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100 thoughts on “Guess The Selfie Fail (GAME)

  1. i am from the netherlands here is a couple of words, hallo, man, goede video, ik vindt deze video leuk

  2. I would just like to give my congrats to the people who come up with the jingle for these because they’re pretty creative

  3. its so funny, I always like forget about you guys for a couple months and then I see a new video and I'm like , yeah sure, and then I remember how damn hilarious you guys are and watch like 17 episodes until 6:30am, which is exactly what I did tonight. Lol.

  4. the first one wasn't actually a selfie. it was a photo of a large breasted, dodge shirted, greezy looking chick taking a selfie!

  5. Thank you Rhett and Link, you’ve made my life better in countless ways. And when I need human presence, you guys are the always there. Actually thank from the bottom of my heart.

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