. This is- This is how
the game’s meant to be played, right? Oh I’ve- I’ve gone to jail. You are clumsy: you have
broken more than 20 toxic barrels. The- fucking have I? I don’t think I have. Poked the bunny
more than 20 times… I don’t think I’ve done either of those things. Signs the game hates
itself: It gives you achievements for stuff you haven’t done yet just to get the game
over with- You’ve intoxicated Chernobyl, nah that’s fine just 4k dollars please. Hello
dear. After my husband died I was left with all this junk. Please could you take care
of these? Yeah fuck it I’m just gonna burn everything. There’s a fucking body in there!
This game needs help? No! I need help! I need mental help. Burn everything else except the
barrels. He said burn everything but the barrels… And with that in mind, I’m going to burn nothing
but the barrels. Oh God okay… Burning time! Oh no! What have you done? I told you to be
careful! Well, I see- My name is Roger I would like you to destroy this pet food. As I understand
we’re a bit like colleagues. Let’s just say that this food has something perhaps too human
and the officials are on to us. Get rid of it!… they’re make this food out of… humans?
Break. The fucking. Barrel. God these barrels are indestructible… Ah yes! Yes! I wanna
know what the fuck they’re doing. Unlawful disposal of human remains… Uh let- let me
get this straight… I personally cause Chernobyl, and that’s $4000, but somebody else committing
murder, is life in prison for me? What the fuck is this criminal justice system! This is normally £10.29… this is a £10 fucking game… that’s all I’m saying. Please, fu-,
someone send help, I think I’m going insane. I think it’s time we write a review… we’re writing
a review together. So after 5 minutes of discussion, this was our final review: I had 15 viewers
while playing this, and yet not one of us had any clue what the fuck was going on. This
game goes from a 1 to 100 very quickly. The closest part to a narrative story is the tale
of the loss of our sanity. Caught doing as you’re told? Life imprisonment. Caught causing
Chernobyl 2? Ah, that’s fine, just a $4000 penalty. I don’t know what the devs were on
when they made this, but to be honest, I feel like I’m on it right now. 12 out of 10 fivehead.
P.S. You also dispose of dead bodies. Make of that what you will. Thumbs up, would recommend. Ah, Jesus.

7 thoughts on “Hello Pollution, Goodbye Sanity | Stream Highlights (December 22nd, 2019)

  1. Has anyone found my Sanity? I lost it right after I watched Simmo play Hello Pollution. I also lost my brain cells if that helps.

  2. pollution harms the environment so this game is global warming and that explains why we are slowly dying. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  3. Litterally, I don't know this game, but its 'burns' my braincells and wants to deplete brain vell self.. help

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