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in the ancient tradition of the emperor
penguin as winter descends the mothers leave home search for fish deep waters
while the father’s tend their eggs in during the long dark season and hoping
for success come catching time but not all new life springs forth in quite
exactly the same way Memphis is everything ok I don’t know I can’t hear
anything is it empty wait I hear something too come on little one break on out of there
I know you can do it for my mirror ok Emil I know you can dance but a little
practice never hurts to know when to dance you want to hold the controller
like this like you wave in a step you know first let’s try moving up in time
with the beat when the arrows move to the top of the screen try to flick the
controller upwards when they match up with the arrow up top okay all right –
definitely got them up moves going down you know okay we know the chickens
bigger when you move to the right let’s give that one a try now very much before
but this time flick the controller to the right as the arrows match up oh man
that chick are gonna love you you keep moving like that no I don’t need to tell
you this but it really helps if you listen to the feet and time your moves
to it when you’re moving fast and really getting down that is a real secret to
dancing as good as I know you can let’s try step to the left now – now
it’s done just shake it baby okay this last one is the toughest man
but I know you can do it we’re going to get down like never before
Shamus arrest Victor control it down in time with the arrows and the rhythm oh
man I can’t teach you nothing you’ve definitely got the moves amigo and ain’t
no one going to say otherwise whoa little buddy where you offer this
is a little wobbly you look fine it’s tranquil to set off here comes mama say hi to your mama boy
hi mom so it’s weekend Oh Rufus is gorgeous
boy what’d I tell you about them feet I’m just be happy fuck it would penguin to number action hola
amigo first I is going to explain to you how to roll the controller it’s not so
easy with people so a little practice does it hurt to want to be holding it
sideways like this see ain’t that comfy you feel the power
oh yeah that’s the stuff okay it looks like you’ve got to do some
swimming I know you can do this but let’s go over how you know just in case
the first thing to know about swimming is how not to think like a love stone so
if you want the surface just lean back on the controller like this if you crazy
and you want to go down then you just pitch forward on the control like this
if you want to swim left and right you just roll the controller to the left and
right you guys good give it a go and don’t forget your amigo when you’re a
big star a waypoint to the water make sure you have enough good job now to something a bit more
complicated over 900 BC because follow me in the
water and try to catch as many as possible baby okay MA let’s go now
you’re getting better keep going doing standing longer you are one time soon school we feel is raining he’s going to
teach it out I had some heart song or you think you the bottom in you find out okay amigo we’re going to go over how to
slide down the hill on your belly let me tell you something is real easy like if
you want to turn left row the controller to the left like this if you want to
turn right roll the controller to the right if you want to jump just press the
button and you jump for when you really want to show off to the chicas you can
do tricks while in the air by holding down this button and rolling or teaching
the controller in whatever direction you like they really love it when you do
that huh the only way to practice this one is to give it a try
so after go and go like now I slowed you down I’m science Oh okay Oh choose the route hey hey hey come on move
yes Lola it’s sweet

26 thoughts on “Happy Feet Walkthrough Part 1 (Wii, PS2, PC, Gamecube) ♬ Movie Game ♩ Level 1 – 2 – 3

  1. must be hard playing the Wii version I have this game on PS2 and the controls are a lot easier also this copyright thing is so stupid youtube gives you strikes for putting music in the in the game even though it was the games creators who put it in

  2. que buenos momentos cuando te vendian videojuegos completos, cuando las compañias se esforzaban por darte un buen producto y no como ahora con los malditos dlcs y expansiones, yo lo jugue en la ps2

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