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a one load bar yeah CJ hey CJ tell me wanna finish high school because you can’t dealing drugs this is the age of teen no telling it could you have put hands on that teacher for wearing baller huh no that ain’t it either it’s cuz I’m too intelligent for this shit man I am the real deal fool oh shit a genius oh oh yeah who has more straps than anybody who has all the straps huh man what a lot of guns should I give up the Armani the on yeah yeah go ahead on my face don’t fuck off come on man roster you think you can roll this van without killing this boat hey Radha we’ll be going oh Sh inducks how we get this van it wasn’t outside when I came through my own me LLL be be like a clockwork ninja real dependable unlike some of you motherfuckers give it a rest man I lost my little brother and now lost my mind don’t matter how much shit the city throw at you CJ you gotta stick by your home’s here yes I appreciate that thanks this is the spot National Guard Depot man it should look real serious are we up for this it’s not snow guard fool we care soldiers ain’t no match for gross Street OG is he what you gonna do now now you better shut up nice job CJ doc that was a suicide mission for show okay we can’t move your body i watch our backs why you used a forklift to collect the crates okay homie let’s know this shit up is more I’ll sock come on CJ we got enough CJ get up front driver side of here keep him busy they got a storage garage up and window field go damn mannie’s idiots just don’t give up what’s happening back there these part-time soldiers got a chip on their shoulder nice rhymes man hey we real heavy tossing crates all right check it out sound the horn I throw a crate Adam my with you no more man to you off that water homie it mess with your mind whatever you say ooh oh no what’s going on and what that mean I ain’t listening to no more your bullshit we got the good way no gangster home do you watch smooth you don’t want no trouble I keep it real you wouldn’t know real became and hit you in your cheeks homie what you could do if it gave you a hit first ain’t listening to you Paul Oh that shit was tight tight man that shit was shit man you say you down for the homies but all you do is complain you

100 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Walkthrough – Mission #12 – Robbing Uncle Sam (HD)

  1. I like this mission because I like when Carl gets to drive at ocean docks because I like to see all of people walking around at ocean docks I like to see it busy with a lot of people☺

  2. I know Ryder will never betray his friends in the grove like that because that have been friends for a long time he loves his homies I know he is still alive he is still living in the grove with his all of his friends he is still living in that house in GANTON

  3. I what to keep failing this mission because I don't what Ryder to go away I still what keep doing it because I like this guy lance ryder Wilson and I love driving down ocean docks so what I do is to keep all of Ryder missions is doing other mission instead

  4. You know what I like to do in this mission is have Carl have some fun with Ryder is killing this ji joes and when I like to have Carl fail this mission because I like do do it again because this mission is so damn fun to do I like to see Ryder and carl shooting together

  5. DAMN……!!! So that's how we should have done! This mission was one hell of a fucking nightmare to me when I was a kid. This is kinda life hack (game hack). I was also able to lift 2 crates at once and put them in the van a single time. So much memories. So much more anger.

  6. It took 5 attempts to complete this. At first i let in ryder and let him fight off the guards while i got the crates, i tried to get them as fast as i could each and still he dies. In the last attempt, right as i was about to put the last crate in he fucking died on me.

  7. To be honest, I always thought Ryder said "My homie LD" not LB. Which would stand for Lamar Davis. Yes I know that's bullshit

  8. Ryder 😎🚬 I ain't dead its because I'm to intelligent for this SHIT man I'm the real deal fool oh jeah a genius

  9. Teacher: How did you get a Highest Grade? I don't see you in my class reviewing or you we're absent always in my class.

    Student: 0:41

  10. I used to despise this mission until I found an easy way:

    After you climbed the gate, don't open it for Ryder. Just shoot the soldiers down and get the six crates outside with the forklift. When you are done with that, you can open the gate so Ryder can pass. And now all you have to do is (follow the damn train, CJ) to load the crates to the back of the truck.

    Thought I am going to provide a little help to y'all.

  11. i remember when i thought this mission was hard. now i’m on toreno missions and man, this ain’t nothing compared to them lol

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  14. CJ: "Hey, Ryder, where we going?"

    Ryder: "Ocean docks."

    CJ: "How'd we get this van? It wasn't outside when I came through?"

    Ryder: "My man LB, he's like a clockwork ninja, real dependable. Unlike some of you motherfuckers."

    CJ: "Hey, man, give it a rest. I lost my lil brother and now I lost my mom's."

    Ryder: "Man, it don't matter what the city throws at you! CJ, you gotta stick by your homies."

    CJ: "Okay, I guess?"


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