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I could drive as well as things a man telling me did you saying about me no man I’m seeing that the East Coast made you try like an idiot fool man you always crashing cars and shit and for some reason now you back all it is the CJ dry here CJ dry here bullsh I want you just take it easy no disrespect man but you can’t drop a shit thanks man no no say what you really mean you such a good government homie you got a ride sure good so CJ what’s cracking hey you know some you like Jessie J you drive home he’s tripping are we going home rolling hikes ballers country do us a little drive-by huh you know something man fact you are chauffeur for this milky come on gee thanks G just don’t drive like no fool yeah ball is turf you dogs ready yeah for show I’m ready Karl just concentrate on the driving and we’ll take care of the shooting listen to the man full and try not to park us up a tree or something yeah if the car stopped we dared me stabbed out of here CJ we ice them CJ let’s hunt down some more movie CJ that was way too easy that’s no blast on some more ballin fool speed up a little bit what you waiting for CJ find us some more water so we can cap damn man move move smash on the cross smash Karl the word out on me again now stay there yeah Romans back man Provost Brett yeah if the show I’m slipping man man I’m shocked you ain’t get us killed CJ let me check my cell what did they call ignore that motherfucker you keep good today you’re down with the Grove and the brawler’s know it so watch yourself for now on CJ yeah yeah for sure you know that I see y’all later here take this go get yourself some beers [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Walkthrough – Mission #7 – Drive-By (HD)

  1. everytime i played this mission i always thought that at the end when big smoke speaks it sounded like he was abruptly cut off  "here take this, go get yourself some beers…"   |mission complete|

  2. hey man in the ep 6 ypu were wering a green hody man you dont save the game man you dont have some grove street colers man lol

  3. dafuq looks way too easy to drive… hard AF in mobile version. a real challenge is nice and all, but repeating the same shyt over and over is gay

  4. To me, the beginning cutscene was the funniest of all cutscenes in San Andreas and I immediately noticed that Ryder made a reference to how most GTA players drive, I crash hella cars.

  5. I done a little experiment, even when you drive perfectly & smoothly on the road, hardly any crashes & ryder still complains about It xD I know there ain't no alternative cutscene but still

  6. It's funny cause in the mission " Pier 69" , CJ kills Ryder and Ryder's kind of a jackass in this mission.

  7. when i go to play this mission i saw someone stole sweet's car i chase him with a bicycle and then i accident with a car and then i failed cause the car dissapear

  8. Glitch : When i have the ripped version of the game, (i have the ripped version of gta sa, there is no cutscene sounds, radio stations and some dialouges does not play) and when i was at glen park, the fourth enemy didn't spawn, it spawned in the left wall instead.

  9. Ah shit, this damn mission though. Played this in my iPad since I don't have PS2 and this was really hard cuz I get chased by the dang police.

  10. The carl johnson bad driving shit was an inside joke because the designers knew everyone playing this game wasn't gonna play by the traffic rules XD

  11. 2:35 Ryder: Damn, man, move! MOVE!
    Sweet: Smash on it, carl, smash!
    *CJ gets out of the car*
    Sweet: Carl, don't run on out me again!

  12. before Sweet's mission drive-by mission, go for Big Smoke's missions first then OG Loc's missions until return to Grove Street. recommended to do it before Ballas hostile.☺☝

  13. i did runover some Ballas members during mission, let homies shoot Ballas members if health becomes half, ☆☆ wanted level occured i'm heading to Pay n Spray at Idlewood & take homies back to the hood.😊😎

  14. dude i just downaload gta san for free and in the mission drive by and my ennemies was some groove street pnj and not some ballas pnj wtf ? is this a bug ?

  15. Wait i dont understand whats wrong with mine. When i start mission everythings fine until we get last ballas under the bridge, there are only 3 and i dont know wheres the last one. Any help??

  16. This level is so hard for me to beat I can’t even beat this level the traffic in this game is shit how can anyone beat this game without getting hit I need answers give them to me

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