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43 thoughts on “GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #8 – Mall Shootout

  1. It's worthless that i have to press "my subscripotions every time i go back to the homescreen…

    I'm not intrested in the "Intresting videos" damnit!

  2. Wait a minute…Tommy has actual fingers? Gone are the days of having slabs of meat with textured fingers it seems (Anyone know of an HD like mod for the Pc version? As fun as Vice City is stock, I do like the new textures and models).

  3. there are two guys, and a GTA fan wouldn't be bored of doing this, maybe you spend your whole day in your baby box, its amazing that you could stay late in the night, fucking Mexican baby face.

  4. i'm still not scared, i did not received a warning, i wont be banned, you said that because you think " why is it not working? " and you don't need to put " 😛 ", you childish fool!

  5. Take action guys: use this link …before they runs out !! Links Here!! — === !! Guides placed right here commonly working. GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #8 – Mall Shootout

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