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Phil, what’s going on? You’re a mess.
I’m not drunk. I’m just resting my eyes.
Okay… so, what’s going on?
My Boomshine’s about to get blown sky
high by a bunch of angry scumbags.
Them Cholos are gonna blow up my liquor –
there’s so much of it at the warehouse one
match’ll blow it all the way to Tennessee.
Tennessee, here I come…
Phil – Come on. Let’s deal with it.
The thing is Vicky boy, my daddy was an angry man.
He never, ever told me I was special.
In fact – he used to beat me.
Especially when he caught me staring at my cousin or my sister.
You know what he said to me? He said I’d be better off dead…
And how exactly is this helping?
The tragedy of it is, I’m just like him – I’m a drunk.
I deserve to die! It should have been me
instead of Zack on hill 491 man.
I’m coming home, daddy!
Yeah daddy! I’m coming home.
You’re pathetic.
I could have sworn I locked this place up.
Phil! Don’t open the…
Scheming Cholo bastards booby-trapped my place.
Ain’t no use running…
When that Boomshine blows, we’re all gonna die!
Get a grip. I’ll get your damn liquor.
I’ll back the truck up to the door. You load her up.
I better put these babies in some safe place, huh?

99 thoughts on “GTA Vice City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #5 – Boomshine Blowout

  1. I despise this goddamn mission with a burning passion (pun intended). Even worse than Portland Chainsaw Masquerade or Search and Rescue from LCS.

  2. My first GTA. where, along with CS and Half Life (the GoldSrc one) brought me into Gaming. I am waiting for the 10th anniversary of this game…who is watching in 2017?

  3. Guys I tried this mission 100 times and couldn't do it so I destroyed my psp, girlfriend broke up with me cause I spent my college funds on buying a new psp. Don't play this mission.

  4. i use forklift to pick up all boomshine 1 by 1 & loaded all boomshine to Phil's truck with no overheated at all like 80%. lucky!☺☺👍👍😎😎😎

  5. It took me multiple times to complete this damn mission, only to be stuck on a mission further in the story. So after that I quit….shame I loved this game.

  6. How the fuck do you pick up the crates I could get the first one but I couldn't get the rest no matter how I tried it pissed me off 😡

  7. holyshit i died so many times on this one. it wouldnt have been hard if it werent for the controls, it was so confusing. and sometimes the bombs were hard to pick up. i did this on emulator and i only finished it because i would save state it every time i successfully removed each bombs

  8. thanks it helped not crazy hard but took a few tries, a 2nd hand psp isn't the easiest thing to navigate.. thanks to this video it took me only 4 tries instead of possibly a dozen

  9. I used to fail at this mission so hard, then I would quit and once I got back I realized how easy it was…

  10. I used to have a hard time with this mission because I was a child back then that I didn't know that Im supposed to do something else about that boomshine and like everyone else I really used to have a hard time lol

  11. Yesss!!!I did it after few tries
    ..after I tried few times without success ,I did another missions until this mission was the only one on the map.The key is the time u spend for the first 2 boxes .First 2 boxes is easy to take to the truck and in a few seconds .U will have time for the next two.Keep calm!The bad attitude dosent help

  12. This is some crazy shit! In the beginning of the game! Luckily I got it for 2nd try! Never played this game before, I am feeling good 😀

  13. I used to never complete this mission when I was younger lmao. I recently downloaded OpenEmu and I wanted to complete this mission cause younger me couldn't after like 5 attempts I did it lol. Im 15 now

  14. You guys don't understand my happiness after i finished this mission . i remember i spent more than 2 mounths trying to beat this . wow . and they said Wrong Side Of The Track was hard

  15. tip for emulator players: if you're playing at 60 fps this mission becomes impossible since the heat timer will be up twice as fast. just set it back to 30 fps and you should be good to go.


    The timing in this mission is tight. Its not hard, but if you waste 10 seconds, you're going to fail.

  17. Instead of loading the boomshine one by one… Load all the boomshine near the truck, After that load it to the truck again.. 🚚Best trick

  18. The Tenessee part might have been the FUNNIEST part of this! 😂. Also play this on 2x speed! You'll thank me.

  19. I wanna send something to the one who all those created this game that: what the fuck your family and you as too stupid as a dog, fuckking in your game and this mission, your brain is brain of a pig?? Why you created this mission with fucking car?

  20. I just played this mission for the first time and beat it on my first try. In all seriousness, what the hell do people find so hard about this mission?

  21. I fucking did it. took me a while , just use 2 fingers so you raise or lower forklift early before picking or loading

  22. When I pretty close to finish this mission! I accidentally bring the bombshine near the flame and heat meter increase quickly and BOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!! Mission Fucking Failed!

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