The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Hey Big Smoke, how hungry are you?
pretty much
Padang Food seems nice
how about u, Ryder?
Woah, that nice!
yup, I knowthe best place to eat Padang Food
Ballas! Incoming!
that car is back again!
I see some bicycle!
let’s run away!
Follow my lead!
Watch out CJ, behind you!
what happened?
isn’t this our territory?
not anymore
watch out! Ballas!
Du! Get them!
ok Van!
don’t lose them!
we’ll destroy their gank!
how they know our location!
let’s focus first!
we will think later how they know our location!
I’m already hungry!
think about it later! Just run!
how about our car?
think later about that car,
we better eat first before we died!
can you not think about food right now?!
there is asmall road, lets go!
Du! follow them!
I can’t!
look at that!
unless owner, car is forbidden to pass
find another way!
finally we escaped!
finally I can eat now!
dont think about eat!
it’ not safe yet!
C’mon! let’s gathered in the parking lot!
we’ve escaped!
food, food!
where we should run??
C’mon, let split up!
keep up ,fool!
CJ, you jus a liabiation!
watch out! ballas incoming!
*money from God: Rp. 2500*
Finally I can eat Padang Food now!
can your brain not think about food!
we must make a plan for destroying them!
ya, we must get revenge!
calm down!
we will destroy them soon!
can we eat now?
what a nice house…
ah, insufficient fund!
it’s not that much if I’m only killing the pedestrian
I think I should take some missions.
Hey Big Smoke, do you have some missions?
need some money huh?
yes, I need to buy a house
okay, I’ve got a mission
go to railway at 15.00 an kill some vagos on the train!
that’s so hard! is there another easier option for me?
oh, there is another one
go get my money on Ujang, he got some debt on me
you can find him in the city’s courtyard
for precaution, bring a gun okay
debt collecting eh?
how much does he owe you?
about a billion.
Shut up!
a billion!??
is that enough to buy a house?
okay, I’ll get him now!
what do you seek, punk!?
i’m looking for Ujang
I’m Ujang, what do you need?
you have a billion rupiah debt on big smoke, pay it right now!
you’ve got a wrong man fool!
hey big smoke, i’ve got your money!
thank you Carl, here is your payment.
damn! it’s still not enought to buy a house!
calm down!
what game do you playing?
i’m playing GTA
oh! i’ve play this before.
yeah, I’m trying to buy a house but I do not have enough money
watch this.
is this enough?
it’s not enough yet
how about this?

and these?
how about now?
now it’s enough!

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