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Hello Everyone
If you have been following the channel on the last few months you might have realized
I have been given the opportunity to be a guest writer at the LaptopMag website. I also produced some videos for these articles. These videos were made for LaptopMag and therefore
have a bit of a different timing and format, but I thought it might also be cool for you
guys to see them here, so I am calling these the LaptopMag archives. If you are interested in the full article
the link is down below in the description. Laptop Mag’s favourite laptop overall, the
Dell XPS 13 packs the strong performance of an Intel 8th Gen Core CPU and speedy PCIe
SSD into an attractive, light-weight package with over 16 hours of battery life. Because the XPS 13 has only integrated Intel
UHD graphics, you might think that it can’t play demanding games. However, with some small tweaks, you can actually
run many of today’s top titles and get decent frame rates. Hi, I am Alex from the LowSpecGamer, here
on laptopMag, and let’s talk a little bit of some of the things you can do the get gaming
on the XPS 13. Before getting to games let me list some of
the changes that will help you across the board. Make sure all Windows Updates are downloaded
and installed so they are not automatically installed in the background while you game. Make sure you are not running any other programs
in the background. Limit the FPS. If the XPS 13 gets too hot it might reduce
performance. If you deliberately the limit the frames-per-second
to 60 fps on lighter games or 30 fps on more-demanding titles, you can avoid overtaxing the laptop. Lower the Screen Resolution: The XPS 13’s
display is either 1080p or 3200 x 1800, but it may not be able to push all those pixels
in high-end games. Dropping the game down to 720p or even lower
can help. Good! Now, let’s begin with some games that will
likely do very well without any extra help. For example, Counter Strike Global Offensive
which continues to be actively played by a large number of people, both casually and
very competitively. This game maintained almost perfect 60 fps
on the lowest settings and full 1080 resolution with no issues whatsoever. This game does not look particularly bad
on the lowest settings, considering it is a game from 2012, so the experience is pretty
fine. So, let’s try Rocket League… another low
end friendly multiplayer game that continues to cultivate a very active player base and
that can provide you many hours of distraction. On 720p and a mixture of quality and performance
settings, this games was able to maintain the target 60 fps almost flawlessly, while looking
reasonably well. The lack of anti-aliasing is very notable
but not detrimental to the gaming experience. Ok. Let’s try something even newer. You have probably heard of Overwatch, it took
the gaming world by storm when it released in 2016, and continues to be present on games
media no matter where you go. What might surprise you is that the game works
very well on the XPS 13! The game tries to set some automatic settings
to their best value the first time you open it For us, that means everything to the lowest
with an internal resolution of 50% where I could play at nearly 60 fps most of the time,
dropping to 40s in moments of extreme pressure. The game looks a bit pixelated due to the
lower internal resolution, but the game’s visual design comes through making this competitive
game very much playable. Not bad! It is worth noting that Overwatch actually
has very conservative minimum requirements, only asking for an IntelHD 4400 to get started. So, let’s push this laptop just a bit more. The PC released of Grand Theft Auto 5, and
more specifically… its benchmark still provides a very interesting way of testing a laptop’s
performance, especially on an integrated GPU. I decided to try the XPS 13 on the lowest
settings, an external resolution of 720 and internal resolution scaled to 75%, but with
one additional tweak to give it a bit of help. GTA V stores its settings on a file called
settings.xml located in the documents folder, Rockstar Games, GTA V. One line, in particular,
ShadowQuality can be set to 0 in order to disable all in-game shadows for a significant
boost in performance. With this change the GTA V benchmark is able to maintain close 60 fps on most sections only dropping to around 30 to 40 fps during
the very intense chase scene at the end of the test scenarios. The benchmark does like to use a lot of Ram
so you might blame some of these performance drops on running out of memory. Let’s use this opportunity to jump to something
you probably did not expect to see on this laptop. The Doom reboot from last year. This case, in particular, is interesting because
of a little thing called Vulkan. Vulkan is a somewhat new render API made as
the successor to OpenGL. It allows developers to work closer to the
hardware for better performance. Doom made headlines when it was one of the
first big games to include Vulkan to improve performance. Now, only somewhat newer GPUs are compatible
with this technology, but the Intel UHD Graphics 620 is part of the very small group of IntelHDs
that are Vulkan compatible. So, with Vulkan enabled, lowest settings, external
resolution of 720 and internal resolution at 50% the game executed at a very impressive
40 to 60 fps while moving around the levels or doing some light combat. Heavier combat might need a bit of help. Here is a simple trick, you can open the game’s
dev console using the button right under escape, usually assigned to Tilda, and in here you can type r_shadowAtlasWidth 32 to disable some shadows and get a boost
in performance. With this change, I was able to jump into
some of the most frenetic and intense fights of the game with the game rarely dropping
under 40 fps. Not bad at all. Given the game’s visual direction you will
get used to the lack of shadows very quickly. Even on lower resolutions, this game looks
quite good! Worth a quick mention is Destiny 2. I have previously written on some of the changes
you can do to get this game going on an IntelHD, such as making sure the launcher
closes when the game starts, disabling local shadows, setting a max FPS on 30 and reducing
internal resolution. With those settings, and an internal
resolution of 25% the game managed to maintain near 30 fps during our test area. Destiny 2 is visually designed with low resolutions
in consideration so you can still surprisingly read the situation and fight somewhat effectively. If you interested in the full details of the
changes you can do for this game, check for the link to the previous article down below. Next, can the XPS 13 run Crysis? Crysis games have long held a reputation for
high system requirements which is why they are often used as benchmarks for powerful
GPUs. In the case of the XPS 13, the game is playable
with some adjustments. After dropping all the settings to the lowest
and choosing a resolution of 1366×768 there are a still fair amount of things you can
reduce. Below you will find a set of variables that
you can copy into an autoexec.cfg file that can be created in the installation directory
of the game. This file will basically lower everything
to the absolute minimum, reduce the render distance of shadows and details, and (when
present) reduce the framerate of grass animations to lower its performance impact… among other
small changes. Character models will look significantly lower
in detail and have a visibly smaller polygon count. The good news is that the game is able to
maintain near 30 fps during a short test, only dropping during intense moments and explosions. Next is Fallout 4, the latest entry in the
open world post-apocalyptic RPG series. In order to play this game, you will need
to do some changes to the configuration file located in your Documents folder, My Games,
Fallout 4, Fallout4Prefs.ini. If the file is not there make sure to at least
launch game once. Before changing the file make note of a variable
called sD3DDevice and save its value In our case this is “Intel(R) UHD Graphics
620”, but if you have a different version of the XPS the value might be different. If the value in the file does not exactly
match your GPU the game will reset the configuration file to its default. You will find the file that I used in the
article below, which disables some particles, disables shadows and tweaks draw distances
so objects are only rendered when very close to you. Not to mention resolution, which is dropped
to 960×540. For this resolution to work without crashing
the game it needs to be added to the GPU’s control panel. You can get there by right-clicking on the
desktop, and then navigate to display and custom resolutions. The game performs close to 30 fps on some
of the most crowded cities and often more, even while in combat, tweaks to the draw distance
get a bit to get used to, but the low resolution is surprisingly less notable on the laptop’s
portable screen. We might as well include Skyrim Special Edition
since it uses a very similar engine to Fallout 4 and therefore can use a lot of the same
tweaks. The configuration file for Skyrim Special
Edition is located in the Documents Folder, My Games, Skyrim Special Edition, SkyrimPrefs.ini. You will find a tweaked file in the article
below that basically applies the same changes as Fallout 4, but this time on a resolution
of 720p since this game is significantly lighter than Fallout. Because of this, the game was able to keep
near 50 fps even in the larger towns. Since Skyrim is not a shooter you will find
it easier to get used to the lower draw distance. Finally, I wanted to give a try to Player
Unknown Battlegrounds, the most popular multiplayer game in the world at the moment. PUBG recently received its official 1.0 release,
along with an important optimization patch. To have any chance to play this game on this
laptop I dropped all settings to the lowest, resolution to 720 and then navigated to the
configuration file located on User folder, AppData, Local, TslGame, Saved, Config, WindowsNoEditor,
GameUserSettings.ini. If you do not see the AppData folder you might
need to enable hidden folders in Windows. Two variables on this file control internal
resolution: sg.ResolutionQuality and ScreenScale. Both must be set to the same value. Setting them both to 30 sets the internal
resolution to 30%. On this setting, the game was surprisingly
able to keep somewhere between 25 to 30 fps on open areas and considerably more in closed
spaces. Not bad for such a demanding game! However, I should warn you that unlike Destiny
2 this game was not designed with low resolutions in mind and fighting other human players over
long distances will put you at a significant disadvantage. So you might want to grab a shotgun and keep
it close to the building, as you will still be able to fight up close effectively if you
are smart. In conclusion. The XPS 13 might only have an integrated GPU,
but with some adjustments, you can get a fair amount of games to work very well on this
portable laptop.

100 thoughts on “Heavy gaming on Intel UHD 620, Dell XPS 13 Laptop: PUBG, Fallout 4 and more (LaptopMag archive)

  1. Congrats ons everything bro it says I'm a new sub but I'm also subbed in my old account I deleted my email so I lost it 🙁

  2. Dude, after watching this i have a question

    Is there any chance Intel Integrated Graphic can beat Ryzen's Vega APU?? I thought that intel I-GPU is fairly weak but, wow that performance tho!!
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  3. Don't ever try to buy Dell XPS 13. Repair USB-C port cost me: 2 motherboards, 3 Windows systems, 3 dongles, 2 cases and 5 visits technician within 2 months! They use outsourcing companies for repair equipment. It take time and you can't expect any quality of their service (my laptop has been damaged more). The premium warranty is only about call centre which is located in English native speaking countries.

  4. for the amount paying for the dell xps 13 u should just get an acer has a gtx 1050ti and is about 650 right now at best buy im sure u would be super happy with 1080p display and gtx 1050ti heck sometimes u can find a laptop with a gtx 1050 and 4k touchscreen for around 1000+

  5. i would really urge to not buy a laptop if it doesnt have at least a low end descrete gpu at all unless it has a usb c thunderbolt wich u can connect a gaming box with a gpu and play games way way way better quality . Im sure the dell xps has a thunderbolt Lowspec gamer show us what we can do if have one of those laptops that have a thunderbolt with 40gbps lanes fast specifically . I suspect lowspec should be less and less as more and more descrete gpus are put in laptops in thinner and thinner laptops and cheaper especially since Intel is working on theyre own gpu . 🙂 I will stand by ROG gaming laptop for now with gtx 1060 i hope to see in a year or 2 most laptops will be touchscreen with a decen gpu power and high resolution screen .

  6. also I would do is show people they can install android then donwload the game for on android and play pubg and better quality lols

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  8. I came to this channel thinking there was a way I could run cyrsis on my hp stream, if that's even possible without it blowing up.

  9. I have an i5-7200U and it has the same UHD 620 graphics but doesn't perform the same on games such as CSGO with the absolute lowest settings possible.

  10. This is fairly impressive. You can also get the dell xps 13 specific Thunderbolt TP16 display adapter (box that gives lots of extra ports) and this allows for the Razer eGPU to be used, external graphics card box, plug in a proper gpu and play anything. But it works best on an external display, not the laptops display, plus you need to update the bios and several things.

  11. Hey nice vid man.
    I was wondering if you got lower fps than usual due to recording.
    Im asking because i saw another review of this same laptop but with an i5, and he got more fps than what you're showing.

  12. i have i5 8250u and 8gb dual channel ddr4 ram with intel uhd 620 with all latest drivers installed. i get 34 fps in csgo in 1080p lowest. ? wtf?

  13. The fact that all the games were capped at 60fps bugged me a bit. I wanted to see how far one could push the integrated graphics card but remain at a playable FPS, not a rationalised showcase of what the card can easily achieve.

  14. So, from that intro, I have learned that you don't learn how to tweak games yourself, but you are just irrogantly copy someone's work. AND publish it. AND get subs AND likes. Nice bro. Youtube at it's best.

  15. gt730m4gb i have, ever so slightly better than uhd 620. Like %10 or so. Pubg is so unplayable. %70 scale everything low at 720p, Highest fps is like 47 but average is 30. Only way to get kills is if your opponent sucks or you camp in a building with a shotgun. Even then the game looks like moving pixels and you definitely cant see very far. (I should point out my gpu is overclocked so there is %15 performance gain with temperatures at 60max)

    Im gonna try %30 scale now

  16. You cant call this low spec i have an acer extensa 5635 or something and that is like 10 years older than that

  17. I have UHD630 I think, never using it for gaming so it's wasted, imagine that. And it's because I use GTX 1060 for that.

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  20. Also you have a thunderbolt 3 port so you can plug in a Geforce 2080 Ti, and maybe you'll get a few extra fps.

  21. Said it many times before but one more time…….. CS:GO plays on anything!
    It might have been good to raise the res etc. to get around 30FPS, as I think this is perfectly playable.

  22. I have the same gpu with a i5 8265 processor with 12gb of ram (i added 8gb) and i can run overwatch at 40fps+ with low settings but with 100% resolution. I couldnt take the blurryness at 50% or 75%. Its is not bad for running overwatch! if you can take a little bit of blurryness then you will get like 60-80 fps

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  24. Ok but how do you force open a game in order to lower the settings? Some games can't even be open due to the minimum requirements

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