The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

rip I need to get inside Gringotts back
into one of the vaults it is impossible alone yes with you know the Sword of
Gryffindor is my price grip you’ll be ugly invisibility cloak
remain there’ll be a Horcrux another strange boats one we find it they were
one step plants to clean you know whom piney how do we destroy all bugs as if
we give grip but we’re sort of Griffin them it’s the only way you’d help us
besides it doesn’t have to salt yet ready this Polyjuice potion won’t last
forever hope Harry knows what he’s doing madam Lestrange how may I help you today
I wish to enter my vote would you mind present you your wand and why should I
do that they know the mine is an impostor they’d
be warned Imperia very well if you follow me what’s that No what is that come on look he bunts it like newellton
hello the face down for it washes away all
enchantments what the devil are you all doing down here
God Imperial we shall meet you at the vault Harry Potter Griphook and borrowed will take the
direct route to the vault we’ll have to find another way down never been this deep into green gospel whatever it was it sounded big Harry we need to get past those guards
that’s standard before they raise the alarm we want to get deeper into Green Goddess
we’ll have to go this way I can’t believe their guards he already what’s wrong with this door looks like
some sort of locking charm don’t worry I’ll take care of it Alohomora what’s that noise it’s a cart with
guards wait we’ve gotta hide for this it’s just took this speedy it’s all
going to go wrong too close they found it we need to get going they may try to
seal off the vault now somebody’s coming we should get out of
sight see if you can get close to him is used for takeover yeah how did you like Hey changed output a pigeon eat your heart
out she’s never broken it
even if you do get caught watch out Ron this bridge doesn’t look
very stable really am i sorry May honestly Ron it’s no use Harry we’ll go
on ahead see if you can find another way down we’re not stealing this will afford
something remember the special odors well done everyone now we’d better get
the door open Alohomora Alohomora it’s not working
it must be bewitched biggest amusing cover me hurry we have to do something let’s go we must be really close to the
vault now Surrender hurry we’re close to the boat fuck we come do you think some of those guards will
be guarding the valves I hope not why is it so quiet suspicious seems a
bit warm down something burning wait a minute
that’s no ordinary fire on its face it looks go sleep well we have no choice
we have to get past that time ripple should meet some the other side no
problem I’ll go first you two wait stay behind us Harry I don’t think you can see very well sorry try not to hurt it stupefy stupefy yeah out there the war crops its health above
scum I manage Amina and Atlantic curses everything you touch will burn and
multiply will be crushed all right hurry how do we reach the card
the soul keep going
sorry yeah we have a deal gripper I said I’d get
you in I’ve never said anything about getting you out come on that was brilliant terrified but
brilliant we’re dropping I say we jump
I saw Voldemort who knows we’re hunting Horcruxes you let him in Harry I can’t
always help look there’s a Horcrux at Hogwarts
something to do with ravenclaw we have to go there one the problem Snape’s
headmaster we can’t just walk in we’ll go to hogs meat
– honey juice take the secret passage in the cellar you’re right mate it feels strange to be
back at Hogsmeade it’s ok hurry let’s get to honey tube some point away
into holes what’s that noise it’s a warning jar we
need to move stupefy come on boy gotcha
do not fuck ups and the way you phrased oh we have to do something there you go what’s up and we’ll let your friends go mistake watch out for their carp stick we need
to get two hydrogens before they try to summon you-know-who okay rod it’s just a village full of
damage I think they know we’re here now what you doing here that make sure it’s Potter before this will be amusing better not hang about more of them laughter now could really go for a
butterbeer the 3% honestly Ron now it’s not the time I’m worried about hopefuls and it must
be horrible of snakes headmaster look just before we go halfway down the
street mate hurry can you clear the way but I go look back out the street Oh you’ve got I’d let you by stupefy I must return you get to the school you annoy that was two cars it was just a cat I think there are just
too many places for death it used to hide I wish the yes we’ve got yeah
yeah my son do you think Hogwarts is safe I really
hope so but I just don’t know this gates locked you’ll need to protect
me by they a let’s see what’s through here I think
we’re almost there Harry they knew we’d come here besides it’s not as if it got
any other ideas therefore it’s possible this way yeah dimensions are coming expecto patronum
hurry in here puffer fools what were you thinking coming here
you’re a before your Dumbledore’s brother do you have any idea how
dangerous it is your brother gave us a job to do we need to get into Hogwarts
tonight Ariana you know what to do mr. Dumbledore Nevile I knew you’d come the Room of
Requirement this is the only way in or out now the
grounds are crawling with Death Eaters and Dementors how bad is it never with
Snape as headmaster hardly ever seen it’s the carols you have to watch out
for they’re in charge of discipline get the word out to the others that
Harry is back right then what’s the plan Harry
that something had to do ravenclaw hidden the console it could help us
defeat you-know-who any ideas Rowena Ravenclaw’s lost diadem
it’s a type of crown it’s been lost for centuries Harry
Snape knows you were in Hogsmeade he’s gathering everyone in the Great Hall now it has come to my attention that Harry
Potter was sighted a postman we have employed defensive strategies to
ensure that Harry Potter will never again and I’m afraid it’s rather extensive
headmaster how dare you stand when Dumbledore stood tell them how you
looked him in the eye and children Elsa Thank You brave Commedia stupid is more
like it I take Gryffindor what do you think yeah Oh do not stand in the way of the Dark Lord
whenever right at it I’ll have this asleep you are a coward Severus you
always were expose Oh give me papa don’t threaten me I suggest you hand
over the board you will never take Harry Potter from
this school not but are always muscle I will stand for this
through table your deputies unlike it’s not too late the boy needs no encouragement from you
whenever she always was discovered I think enough is enough don’t you
headmaster and Howard Howard it appears your head Mazda
has done a bank I wish you no harm
I presume you have a reason for returning mr. Potter what is it you need
time time to find the diadem of Ravenclaw
do what you have to do we will secure the castle Longbottom miss Weasley
Finnegan I have a job for you you realize of course that nothing we do
will be able to keep help you know who definitely that doesn’t mean we can’t
hold him up the balloons
protego Maxima Perry doesn’t matter if we find the
Walker axis unless we can destroy them you destroyed Tom Riddle’s diary with a
basilisk Fang right well we know where we might find one don’t we we’re going
to the Chamber of Secrets okay but take the marauders map then you’ll be able to
find me bloomers never thought I’ll be back down
here again whatever sound there we still have to get the battle is fine
patrols dipping is slippery anything inspires the castle is being attacked
let’s hurry let’s get the phone and get back to the
button I’m okay
bugs you’ve better watch out these passageways are really old I’d spider my leg that’s honorable typical I’ll open this door wash my back Oh come on that’s it boiler wait genron thanks
the sooner we get a botanist found the better these must be long-lost relatives
of Erica no Ron they’re spiders not acromantula I caught it
honestly are you okay over there and could you start costing anytime you
like everybody now would be good we get food fighting don’t believe me but it
certainly is I’m really don’t want to hang about in
here buddy there’s something man you go that
lot but these shadows could be hiding anything mistake see the light this door is the last one
just do your best please spiders everywhere come on Ron
I’m doing my best almost I think I’ve got it oh goodness those things are horrible this place really is ancient the Chamber’s closed let’s get this over
with so glad okay but I have it’s so close honestly now decides to close I’ve never got this far this is where
Harry save Ginny I’ve killed the busses oh mighty you do it do it Hermione stop lag fool inside get upon the inside I can’t
believe McGonagall wants us to blow up the wooden bridge I’ll cover you from the bridge Seamus
good luck be careful Seamus I do my best go and
plant the charge of shame never we’ll keep watch from the ridge look out Seamus take cover
I’ll see if I can sort them out head for that next bit of copper when I say run gonna get back into cover that’s it go
but goodness you made it – goes well done mate
one down a few more to go it’s not looking good up ahead Seamus
stop you here’s a pretty good you need to okay fringo they still be amusing Neville the shield it’s gone join me I didn’t think I was going to
get to plant this one still it’s a good start okay save us g’bye I’m okay I’m okay don’t care of them you all right yeah I’m fine never it’s gonna pick
quiet housing this they’re up to something
Davey I we’re getting there super fun Oh Oh blimey
you all right I’m fine that’s almost it not long to go now
we’re so close been doing great Seamus oh don’t never good job I was fine no problem you better run back oh I’m on my way sorry then Thanks Oh c’mon stop the little beggars whoa way to go Sheamus well done
everyone why hasn’t the bridge blown up Neville I
didn’t get that bastard there is the princess no leave it to me go to Sheamus told you I’d bring her
down it is my duty to protect this room and I
will superfine you won’t hate this product along I think better reach it we’re agreed you brought that on
yourself you will not yes what else woman hi get to the dock he who must not enable does not welcome when I said I defend on once I meant it I will not emit this her table bingo you will not set foot in Hogwarts hurry where’s the Horcrux the ghost of
Helena Raven she told me the diadem was hidden here I can feel it that’s my wand
Potter I don’t think so it’s allegiance is to me now you want it
you’ll have to win it back come on Jake oh don’t be a coward just
do it watch your back ha we’ll be waiting
Harry you ok I’m fine but we’ll have to keep an eye out for
them come on let’s find the dagger stupefy what’s up you have something of
mine don’t get used to that one you ain’t
have it no pressure me we’ve got some really unpleasant company any sign of
this guy damn thing it doesn’t feel very close but I think we’re going the right
way one you died there’s plenty of places to hide casa
keeping it together died Draco yeah Franco should have done you when he had
the chance saying over Potter you get going to drink okay try not to touch the stats Ron they
don’t look very stable No get lost now boy bring up it’s not gonna ruin everything but we
won’t let them on we can’t yeah the whole crux is in here
we just have to find okay I’ll move this out of the way I don’t need blazing it’s not just
boilerplate we don’t like you either get lost get the losing side Potter hold it right
there I told you I’d get you
you can get that done whatever yeah okay the striker may not the spiteful let me
in Blaziken do you bring go the vocalist and go ha
the tighter your closest let’s get out of it the track here take one what about them the Greek side to them
I’ll kill you Harry toward the magic ah you’re welcome
it’s the snake Nagini she’s the last war crops you saw the snake and vulnerable
her ha they named the boathouse everybody is fighting for you Harry we
can’t let them down they’re attacking the whole school Harry
it’s not safe here we’d better push on ivory get away
Oh Oh well well mr. Potter Oh yeah I mean Potter’s here there’s no hy wait just keep your heads down Rubick Astana give up water it’s the only wife Republicans took tallest seventy right cover me while I try to get the soap I
really don’t like mobbed exits Charlotte it’s tricky but I think enzymes work that’s it keep it down they’ll be here any minute don’t you fringo yeah right there butter you’re coming with us slippery little don’t ya on
that’s good we can get down Tallis no happy to say you’re not gonna get lost for a star let’s go thanks for my knee I don’t know
what we’d do without you Death Eaters will be using these stairs
to get into the castle so we’ll have to be quick this way these on a plate this loading a bow okay who the fuck Paulie stupefied see the fear in the boys eyes protego yeah parent debate yeah
it’s vital the deficit crucio Tallis the shore its father the doctor won’t
tolerate mistake it sounds horrible just go sage what about ah if she does the rest you the time anyone ever again open bodies okay yeah we’ll get down to
the boathouse and wait for her there Oh the Dark Lord I stupefies Petra Augusto talus without no water we can do everyone dr.
Niccole they get away I think that was to last them just as
well why doesn’t it work for me you have
performed extraordinary magic with the elder one with my lord tonight when the
boy comes it will not fail you it answers only to you the Elder Wand
belongs to the wizard who killed its last owner thirty seconds
you killed Dumbledore well you live the Elder Wand
cannot truly be mine my long take them take my memory you have your
mother’s eyes but she’s dead the son lives if you
truly love Lily Potter and you will protect him it is not expected that the
Malfoy boy will succeed in your murder should he fail the Dark Lord will turn
to you you know this curse will take my life
but you must be the one to do me only then will volume or to trust there is something had he must know when
Voldemort is at his most vulnerable when Lily Potter cast herself in front of her
the killing curse rebounded a part of Voldemort’s soul latched itself onto the
early so when the time comes the boy must die
yes and Voldemort himself must do it they they killed Lupin and Fred haha join me in the forest
join me and I’m going there now are you mad no it’s meant to be you’re the snake
and then it’s just him then it will be over it’s over there’s only one thing left to
do and won’t escape I won’t try to outrun it neither for every surprise I I ain’t going to the dark
I don’t believe me once twice you’ve been so brave sweetheart why are
you here all of him we never left dear does it hurt
dying it’s just like falling asleep can anyone else see we’re part of you know
as you are part of us there’s so much I want to say I’m sorry I didn’t want any of you to
die for and Ramos whose son others will tell Teddy what is Martin
someday you will understand but so many Thomas Fred Smith remember them as they
were I will try to don’t mall
I will never forget you we know you’re nearly there son we are
so proud of you you’ll stay with me until you stay close to me Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived come to die Harry you brave brave man let us walk
sir forgive me but you are dead on you oh yes
then I’m dead too on the whole I think not but I let him kill me
I’ve asked will I think have made all the difference
a bit of him lives in me doesn’t it did it was destroyed only moments ago by
Voldemort himself you were the seventh Horcrux Harry the
Horcrux he never meant to make sir what about the Hallows you Harry
are there worthy possessor for you do not seek personal gain you accepted
death knowing that there are far worse things in the living world I’ve got to
go back haven’t I that is up to you remember help will always be given at
Hogwarts to those who ask for it the sorting hat Neville who is Hagrid carrying silent from this day forward you put
your faith in me or suffer the consequences Harry Potter he’s dead now is the time to declare yourself he
saved your life well done Drake who will be next
come now don’t be shy now now by stepping forward he lives to
see another day I’d like to say something yes we lost Harry tonight or
he didn’t die in vain this isn’t over what’s up your friends just school all in ruins
ruins hairy skin the five survivors you know that yeah come hotter
let us end this there will be no coming back watch it if you must this will end sticks and stones honey the great party for running like a child
I’m coming for you hiding what up ha ha ha Harry Potter panic both to slow honey I know this cool you cannot hide that’s nice run the pattern
you can’t destroy the spiritual awkward you quit we’ve got to kill the snake yes I need
to tell you something don’t say anything you wouldn’t save me
once about to be killed by a giant snake it’ll just ruin it uh okay you have there’s out Ron variation stupefy he knows what he’s doing at least I hope
he does there are so many of them Harry needs
our help we’ll have to hold them as long as we
can she’s right attack attack oh dear no Oh look lively look keep fighting we have to win
Perry needs more time stupid we stop stupid time but our Lord will leave they’re breaking through our defenses always a mistake get it sign my daughter and the rest of your things
a big family family I love you Weasley’s ah fuck Oh weak and useless No she’d get up your feet dog regular straight from Azkaban cos No primo Jews will never touch my children again yeah you can hide no longer taken did you
return to me you can be defeated do you believe me
somehow vulnerable the biggest took toes and many many more why do you live because I have something
worth living for you were right the elder ones will
always failure it belongs to me I killed snake the ones allegiance was never to
snake let’s end this the way we started it together yeah I told you it’s useless to you ah no no no no yeah not exactly leaving the place better
than we found it are we why didn’t it work for him the El DeBarge when
Voldemort killed Snape he thought the one would become his but it never
belonged to Snape it was Draco who disarmed Dumbledore
from then on the one dancer to him until I disarmed three but that means it
answers to me what do you reckon we should do with it come on Albus James is already on board
Lily I told you no one gets to go to Hogwarts until they are avenged you’ll be on that traffic very soon as
well don’t wish their lives were already
wrong hopefully their time are less eventful

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