The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Ah shit, here we go again. watch where you walking! you picked the wrong house fool! hey Big Smoke it’s me Carl! chill chill! CJ? oh my dog what’s up! hey
baby you okay man? nah man it’s my mom’s homie. hey I don’t
know why this had to happen but I promise you I’m gonna find out who
killed your mom’s The streets are cold dawg like it says in the book we are blessed
and cursed. What fucking book? Same things make us laugh and makes us cry But right now we gotta take care of business and go see your brother at the cemetery Cmon, let’s bounce. get in fool what is this old
motherfucker when the hell is he relax man
we ain’t deer yet Yeah right Carl you always right that’s my homie mr. right
shut up you can’t stop me who came whatever come out you old bastard
shut up he can’t stop me you buster calm ok fool and you go I’ll keep watch keep it coming CJ what I’m tell y’all I’m a-gonna kill Steve and commie bastards let’s get up
on here Martha what the hell you wet man little bastard what the fuck

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